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Optic on the World

nationalist in the Bharatiya Janatato their literature and electiona world order in which India's unique civilizationlace at center stage alongside Western. Chinese, and other great civilisations. The BJP openlyubcontinent united by Indian culture and expects deference from India's neighbors, including Pakistan.

In keeping wiih it* view of Indian history, [he BJP doe* not advocate pursuing an expansionist policy beyond the subcontinent

Nor does the BJP seek religious converts but rails against thoseuslims and Christians, inreject Hindu cultural unity. |

Hindu nationalists publicly insist that India's regional primacy be asserted vigorously, and they bitterly oppose attempts by externalUS and China inalter the Delhi-centric balance of power in the subcontinent. The BJP probably calculates that demonsirating its nuclear prowess and bending its neighbors to its will should cam India world

grassroots pnlitjeul support, the BJP has long relied on the Rashtriya Swayamsevaks largest Hindu culturalwhich, in turn, relies on the BJP to keep Hindu nationalism oa the front burnerolitical issue. The RSS has moreillion members and operates hundreds of charity organizations, hospitals, schools, and more0 training centers that indoctrinate young boys in us philosophy

Vajpayee. Home Minister Ad van t. and party president Thakre all



came up through lhe RSS and arc responsive lo its views.

Top Secret


Thelection manifesto reflects the RSS agenda for remaking Indian society in its image. In addition to uniting the subcontinent culturally, it calk for limiting special provisions forillion Muslims andontroversial Hindu temple on the siteosque destroyed by Hindu hardliners

The draft declaration EU foreign ministers take up vn Monday would urge India to sign the Comprehensive Test Ran Treaty, to implement tight nuclearssembled nuclear device Further measures may heew EU members favor more concrete


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