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MOM : NoA5

SUBJECT : DAN ANO Station Monthly Report for0


Several instances of smell scale hostile activity in the Danang area were reported during April. The most significant were rocket attacks directed at the air base on the morningspril. The latter consisted of fcir lAQmn rockets impacting on the eest side of the base iSiieh reaulted in nine casualties, including two fatalities.

One Southern Air Transport flight was handled onpril. Since thetransited Danang during the middle of the day, anderryno problems were encountered by Traffic. However, Plight Operationsessage re-routing the aircraft to Yokota, vice Kadena, after tho flight had blocked out and was unable to relay this information to the crew.

An agreement was reached with the local Customs Director to delete the objectionable portions of their overtime authorization and the form wae signed. The first Invoice for tha month of Pebruary ln the amountiastres was paid out of petty cash.

The vehicle assigned to SZ/DAD was stolen on the evening ofApril. Reports of the theft were filed with. Military Police and two Vietnamese Police stations. The poosibility of recovering thla vehicle is considered remote.


A minor difficulty was experienced concerning the final authority toan aircraft. rrived with an FSO fron Saigoneparture to khe-Trang5 hours. Danang Air Operations (CORDS) insisted that the aircraft be held until HiOO hourelight direct to Saigon. Flight Operations, Saigon advised tbat the CORDS Saigon Airrepresentative was just as adamant that the flight depart as scheduled on the FSO. The problem waa resolved ln favor of the Danang customer after direct communications were established between the two Air Operstions


Possible renovation plans to the company hostel are still being considered. The lease on this property will be renewed unless completely new hostel plans are formulated byay.

HBBm srtr


The local customer haa decided to cancel any further action on the Passenger Terainal Renovation project envisaged by an AR recently signed. Instead, it was preferred to pursue only the CSD Warehouse renovation project which would be handled entirely through customer resources.

Further delay in the Concrete raving/Drainage Ditch Completionis also anticipatedetermination as to how extensive this project should carried out. It now appears that only perhaps one third of the original concept will be funded.


"payroll for the month totaled: 9 -

Petty cash expenditures totaled: 9 -OPERATIONS

Revenue flight timeours as compared to the previous month. Moat of this reduction in flying has resulted froa customer schedule limitations on Sundays, one flight to each province instead of two, andB requirements.

The followingreakdown of flight time generated by thla station during April:

JD 2



4 )

Revenue losses for the month were aa follows 1

- -

Customer Cancellations

The hostel occupancy factor. During theotaliaatres were disbursed to provide hotel accommodations for flight craw personnel. Non-availability certificatesotal ofights were Issued to TGS ground personnel,


No unusual communications difficulties were reported during the month.

Incoming and outgoing messages02 respectively.0.


Local customs officials subjected the customer passengersransiting International flight to an inspection of their hand-carried baggage. Certain irregularities in one cubtoan declaration, conpleted in Saigon, wee detected which resulted in the confiscationersonal check. As this was the first incident of this type, very little in the way of written policy was on hand to convince these passengere that cuBtons officials were authorised to perform such inspections. Since that time, several written instructions to that effect have been received from customer channels which should preclude any difficulties In the future.

Passenger and cargo statistics for the month of April are as follows!






TCM Plight Mechanic was temporarily refused entry to the air base due to lackanang pass. This problem was complicatedear confiscation of his Saigon pass by the Vietnamese Military Police. The difficulty was resolved in Just sufficient time tolight delay, and an interim expedient has been arranged with VNAP Security which shouldecurrence. In the meantime, permanent Danang passes will be processed for all TCN flight mechanic personnel.-


The local Immigrations office has challengooLtht vaJ Ldity ofof star furnished for It appears

as though their information is in dlxectconrlTct with that received from the KlnlBtry of Interior in Saigon. To date, no action has been taken to detain these personnel but such an eventuality is always possible. An updated listing has been requested which, when and if received, should remedy this situation.

Two TCM employees were seperated during the nonth due to disapproval of their Work Permits. Apparently job titles are being closely scrutinised by the Ministry of Labor, and those applications which do notechnical background are more likely to be rejected.

The personnel breakdown for Danang Station at the close of business,as as followsi



RMOotalrrivingeparting flights, as comparedespectively in February9 flguree Delays attributable to maintenance, which resultedevenue lose, totaled: 3. Three 2QI& and oneumberndBervices were performed. Two aircraft were placed on AGP status, both for engine changes and both on the same day. Two outstation recoveries were necessary during the nonth.

RGKDotalanhours of whichare utilized in the maintenance of leased properties. Projects mainly consisted of interior office painting and the cleaning of all air-conditioner units.

. Army Support Comaand will assume the operation of the Naval Support Activityune. It will be necessary toritten requestredit account with this new organisation.

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