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Thi* weakly Situation Report la prepared by the

of African and Latin

Analyala. This paper waa coordinated with the Directorate of Operation*. Comaanta end guarla* mnA "u directed to ALA



Perspective: Reactions to Nicaraguan Invasion

The Central American democracies are divided on how to respond to last week's incursion into Honduras by Sandinlsta troops, but all claim that the peace accord is still viable. Costa Rican Preeident Arias publicly condemned the Sandlniata incursion and reiterated his strongly held view that the Nicaraguan conflict Bhould be aettled by negotiations. El Salvador'b Presidentpreparing for last weekend's legislatlvshis actions to phoning Nicaragua's president to protest the Sandinlsta violation of Honduran territory. Guatemala, meanwhile, has refused to criticise Nicaragua directly. As Sandinlsta troops returned to Nicaragua, Honduran Presidsnt Azcona publicly reaffirmed hieommitment to the Central American peace plan and described the border incident as the result of an internal Nicaraguan dispute.

Nicaragua is intensifying diplomatic efforts to deflectpublicity generated by the Incursion.

'the Sandinistas persuaded the UN Secretary

General to sand an official delegation this wsek to investigate the situation along the border and report back to the Security Council. Managua's efforts are clearly aimed at refocusing international attention on the insurgent camps along the border and the US exercises in Honduras. Nicaragua also announced it was pressing forward with its case against Honduras in the World Court, accusing Tegucigalpa of allowing insurgents to operate from its territory. Finally, Managua probably will portray this week's cease-fire talks with the rebels as further evidence it is willing toiplomatic end to the war.



Nicaragua refused again toelevision licensegroup of private

Meanwhile, all radio stations are required toovernment network threeay until Managua lifts the state of alert declared last wsek]-

andlnlata party official claimed that circulation of the Independent dally La Prenea Is at an all-time low0 and that opposition radio stations arge

added that

hardliners now control" the Ministry of Interior and implied that they will crack down harder on the oppoaltion. |

Proregime mobs backed by Ni,ceraouan police andaalzed merchandise on IS March fromto enforce new price

| The press reports that the goods were

turned overonal office of the 9andinista party.

An oppoaltion labor march scheduled forarch intown of Maaaya waa

The government had delayedand government and party officleleviolence.

labor organlzere were arrested in Masaya onarch.


ceaaa-flre talka opened in Sapoaach aide agreeingruce for the durationthree-day

the proposals tabled by doui Biaei repestsorwith the rebels calling for amnestyprisoners, full freedom of the press,of the draft, while the government'acease-fire terraa, disarmament, andthe inaurgents into political life.

National Reconciliation

Nicaragua'e National Reconciliation Commlsalon appointed two members onarch toinal report for tha central American foreign ministers on Sandlnlata compliance with the peace plan. The government repreaentatlve complained that Cardinalssessment waa unfairly critical of the regime. The

government alio failed again to respond to commission requeata for information on alleged human rights abusea but said It would reply at the next meeting onarch.


Eight of thaicaraguan oppoaltion parties thatout of the national dialogue in Decemberaeaalon on 21

Daniel Ortega had scheduled tne dialogue aeaalon unilaterally after opposition leadere rejected his offer to resume talka when they met with him onndarch. Allarties aaid they would still puah their der.and for conatltutional reform.

Internationa; VfrlflcaUon

At Nicaragua's request, the UN Secretary Generala small fact-finding team to the Honduran The technical team will try

to determine whether Sandlnlata troopa had crossedbut heve been denied permission to visitside. The Secretary General excluded fromataff membera who participated In the jointmission supporting theCommission.

Other Developments

Daniel Ortega announced onarch that Nicaragua is reactivating ita caae agalnat Honduras at the International Court of Justice protesting the presence of rebel baaes in Honduras.

Peruvian President Alan Garcia larip to to demonstrate solidarity with the Sandiniataa,

Nicaraguan Interior Minister Tomas Borge will travel to Uruguay and Argentina in

The Salvadoran Democraticeft!at political umbrella group, boycotted thearch electiona. while the insurgsnts conducted an unsuccessful campaign of violence to intimidate voters and to undermine the electoral proceas.

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