Created: 3/18/1988

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fltktloni to tenaiona in sprallie

China. smca tha shooting inciatnl Ittl Monday nat Ineraaiad Iha number ol warships In tha Sprattf from Six to as many mt nine; ha ol hai called lor lalki over Iha disputeO ijjandi.

a chrncse destroyer and OS many as wilt irtgaies are now cperaiinq in the spraily islanc '

vietnam yesterday ottered io begin negoiialions with cfima over competing claims to the spratlya. beijing has not responded, but vietnamese officials aey the chinese agreed not io obstruct efforts to rescue sailors from the three ship* that hanoi claims were attacked monday. the philippines is publicly calling for restraint

comment: hanoi's diplomatic overture is probably intended lo portray bolringtillqercnto persuade oilers that china bears primary responsibility for tensions in ihe islands. vietnam's military activity since monday hat been wilted primarily to additional reconnaissance missions

the chineseilitary advantage and are not likely to respond favorably to vietnam's initiative. beijing has more warships in thi

sprallys now man eve/ before|

{beijing has not slgnincanay increased its

the border since the clash on monday.


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