Created: 3/2/1988

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tba numbar ofr. ci in ihm pnralan quit wleet month, wllh iran and iraq each attacking i'. iMpa. TherepIn -aif sub- J7 Inta latt ball ol fabraatf mat unyavao, calm; na ablp mma altackad altar an iraqi attackanker em tba inn. baghdad continued to lif two or three atrip-attackar daj ihroughaul tha month, bul no fyi'i |

Tehran attempted no snip attack* efter IS February outigh rsvai of defensive tighter petfots end kepi air detente force* on alert in response to Iraqi aicraft tying ow In*)On fjjetxusry. Irandown an Iraqi fighternip-attack miiska

Comment The Iraqi Air Fg-ce'sla Ml -amen sMpp'ig aftar mldmonth can be attributed to Intermittent cad weather: efforts to avoid neutral ahipa. both cemmefciai and military; mechanlcel difficulties: end ooncam over Iranian petrol* Baghdad continuee to flymlaaic-ns aach dayir ike Is possible atj

Tehran generally has adhered lo :te policy o' responding lo Iraqim the Guff ratherutatingrtacne rt if pears content to live with the reduced number of attacks In part beceuae it undercuta US ergumontsN arm* embargo against Tehran. Norathaleea, Tehranrespond ki und to succsbs-u' Iraqi attacks In the '


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