Created: 3/1/1988

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IRAQ-IRAN: Iraqi Mliilleon Tehran

Iraq used balllatlc mlaWaa yestcrdiy and today for Ih* first* time in the war.y as nine missilesfired from near At 'Amarah In souincastcrn Iraq at the Iranian, capita1 ta. At isaat threehit (he vKlrUty of Tehran. Baghdafl threatened to fire more mlaaiNM at the Iranian capital ai retatlaiion tor Iranian artBlery and maeile attacks on Iraqi dies last weekend.

i unprecedentedseines onjesi Baghdad'sto respond strongyran's receni attacks even al the risk c!ew war of the otiee Iraq's leaders wci use the attacks lo boost Iraqi mora* By ckaming thatssfa attackj on Bagiaec w> be metmore Iraqi missiJe attacks on Tehran.lma last Augustad manufactured andusitaange of morenconfirmed. Baghdad hee been in'areased In acquiring longer range mlaetes from the Soviet* or rrm ti and related lechnolcgy from Argentine end I

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