Created: 4/8/1988

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raided Bag-idec .esterday in -rat ma the ffrn larHsn air aitac* on th* cityomtu Iron on* of in* ale raftroup oton th* den**ry pcpjlatad northeastern part of Ih* city. Iraqi fighters chused the Iranian aircraft back across the border Baghdad's dalm ifiat ll downecon* of Ih* aitaeters ii

rot tee earsVjnttack*

cn Bai-ds3estaurenir of tr* Dry Iraq rwponded lo Ihe air and masse attach*wo

in b? into Tehran and (our more Inio othar Iranian citls yealarday and lwo mora thi* morning. Baghdadbpr cf Iranian cftlss near th*

i probably decided tof. They may have flaked th*tr scareayunning snort of Scud missilesamage and casualties than rraae lev; they carry greater payloede and are more accurate. Air attacxs might alao embarrass the Iraqi regime by demonstrating the weaknss of Baghdad's air i

Th* caaualtas from Iran*af end m'ssl* at'ac**are Lkey to be iwgh and probably w*q to mcreaae hi miss te atiscts on Iranian ote* Baghdad mayarcraft to striae Tehran aan oil facilities and electric power plants in Iran.

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