Created: 4/6/1988

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IRAN-IRAQ: Mi .die Wet Resumii

ruas-ie ai Es'shan yesterday, and, ana today atctakaliC- 'cr at Iraniann Karhiu Iran inC its Striks was in response to the iraCji an rams an the le+nara*abriz and Ester-en on Sunday Bag/Mad had an-ouncec* ei'kc that it wovW nsty on amtmei lo continue tfa rear of Iha oi>ei bul an Iraqi apoHesnarraq would reiaiial* lor dan en mrssile Strikes with "massive mieeUeccording to IS Embassy en' press reports. Iraqi Foreign Minister Ai* repealed Baghdad's conditions lor ending tne mlslUen end lo Iranian missile, air. sndand no response to Iraqi airsirihsa on economic largeis.

Comment: Tne eaCvange el missie sir*eseiy to continue over tfenear'c.iji pojsiDry at lower ie>eis Iraq's *ilennon lorety more ran its Air Foroa suggests tnatoncerned about Ms Ohmarushing Ttiaane Irnrentory. Tne Iraqis may neve heped trial an Iranianesponse to tneir air attack* and liana nueiy refection ol Baghdad's hardline conditions would snift lo Tenran some ot the blame Icr the continuation of thewar Tehran probably would tike to end the mllsrle exchanges but apparently is unwdling to accept

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