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Reaction to L'S Meuara In Paeairi

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Hawari sad Ha Tcrronti Apparaina^pjy^ fi^>

rorin and Goer rill* Training (u)


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Terrorism Rerie*


errorist Rocrioa fa IS Meaiares In

sharp deterioration of the political and economic situation in PanamaS military action would be likely to provoke terrorist allacks against US interests from Panamanian radicals as well as from leftist groups elsewhere in Latin America. Thus far. however. Panamanian defense chief Noriega and the Oeneral Staff have prevented any actionjgalrrB US Installations, and leflfal reactions elsewhere have been tin

Although lhe potential remains for concerted anti-US violence in Panama, the leadership has acted to restrain thcishing to avoid giving ibe UnitedretextrUTylrrt en-cation. Noriega hu prevented anti-US actions by hit leftistthe radical Tcndcncia faction of tbe cknuaant party, which ia urging retaliation for US support of regime opponents. Noriega has thai far .Cowed only planned demonstration* outside the US

Noriega regime would be extremely reluct* nt to support Panamanian radical* or to use civilian defense units lo attaok US targets. Noriega aad tbc military are reluctant to arm civilians, fearing that paramilitary unlit might act Independently and provoke an incident-

lie military i* forming civilian defease groups for the contingency of US military action. Wc doubl that Noriega willignificant amount of armsjo these group* or that he plan* to unMhem for attacks .gains! US facilhiesJHBJ


Despite Noriega's efforts to avoidon frontal km with USn the raceajor aagroeBlation of US troop strength in Panama, Noriega probably would be increasingly pressured by Tendenci* and other groups to provide arm. and to permit anti-US violence- Hoping be can survive US ceonocnk aad political pressure. Noriega, in oar riew, -tnrld consider unleashing Us radkal supporters to attack aekoire US targets onlyast rescue.urther deteriora-tno of tbe political and economic situation or US miliury action could cause


an.uyjV of widespread unitM. leaving Npiirg* unwilling or unable io control hit leftist supporters The likelihood ol violence iganm (heS citizens In Panama wotiM ihcci icg (H)

eaction*im Aawrka

Leftists elsewhere la Latin America have reactedhc Paaaau cron by staging aemoasuatioa* or im*aleicks oa US interests. The Paaami crlili ii of singular importance forrosja. who set ita ft ckneat ia Washington'! policy of dorninatMai over Latin AmerKa DcaaoMtrattOM againsi US polKy in Centralhave occarred recently at US diplomatic irtstalla-tiani in Chile Brazil, the Dominican Repcblie. Eeaadot, and Mexico. Tcriorbt response hat been centered in Colombia and Chile. In thoseow level of anti-US violence hu prevailed since well before the devtlopmeai of the Panama crisis. The following Incidents in late March are represent* live of the terrorist Irlty lhat leflliu thui fit have linked to US policy toward Panama:

'Mortal liberation Army (ELN) bombed the US-affiliated International Bank in Bogota, injuring (our peraons. ELN claimed the attack we* to protest US intervention In Central America, and Panama ir In Santiago,S-affiliated bank wai bomb

1 in Latin America has not significantly increased asrenili of US policy toward Panama, US miliury intervention would probably feting an increase io the level of attacks against USin Latin America ^ffff^ (



justify turning (he cue over to thc youth court. The dcciiioo means Hammadi'i trial, which hid been scheduled io becin in May, will be postponed foelo Ihe end of lhelhc juvenile court studies tbccaie fi^-tffJMi- B3

Hnmmidi. who was charged with murder, hostage-taking, and other crimes relaled lo the hijacking in February, originallyossible life tcaUace-LIf convicieduvenile, hit maximum lenience will probably be less severe.!


of ibt rite Stand Trial

pril,em ben of lhc Egyptian Islamic fundamentalist terrorist group Survivors of the Fiie weat on trial ia Cairo. The defendant! were charged withio aiuuinatc iwo former Interior Mislatcn and an Egyptian journalist In three aeparatc ailackiember* of the troop wereooed of wounding several bystanders duringlacks and erfember of tbcar-.iiif norm forcei while resitting arrest. Authorities requested the death penalty forefendant! and hard-labor scotfor thei

lac renting Violence

President Bnrco's inabilityurb riling insurgent and drug trafficker violence has highlighted his government's weakness. The frequency of urban terrorism is Increasing, nnd intensified rebel atlacks since the March mayoral


which ttbcl-bickrd candidates rnidc an unexpectedly poorunder' mining miliury and police morale in rural areas. Independent military actions against major traffickers could further weaken Barco's authority and trigger more reprisals by th; dine mafia tgggJB

Depot Explosion

Alersons were killed andounded onprileries of explosions ai an ammunition storage site located between Rawalpindi and Islamabadarrage of missiles and rockets on area populations. Thc explosions lasted approximately two hours and reached as far as (heilometers away, setting off widespread panic. One round hit the commissary on the US Embassy compound._bul there were no US casualties. The cause of thcexplosion is unknown*8JJ^f}

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Colonel Hawari and. TerrotKt Apparatus 9MBL6 -

Senior Fatah security official Colonel Hawari"Abdt- Ha mid La bib)pecialapparituTihatontinuing threat io US and other interests worldwide. His group has been an integral element of Ygsir Arafat's Fatah organiialion since Ihc. Hawari hasandate4 for>


rent with its anti-Syrian opctaOons. the Hawari

Howard Role In Fatah ^Hswari entered Faiah innd roseenior security position, owing in part to ihe elate relationship* (hat developed between him and Arafat

'apparatus, in our view, also undertook anti-USoperations, including the bombing of TWA Flight


son io ihe pro-


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Hawaii's (cffoiKi apparatusotem threat today.although the group has not beenerrorist attach since6

SC Ttt

East Germany: Terrorist and Guerrilla Training

Party {Social

rtt Unity Party of Germany, SED) Central Coramit-lee department* and probably tbe GDR Intelligence "jToTid0 iaD<ilergent group* and

For many yean ihc German Democratic Republic (GDR) baa actively lupported Soviet client lUiea and guerrilla groups (hroojSool tke Third World by providing tbem with advisers, bnaeoing. and logisticemberi of revolutionary groups with longstanding ties to Eail Berlin, inch ai the African National Congress (ANQ. theAfrica PeopleOrganizationnd various militant Palestinian groups regularly receive mflrtary training In Eail

Fatah Chief Yaair Arafat hat bad longstandingwith East German leader Honecker. and Fatah personnel regularly receive conventional and special .operationi training in Bait Germany. Training for Fatah memberi can Ian up to three yean



Extensive medical training. partlcularl, for combat casualties.

Polilical iraining ot Socialist Unity Party ofcadre schools.

This support Is provided free of charge and usually Includes transportation to end from lost Germany.




Inccniivet for the GDR lo malnuin lies to radicalad revolutionary groups nuy be diminiihirig. Eailrying lo improve It* image in Wcrtcrn countries, including the United Stales, and may be relieving its support for explicitly Icrrgriit Palestine ian groups, including the ANO,esult of Western publicity ind diplomatic pressure Despite hardline diplomatic responses to US demarches on terrorism. East German authorities during the past year have sought to ease (netlorn with the West over the

As long as East Berlin's cultivation of Washington and tbe Westajor objective, wt'hejievc the GDRinimum will try to conceal such contacts with terrorists even more carefully Beyond that, the Easi German authorities may take other quiet tactical measures such as Increasing surveillance of possible terrorists on their soil, denying entry and safe haven In East Germany to well-known lerrorisu, and further curbing thc activities of commercial enterprises saspected of lie* to terrorist groups.S bcirevsjuch tactical measure* to defket Western criticism and case frictions are unlikely toEast Berlin's long-term objectives of eroding Western and US Influence In Ihe Third Worldead to significant reductions In support for radical regimes and groups.


tt Blank


+ t


Peru: ScnrJfro Lurtiinoso mfit-

Peru's Scndero Luminosoppeari io be seeking moral and financial support from lefiiii political and labor groups andEurope.primarily of Peruvian refugee* and*students, SL cells In France. Sweden, and elsewhere in Europe manage propaganda campaignsumber of front organizations. SL also has close contacts with member groups of the European based Revolutionary InternaIkmalnt Movementorgamatioo of aboutarxist-Lemlnist-Maoist groupsSome acta of terrorism appear to have been carried out in Europe by SL or other groups, probably belonging to RIM. acting on behalf of SL. We-continueelieve thai SL would resist foreign influences on Iu actions in I'cru. despite lhc group's contacts in


SL also promotes Its propaganda ind maintains con-'Bcctions with ladical organizations in Spain and Switzerland. Member groups of (be Maraitt-LeniflUl righting Unionalliance of severalssist SL with propaganda and (uodraising in Spain. The Popular Intellectual Movement, which is Informally linked tocries ofupport of SLL probablymall propaganda cell in Zurich, workingroaden contacts with international leftist movements there. Inhe group'sthere was demonstratedolidarity march sponsored by the Revolutionary Left ofide variety of leftistpreaeni at the solidarity celebration, including the Nicaragua -El Salvador Commiiicc of Zurich, ihe Palestinegroup, the South Africa Committee, awomen's itudy group, and several Turkishgroups. Aboutrganiratrans were represented, including some unions ijf/jj*p>



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Several low-level acts bi*ic*rc*isniio have been canted col against Peruvian targets In Europe by SL asembcn orirers. Tbe latest of these allacks. in'. apparently were intended to commemorate the first anniversary of the prison killings. In Bonn, an unidentified person threw an Incendiary deviceindow of the Peruvian Embassy and lefted banner stating that theane deaths in Pern would never be forgotten. Al about tba samemall bomb was thrown against the building bousing thc Peruvian Embassy ia Vienna. SL's exploitation of tbe prison kiflingt may encourage more terrorist actions in Europe on future



SL 'a contacts abroad do not appear to have altered tbe group's inward-looking strategy ofwblch precludesponsorship, Rate orNevertheless, its propaganda and public

relations program in liuropc and its close relatlonihlp to RIM groups indicate SL's desire to win the moral support and respect of lefiisi groups outside Peru Fncouragement and support shown by leftistabroad may strengthen tbe group**to step up its war against tbe Peruvian Oovern-ment and increase Its desire for public attention, ll may seek to gain this attention through more terrorist attacks on high-visibility target* such as USnd bui men institution* Another result ofi-itj abroad particularly its propaganda may be increased hostile actions by SL symc*(hirers sin nil Peruvian or perhaps US interests'ln Europe.

Rnrrtr glint


far terrorism Diary (or

be construed to IU(


/ JaneVktory Day (national day)

Ii Day (beginning of seir-gcwernmerit).

/ JuneProclsmalion of republic.

/ JunePiodamaiion of texxHuu

During this rnonih, Syria entered lhc civil conflict in Lebanon on lhc

of theChriitlan Phalange mil against the Palestinians and their Muatlm allies. In response, Palestinian renegade Abu Nidal renamed his terrorist group (then basedan) the Black June Organiialion and ben" attacking Syrian largeta.

National Day (commemorates itferendum In which Italian voters chose

republican form of government J.

Germany. Leftist student Bcnno Ohnetorg killed during demonstration in

West Berlin. The terroristune Movement (remnants of which eventually joined the Red Army Factionakes its name from this modem.

Kingdom, Israel, Lebanon. Uraeli Ambassador shot and critically wound-

ed in London, triggering Israeli invasion of Lebanon.

Independence Day.

4 JuneJerry Ra-lings takes power for lhe first time.

Ubanon. First Israeli bombing of

$ JaneNational Day of Mourning; Revolution Day; Day of Uprising (commemo-

rale* arrest of Ayatollah Khomeini by police under tbe

ConsiilatMOil rerubtKJuneEast. Beginning of Sia-Day War.

S JuneEast. Reopening of Suei Canal

Junemme mt









Liberation Day (overthrow of President Mancham by Albert Rene).

Itrnel, Lehmmon. Israeli forces invade Lebanon.

/Win. Army storms Sikh Gc4den Temple in Anviisar.

Greece. Republic constitution adopted.

CW. Hissene Habre seizes

lulled Kingdom. Queen Elizabeth IPs birthday (national dayl

Paleillniaat. Founding of Palestinian terrorist group Sa'iqa (Thunderbolt). *

Oman. Popular Front for the Liberation of Oman (PFLO) begins armed struggle.

Sudan- Proclamation of southern autonomy.

South AfrUm. Three African National Congress (ANC) terrorist) hanged Portugal. Portugal Day.

Argentina. Milvlnoi Day (date from which Argentina claim* sovereignty over Falkland*).

Libra- Evacuation Da/ [irar.ifcr of US bases) Philippines. Irdependenoe Day (proclamation ofungary. Founding of Socialbi Workers' Party

Fieelh Yemen. Coup by Col. Ibrahim al-Hamvdi (accession of Second Corrective Movement).

II Salvador. Founding of Armed Forces of National Resistance (FARNV

Argentina. United Kingdom. Argentina's surrender ends falklands conflict.

United Staui, Greece, Lebamoa, TWA jet hijacked from Athens. After several nips between Beirut and Algiers, il remained In Beirut afterune. One USilled, all other passenger* and crew eventually freed unharmed.

lapan, Vmlied Stain. Signing of Japan-US Security Treaty. Violent proteat* by leftist opponents of Ihc treaty were common on this dale thiougb.

El Satrmdar. CeenmurUst Party, andcr Soviet aad Cubaa pressure, adopt* policy of armed struggle; its righting elemenis arc called Armed Force* of Liberaiion.


433S If155







5 2s%5



ikiou ia So*cto.

IcriaaeL IMepeadtnce(anruversary of establishf ftast an4 West Germany. Berlin uprising.

France. Mysterious dim npeii ranee of Coisican separatist leader Guygypt. Evacuation Day (anniversary proclamation ofuwait. Independence Day.

Algeria. Revolutionary Recovery Day (overthio* of Ben Belial

El Salvador. Killing orUS cjtirenj in Zona Rom tectlon oTSan Salvador by urban commandoi or Ibe Central American Worken' Revolutionary Party (PRTC).

South Yemen. Coup by National Liberation Front. Lmxemmmrra, National Day.

Imdia, Canada. Airowned by proUN* bomb over North Atlantic.remuu baaed ia Canada moat likely perpetrators.

Japan. Bomb eaplodci la baggage-handling area at Narita airport, killinf two employees; believed connected io bombing of Indian airliner over North Atlantic on aame night.

Spain- King's Day.

North ami South Korea. Nonh Korea Invades South Korea, bee inning Korean

Mozambigme. Found .ag of the Front for the liberation of Mozambique. Mozambique. Independence Day.

South Africa. African National Congress adopts political manifesto.

Madagatemr. Independence Day.

Somalia. Independence Day (northern region*

Frmmce. International lr*ro*istII>ich Ramire*enerueian)

surfaces, killing two pol.-emen ia Pariv


Chroooloirj of

Below ore described ncucwonk^ foreignlvents involving lerrorisis or ike

light sine* our las, Isiue. In some ca,es. ihe perpetrators and their motivations may not be known. Evtnn and development! that have already been described tlsrivher* in thi,rt notyjj

Two bomb, explode outside toon bat Id lag la Dhaka, injuringTbe attach is soother ia lieto oast President Ershad.been no claims off

India: Terrorists detonate bombs at four district court. It lhe Punjab, killiag ot Itasi eight perionx. The Sikh lerrorrsi gronp Bsbbir Kbalsa has claimed responsibility for the bombinesl

Spain:iei arret! ihree Red Brlgadti ivipeets In Barcriana. They were wanted under an intemaiional warrant forarmed robbery in Italy and also for as-inj fake >deeilly papers inD (J)

Colombia: Member, of tht Hotlemal Liberationuila Province. They were released

Pern: Sendero Luminoso fSLj terrorist, with machlntgan. Mil ajudgt aad afrom


Member, of iht Simon Bolivar Guerrilla Coordinator attack (JjslneMa. Risarmlda Department, wounding one civilian. When army troops approached the town, ibe perpeirit.vi -mostly Peoples Liberation Army (EPL) pterriUasfled, learinc rnetil devices oa tbe road lo impede pursnirig military'

Revolutionary Armed Forces ofCotomMa (FA RC) gmerritsat kill tight civil tuincluding tuo womenoy. aear Soma Clara loDepartmtntMmu

Member, af FARC kill oa Army t

ntiaqnla Department. The rietim waii ihe time of tbe siwuli

Spain. Bomb explode, al Finance Ministry oghce* la causing damage. No t'oup has cUirned rmponsiblli*


Colombia: la Antioqnia Department, ELN guerrillas kidnap rancher

Colombia: ApproximatelyPL guerrillasirillaitt trareling on three buses near Turbo, Antioquia Depart mint, In an apparent attempt toew members. Shortly afterward,ere released; the ethers were freed during

the next few days.!


Members af SL attack torn In Ayacecho Department, killing seren elrlllans. The victims were mordered because they would not leave groups opposed

Armed assailants kill four persons,hopkeeper, in separate incidents In Amrittor. Punjab. No one has claimed responsibility in the incidents-


0 ransom for the release of a

Unidentified gunmen enter residence on outskirts ofAmrllisr end kill fire persons,armer rlllage headman. In anotherarmer, hb wife, and nephew were shoj and killed in Kapurthala District. No group has claimed reaporaibility.JMf


South Africa: Police arrest tutpectcd terrorist and two collaboraton at roadblock In Uchtenburg. Official:arge number of weapons, including limpet mines, rifies, and Sovln-nndr

Bank: Palestinian policeman accused of eeJltthgraiton with the Israelis Is killed ia Aqbai laber camp, near the Jordanq /gj

Israeli bus is fired ai at It pastes Aikar Refugee Camp, near Nubias.


Bank: Israeli extremists in Hebron burn Arab bns and engage la rock-

throwing battle wiih local rillagerl.'


la Bella, Yalle de Caeca Department, ELN guerrillas bomb amoren

India:chool in Dtrlwat tillage, Amrittor, Punjab, armed attackers kill three policemen and seriouslytudent. No group has claimed rcsponsibil-


ItrmeL Moll- cocbjmi, are buried im lit Taipiyyot industrial zoo* of-

Chile: Unknown pertem, aiiaek tiro police Italian Im Samilago,olite afjicer. The perpetrator* uKdweapon* and ligbljntlaiinor rockeli during ibe attacks. No group hu

Farmbando Marti National UbetoiiemMl A ten -pimai bomb, im Zona Ram iteiiom of Sam Salrador. Two .chicle bombs exploded fire mi no la iptri. desiroying tad damaging severs) ears. Two sireei urchins, minding carsee. were injured by Hyingaembers of anite* assassinated several persons sad four marines in (his area

ft )

stomas ttmiodt am railroad track, modtlllty molt Iuconsiderable damage.ossibly rclaiod Incident, unfcrownchainsausing minoi p '

Spain: Prhoa aJtlelol, Imitrctpi book bomb mailed lo pel tea Iu Cludud Real. Two days later, authorities discovered another sent to Ihe prison bt Zaragoxa. Tha bombs were comptwednmonia and plastic captives sirailar to those used in the put bytfcerlandbeny (ETA JB|

1 $haat mad kill II pert cat.armer and Ms family, Iu

[iu Amritrar. No one hu claimedha

incidentstLfrB I)

Bank: Moloioi cotkiail dtilroyi liratli bo, Iu El settlen drove iheir cars Ihroogh the village Ihe nest day

Bank: Mrial or teekioll, art tkrowo at hratll ban Im iht Tmlkmrm di Uriel

ar ^th.L^^

Bank: Three firebomb, are ihrowm as lumeli irmci

Bank Firebomb I, ihrowm mi hraeli bmi nearewish(3)

iWlgerla: Three Saudi educationrvrelinglplomaticHthicle, are ihoi and wounded during attack inerrorists affiliated with Iran are

Guar, mat, Umimown individual, bomb Braa Emtiossy, cowing ml mar dam-No group hu claimed



Southolice arrest suspected urrorin aear Kopfeatetn border pent. Ofiicijlvjonfticated automatic wespom. ammunition, and Soviet-made grenades.

Spain: Racket grenades launchedruck at chll guard family berraekj In Uodio. near Bilbao, cause cxuttilre damage and injure at least fro guardsmen. ETA cljuiicd

Colombia: Memberi of the ELNournalists im Butatemeaga. Tbe two reportersanadian employee of Oixidcmal Petroleum, who was kidnaped a

yrjrwere rtluwl on IS M'flh^jj^

Lesotho! Suspected South African agent shoots and kills member ef African National Coagress (ANC) at hospital la Maseru. The victim was recuperating from injuries sustained inlate Februaryhootoeit, probably with other South African

Spala: Book bomb explodes at Confederation ef Independent Clril Services Unions headquarters In Madrid, Waring fftrw anion employees. The bomb was addressed to the confederation's secretary general. The incident follows similar attempts at Spanish ui*Vteveral days. No group has claimedW

Employee finds bomb planted on t'eu?j" Bern. Police safely detonated the device.aMfc

responsibility Io


Argentina: Pamphlet bomb explodes at priest's office In Buesos Aires. The device scattered leaflets bearing "OAD-MRP for Nationalhich has claimed responsibility for several recent incidents and whose origins remain unknown./

Ciril gaard Is shot and kilted In kls car while stopped ml traffic signal la Durango Yitcaye Prprince. The victim's wife also was wounded in the attack. ETA may begj

Weir Bank: Municipal building ItyRqiptnie It set em fire, boning the front door end offices on the top floor.^jjp U

West Bank: Two firebombs ere thrown at home of member ofin El Bireh^ffg Q

Bank; Attackers wltk automatic weapons riddle home of Palestinian aewspaper editor In East Jerusalem. The attackers also attempted to burn his cars,

Wt )


ew* Umkmoerm perpetrator, tmm US Air fmreejfhiele ia Tmdela. AWt*

Prtrrimca, emmilmgscanblta liqajcrda TudrJana,amatl. leftlat oraanttttion thai oppcaei ITS and Snanlih atcofi local (uiiwfyf'.X

xpiation mm af malic* fmeiltly Im Florestamemot

Aires, causing illghlne claimed respootibll(3)

Argemiimmi PampMet bomb explodei mi laierseaiom in Bmemmt Aires, cmmiimg mm

damage. OAS.MRP far National IJberaiioo -as probably resrMruibfeej||) gj

Chile: roller Im Smmilmgo arrest Sammei Rabies Reynoso. leadermmmmmiii Pony eemtbat malt, lie wis charied with perpetrating bomb attack* after oflVub dawovertd terroriM paraphernalia ai hb resadeooef^^ ey,

Chile: Waehers dlscemet eipJoslw, cmche at com mimes In Cambmbmla.Appro,ynamites well atuse* andfound^f)

Spala: Bomb explodes outside ford ihewroom In Vitorlm, emmsing extemslte damage ta lhe building and nearby parked can. PoVvxaiquc iroup, IrauUza^pt

nonce ta Baak af Bos torn la downtewttSagtlago, emmsing minimal damage. No creep claimed rcapoiulbilily.-tJ-L

Zimbabwe: Terroriiti attack farm mear Bsttwayo, Matabelelamd ProMmcr. Twelve men. armed wtth riftce andmahed farmworkers, killedct the firmbouK abler* The raid ia the first iir.ee the aaity agreement endorsed by Presideot Mae and Jcahaa Nfcorao. head of the Zimbabwean AfricanAPUL inW, It may bare bee* carried oat by oppouiion membtraof ZAPU.-t*

2*Medium-sited bombs explode at two rctidemen I* Sam Miguel de

Tmemman, emmsing eamsldiraUe damage. Unknown pcnoni targeted the homeaprovincial deputyocal

Chile: Policearge arms and explosires cache at Caracal Hill la Conception. Authorities have linked therenades,ndto Vietnam and lay tha cache wa* to be mod by the Manuel Rodriguez. Patriotic

Swmiilamd: Police Im Mbabane merest suspected ANC member and charge him with illegal possession of fir ear mt The Sooth African wai carrying severaln mo ml >on. aniBe.asul whenj^gj



Chile: Bomb explodes im Santiago, emmtinghree rename ami smbuamiial damage imfine itoret. Another bomb attackrn boon laler al ibe El Merxmrto aewtpaper baddiog in Valparaiso, causing slight damage. No group has ela.mcdor

Spain: Bomb detonates near Santiago Bermmhem fmathall ttadiom im Madrid. The ex^ceion "usedjlnor damage and lajuicd two persons. Authorities believe ETA


Argentina: UmhMamrm personsfirebomb asfier. mf Lmnussefmrmimg Arm, ImBuenos Aim No group has claimed

Bocrwmmm-Smmth Africa: Famr mlirted member, ml the AfiC dieaid by South Afrlemm Defense Force (SADF) trmryieiidemce located la the mmaliru ofew days earlier, tbe SADF killed three ANC memberslash near the Botawa nan-Sou ih Air is (i

wo bombs txptodi Im Barer/one. The first explodedivil guard vehicle, injuring one person. Tbe second occurred outside an electric company,emporary power outage. The Catalan separatist group Terra Lliure claimed^ ^

Fromex Vmhmmwm pertontfire shot, ml South AfHcmm Comsmlmte Im Marseille. -Botha, Assassin. SS" was scrawled on nearby vehicle, aad on front of the Consulate. Authorities link tbe bidden* to tbc aseaasiaation of ANC roprescDuleie September in Paris tbc same

Chile: Unknown pertomsaiooka mt electrical Installation Im Santiago, mining the target bat leriomtlyearby resident. No group claimed

Chile: Unknown ptnoms fheboeab two bam In Smmttmgm No group claimed

France: Bombi explode at five bankt In Marseille, cmuUng minor material damage. The National From for the Liberation of Corsica claimed responsibility.


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