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ilwlfitfjM Abd.Cfior.1

Chance lhal US Mar.ne Ll Col. Wiiham Higgins will be rescued are fadingpasses and Amal-the mcderaie Shia milllia in southernmousing prcuure to find him. Sinnwaa abducied inonebruary, hit caplort have had lime Io reinforce aecurilyand ihifi the burden of public tuili onto Amal for trying to release a" Higgins' kidnaping is ihe laiesieries of macks on ibem Lebanon, and we believe additional operations targeiing US andin particular, will continue '

The Act

Higgms. who it heed of thc LcbadBh .nit of Ibe United NationsSupervisory Organization (UNTSOL was notarget of opewunity: be was kidnapedell-planned operation afier heh Amal officials in Tyre. While driving alone behind another UNTSO vehicle. Higgins was waylaid by several gunmen near lhe Ar Rashidiyah refugee camp soulh of Tyre. The gunmen apparently him led Higginsar and drove himearby village. The car was later found abandoned, and lhe terrorists probably moved him quickly to uaaasngflhyjajag^

Hiiballah terrorist* moot likely are responsible for Higgins- abduaictt-flkanaWon the-scene mastermind of lhe operation wai Khalil Harb. chief of Hiiballah foicca in tbeaflBja-antsu^^

Harb reportedly owned tbe car used lo kidnap Higgins and may have

ersonal motive for ihe operation: Harb probably is relatedopularin southern Lebanon. Shaykh Raghib Harb. who helped found Hizballah there and who wai hilled4omb probably planted by thc Israelis. Hatband Hizballah may have limed the Higgins abduction to commemorate lhe cleric's murder; Higgins was abducted on ihe fourth anniversary of the Shaykh's death Harb also probably shared Hizballah's opposiiron to Ihe UN presence in Ubanon and may haveabducting Higgins as an opportunity to lash out ai Israel, the United Nations and the United S'.aie.aatgnVanaaV

We beiaevr that Hizballah tried to cover its involvement by issuing coenmuniquea through iwo other groups Ihat took credit for tbc operation The *uM communique, issued by ihc Islamic Revolutionaryas not accompanied by any auiheniication The second communique, by.lhc Organizaiioo of Lhe expressed on

Earth. wax senleiictnervice along with photocopies o( Hig gins" UN

identt6caiion cards. Tht Organization of ihc Oppressedam* uicd previously

byn IcnoriiU who have kidnaped and murdered Lebanese Jewjth host

Him Prospects for reading Higgtni

Wc are not optimblk that Higgins will be found soon. His captors probably consider him highly valuable and arc likely to take extraordinary security precautions. Hiiballah leaders aad Iran are now aware (hat Ihe UNTSO eornroander once servedailkary aide lo former Secretary of Defense Weinberger, and tbey probably assume he has detailed knowledge of US program* and plans in Lebanon and tbc Middle East



chief Nabih Barri may fear lhal military clashes with Hiiballah In tbc south would expose hia organ nation's growing weakness there, and. thoa. he would not want tohowdown over tbe kidnaping. Higgins was seized near Tyre, an area ostensibly under Amal control, which suggests the organization is losing iu political base and ability lo control security there Ifs almost certainly beingirbnlUb-conUoiled



The searches have exacerbated tensions between Amal and Hizballah, which has been waging its own campaign lo win over ihc Shia villagers in the south. Hiiballah has long opposed Amal't policy of not challenging the Israelii and the Army of South Lebanon which Amal regards as merely anplher, albeit pro-Israeli,the security zone. Wiih moneyore radiiooing away Amal adherents. 1


P(,ti TmwHl aii.a. Afalati



RiMSckrar ibilMlcd In Woi 1 BCft' .

bj Rnolm-Ki* rytin Qinnimlao;


StCXI Aim) lo, Im Lit*'iwVAnw..

> *mmu.

Unlud Htikm. (UTW

(UNRWA) af-

ut hl-Pi-Un Hl.h.wliom

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Mri&Eatt DVnaref OiIipi iU to LcbtDoc omiii-

team Arn ilamp.

Nof It DamaKvi likely to apply itrong pressure to obtain Higgim' icltaie. Syria pressed hard foi the release of US hostage Charles Clju and madeserioui efton Io obtain thc iclrair of German-Lebanese hostage Ralph Schray, both of whom were kidnaperf In areai lit or near Beirut that are under Syrian control. Hlgglna. however, wat abducted in an area where there Is no Syrian pretence, and wc judge Damascus ii unlikely ioonfrontation with Hiiballah ot iu Iranian backen for him.

TW Backdrop: Raaewcd Terrorism Agatnsf Western Preseac* ta Lebaaon

The HiHifJ abduction r> probably partarger effort by HiibalUh elements ic intensify pressure on Ihc Untied Sun. France, and tbe United Nations lo end ibeir ptseace in Lebanon and to tnoit Wcaieta hostage iuoa on Iranian aad ilttbsllah terms

tUNRWA) officialserman-Lebanese unooat

Wc believe Hizballah's leaders ind their Iranian patrons consider the United States and Fiance particularly vulnerable no- because ol upcoming, ekcuons in both countries. Iranian leaders believe they -ere able to use the US diplomats held hostage in Tehran io manipulate0 elections in the Uniiednd Hizballah officials have already suggested that the iclease ol American and French hostages currently held in Lebanon -ould depend on ibe US and French eleciioni. Hizballah -or dements ofprobably iry to stage additional kidnapingi. release videos,ostage, and seek olher public relations alunls to upset tbe political process In both Pans and Washington

Hizballah and Iran wjil alsofforts to eliminate tbe United Nat*banon. The HizbalLah ictrorisu impdciied in tbc Higgins abduciwo I

prc+sbly sot Higgins as an especially attractive target becauseSN official -fBtJpa



Western Europe

Brigades Fugllne Returns. Surrenders

volunUry return to luly ofconvicted of membership in no aimec, band and in subversive associations is likely to teat theecent policy ol showing leniency toward repentant terrorists. Leftist tawllectual and nuclear physicist Franco Piperno was arrested on* fugilivc in France and Canada

mat his views haw changed little.mnesty for all eonvwled ter-TOtstAod suggests indemnities should be paid both to victims ofand to lerrorisu or their survivors who fell "victim" lo lhe -reaction and reptcsston of Ihe stale."

Italy had beenroposal for greater clemency for lhe more thanleftist ealremrsis Slill In Italianecent poll .nd.catod strong popula' opposition lo greater leniency, however. In addition, lheMraiionsajor .tuck by the Red Brigades is likely lo lessen government Uteres, in the proposal. Afterears of Inactivity.ormation lo give lhe government, as his predecessors did. in return for amnesty.

Trial Concludes forAirport Atuck

Onome court sentenced in absentia Abu Nidal wgamrauon (ANO)ri al-Bann.ap Side to life Imr**sonment for mastermind.

ing the .tuck at thc Rome airporl onhe grenade and


The ANO rejected theerdictutemenl .ssued twoThe group threatened to retaliate if It* continuedImperialist" Inierests raiher lhan those of ihc luhanIn ihc paslhas conducted' 1 '



The Egyptian public prosecutor announced onebruary ihaiefendants linked io lhe lerrorist group Euypt's Revolution have been indicted and will iiand Irialariety of charges. Including murder andecret organization. Authorities arc seeking lhe death penally forncluding Khalid Abdel Nasser, the son of thc late President of Egypt and alleged leader of the group. The prceccutMa wilt seek sentences of life at bard labor for thc remaining nine uma will be chargedidingo ling. No trial date wis announced, bu: observers expect proceedings to begin within tbe next few weeks. Cairo haa contacted Yugoslav authorities to request the extradition of Nasser. ur| a* fled to Belgrade before he could be ar "

Sendero Lastaaaii Opera tieen Broadening

In recent weeks Sendero Luminoso (SL) has carried out widespreadby aaaaujnaljoaT; arson, bcenbang. and sabotage alongpoiitkal aciionSL attacka have

ccmccntratcd mainly in theallage and Maotaro valkys. as well as In Ayacucho. wherethe SL's most frequently employedccur.ndebruary. Ihc group killedndividuals, including five telecommunications employees, four-polloemen, Ihe wifeolice officer,niversity professor. SL members also ambushed two _army coflvoys in separate emergency rones, killingoldiers and woundingtwo of the most successful attacks against Ihc military by theSL. Oaebruary, following an operation thai blacked out Huaocayo. members of tbc group set off explosives at nine businesses and government olfiees in lbc city, causingdamage but no casualties. SL arsonists set fire lo government offices outside Tocache Nuevoebruary^f

Other atucks by the group have included destructionailroad track aad threeleas thanthe Sute Mining Company (CENTRO-MIN) facility in Cerro de Pasco la accord with the SL's decision lo become

Souih/Easi Aala

invoked in open political nciiviiies, masked members participatedtudent demonstration in Lima on IJ.February, the first anniversary of the jovernmeni's raid or university ne mm

Dialogue With Stkht, Cealiauing Violence-

Public statements by Prime Minister Gandhi and Stkh political leaderadal suggest talksbe in the offing or. how to reic in SikhJBjhnaaj,ecentlyarliamentary (roup he wcedd bold talks with Sikh organizations that reject violence, which has reached record hrvela in the Punjabecent speech. Badal said be would continue to pres. New Delhi to address Sikh demands, mdod.cg more autonomy for the Punjab and thc release of some Sikh detainees, but he pledged to keep bis campaign peaceful. Nevertheless,remtsu allegedly placed bflpbs that killed al leastersons recently.

Gandhi mayoliiical initiative ia Ihe Punjab io deflect parliamentary Criticism Ihat he has failed to proieci the public there. He almost certainly recognizes that progress against Sikh extremists it not likelylga thai New Delhi will look/or political solutions, including reinstatement of lbc Punjab siato assembly; bo may agree to discuss moderate Sikh demands. Murders this year in the Punjab have risen steadily during Ghandi'a tenure and arc likely to lur-pasi last ycnr'i record ol moreo date.mon" sons have died this year in Sikh kill!

Libyan Tmertt, Taw Arrested

Onebruary. Seneca left authorities arrested two Libyans ai Dakar airport aa Lbcy attemptedmuggh arms and explosives into tbe country aboard aa Air Afnque Itigbl thai originated in Cotonou. Benin.nother lutpected member of ibe team, who -as carrying raise Malian Lravels he entered Senegal by train from Maliours ear her The learn is believed to have been planning to Stuck Frenchtarjets in Senegal

Stale Support for International0 ^

7 emphasized the vigorous role that itaie support plays in international terrorism even though, staiisticalty. slate-supported incidentsmall percentage of internationalincidents.6 we could detect state support in less thanercent of the ioi.ilncidents;7 lhe percentage roseutotal incidents. These numbers, however, do not reflecif lhe state-supported terrorist incidcnu.

leyerily of ll

Staie-supported terrorist incidcnu frequently are more deadly and destructive than those of lone actors:

Libya was implicated in lhe West Berlin disco bombing thatS soldier In6 and in the attempted Pan Am hijacking in Karachi in6 thai resulted ineath!

Syria was implicated in two attempu to bomb El Al airlinersne in London and one In Madrid.

Iranian-supported groups conducted severalincluding that of US journalist Charles Glass

killed sii 11

-vAJcHanistan was responsibleombings in* PakitUn last year,ersons andthers. Onoly,ersons diederies of bus bombings in Karachi

Korea was responsible for lhe downing oTa Soulh Korean airlines flight that kilted,

person! aboard in

In addition lo ibe direct state supporters of terrorism, we also see two otber levels of State support. First, states such as Iraq, (he Soviet Union. East Germany, Bulgaria. Cuba, and Nicaragua provide groups wiih varying degrees of support, including weapons,money, and safchaven. These regimes rarely become involved directly in terrorist opeiaiions.we believe the Soviet Union is backing, if noi controlling, the Arghan-sponsoied bombing campaign in Pakistan. On lhe next level, governments such as Algeria. South Yemen, and Yugoslavia permit groups

safeharen. and some or them give training andThis wide-ranging state support Iraof terrorist groups io operate ouuide

Iriour view, stale support of terrorist Incidcnu often goes undetected. The use of surrogate groupsdeteciion.of state sponrorsbip. particularly since many icrrorislAbu Nidal organization (ANO) and lhe Armenian Secret Army for the Liber-Uion of Armeniaormote ihan one stale sponsor. Furthermore, many attacks go unclaimed, particularly in Israel and ihe occupied territories.6e could not attribute responsibility for moie than one-half of the terrorist inddenU in lhe Middle East, and we believe several of these attacks had state sponsorship. Wc expect the difficulties of detecting state sponsorship willIn particular. Libya and Syria have been more cautious since lhe West took retaliatory measures in


Trends In State Support

7 we identified two positive trends infor international

Thc number ol anu'-USor attempteddeclined from nine6 to fourS fatalities in statc-iupported incidcnu dropped from four6 to none lasi year.

Incident! involving state sponsorship ofviolence in West Europe also declined. Of thetate-sponsored incidcnu in Western Europe0 were aniidissidenl attacks by Libya or Iran. In previous years, ihe region sufferedbombings and armed anacks, such as those al the Rome and Vienna ate ports in laic5 and the West Berlin disco bombing inj<*


Inlrrwallonal ToToritlb, TypeStl

In our judgment, the posilrrc trendsLargely the result of improfd Western ccaintcrtcrrtt .st security and coopetaiie* The US aim .ikeibya in6 and Weiiern sanci.ons against Syria in6 led iheae two rcgimci to decrease their sponsorship of terror ill activity. Libyan-spon-lOred incidcnu dropped from6 to sixnd Syrian-sponsored Incidcnu declined from56 to twoeither regime sponsoreduck*ran, which hai notignlflcant price for iu support of tenorum, wat linked toerrorist acu last year, an increase6 Even so, Tehran hai been hesitant so far to nic terrorism against the Uniied Slates and West European nations involved in lhe Persian ,J>

We thother trends6

locationite-sponsored modems shifted lignificaMlr67 as the Afghan-

/ sponsored bombing campaign ia Pakistan made Asia the stare of most Kite supported incidents:7 approiirrutclyercent of all loch incidcnu occurred io Asia compared with aboutercentn tbe Middle East and Africa the number oT incident! increased respectively fromo JJ and from three lo nine

ercentage ofrror-is- Iriddenu hare increased Iromercentt last year. Although lhe Afghan-sponsored bombing campaign in Pakistan is largely responsible for (his Increase, olher Haleand their surrogateto be expanding their use of explosives because Ihey leave behind


Allhough the number of stale-sponsored ineidenu may fluctuate widely from year to year, state support willa<or feature of international terrorism Iran. Libya. Syria, and, at this lime, Afghanistan coat mac to view terrorism as an instrument of foreign policy used primarilyill esiktd dissidents,or overthrow neighboring states, and target

lainnniienaluttdcut. b,R7



t iiiui


Ted alt I alUtll


Weiicrn fx brack imcrcsu. Regimes inch it the Soviti Union, Bulgaria, last Germany. Poland,.'Yugoslavia, Cuba, and Nicaraguaariety of motives to continue lupponlng guerrilla groups and terrorist groups: ideological affinity, guarantees agsinst atucks on their own soil, and profits from arm sales

Sute sponsors probably believe that ihey can effee-lively employ terrorism without risking another strong Westernlong as they mainuin plausible denlability.'We expect to tec several trends continue

State sponsors will increasingly rely on highlysurrogate groups rather than their ownl ex mercenaries.

latere lUte-sponsored itscsdeau arc likely to occur ia Africa aad Asia, where ocwntertcnorift efforts arc neither so pervasive nor to effective as in Western Europe.

Greater use oT bombings and fewer hijacklngi and armed atucks will occur because bombings arc, more likely lo allow plautll l<

8 we alto expect an increase In anti-US atucks Libya aad Iran. In our judgment, constitute the most aenous threat to US inteteeu. Libya hat two mou-es to hit tbe United States to retaliate for6 ainirike before President Reagan leaves office and to punish Washington for its lupport of Chad,arly the delivery of Stinger antiaircraft missiles. Radical Sbia terrorism, most of which is sponsored by Iran, probably poses the greatest threat lojted Sutes over the next year.'

re abo cowcemed with tbe tightened links between Ihe ANO and both Libya and Iran. The ANO historically bat uilorcd iu operations to_coincide with thc interests of Iu slai sponsors.

Peru: Sendero Luminoso's Lalin American7

Despite numerous report! of SL links toColombian and Ecuadorian terrorist groups, no 'connections hat emerged

SL efforts to develop support outside Peru may also have been the result of crackdowns by security)hich apparentlyumber of the SL'l top leaders to leave the country. The group's leaders may have seen the need for anetwork of sympathetic supporters abroad to assist with clandestine travel ariici:uuf(jjjt

Finally, the new political-challenges SL encountered when it expanded into Peru's citiesS may have prompted its initiatives in Latin America. Thc SL's bid for prominence in Lima's shantytowns was not


forguerrilla group acci.it mttl IO isolated reaches of the Andes. Urban settings demandedpolitical 'actios. Sympathetic supporter* are important to the survival of any urban terroriit organization. Other Iff tin groups already situated in the crowded barr.o* MgaaaasVr-rtiScrl :hc SL nor approved of iu fanaticism The needompete with rival leftist groups in lhe squatter settlement! probably led Ibe SL lo develop more sophisticated recruiting and propaganda techniques. These new challenges have resultedew SL Openness at borne. aaaaav^^BpaaaBBBaaVV We believe these new political challenges, the travel of SL leaders outside Peru, and iu membership in the Revolutionary Internationalist Movement have all contributed to its apparent efforts lo acquire moral support from sympathizers abroad JHaas

The SLs coo tacts in Latin America do not appear to have altered tbe group's taward-toe-king strategy ofprecludes external seemsorshiDf

state or otherwise. Nevertheless, its new attentionpaganda and public relationsesire, however limited, to gamer public sympathy and moral support. Encouragement and support shown by leftist organizations abroad may strengthen the group'si nation to step up iu war against thc Peruvian Governmeni and increase its desire for publicIt may seek to bolster iu stature through more terroriti atlacks on high-visibility targes such as US diplomatic and business institolioM. Anotber result of SL activityiu propaga nda may be increased hostile actions against US interests ir. other latin American countries tfgV"


Re-fie Blunt

Chronology or

Brio- are dtstribed noteworthy for urn end International cents involving

Irrrorutt. or tht uierr onactics, whitk Am* occurred or comeAl itnee our Ion iitue. In tome cases, ihc perpetrators ond their motivations may nor be known Events and developments that hate already been described elsewhere In Ihis publication are not Included qd/B

November X

7 January

Molotov wektailt thrown at two banks in Istanbul cause imallfirti end miuordamag, MtbtuW^ ft tbh People's Liberation Army-Revolutionary Path Organization (De* Sol) involvenicni^pBjt*'

Pakistan: Bomb explodes near oil storage tanks al Callex Oil installations In

but causes noproperlvd, (WAD) it suspected Io Ihe incident

Bomb lertrted against parliamentaryar explodes to East Beirut. The esplosioo occurred in lhe parking lot of the building in which Ihc deputy resides. No group hu cliimedc

Pern: In Ayaeuehe Department, presumed Sendero Laminae (SL)leerorislt machiaegan and killeasants returning to their villagesair. Sis peasants also were wounded dunng tbe assault.hjffft

Mozambique: Memberi of lhe Moiambican National Resistance More me at release unharmed Portuguese prietl taken hostage in Moambaanuary. Fifteen armed men abdflcted Father Fernando Simocs from his car and look himebel camp in the mountains near the South African borde^ajKr*

India: Author/lies arrest tlx Gurkha Notional Liberailoa Front meml arms-manufacierlng site in Darjilimg. Explosive materials and weapons were

seised. J

Pakistan: Another bomb explodes near oil storage tanks at Callex Oil Inilolla-liens Im Karachi bat centra no damage or casualties. WAD is suspected. Mfgb

Spain Ansonnench-regi tiered re hie Irs perked el Customs polleech border cause, damage but mo injuries. Bascue Fatherland and Libetiy (ETA) it suspected sff0

ItGurrriltai from lhe National liberation Atmyfit) assassinate rl,r

treasurer of El Cerriio Ir- Santander DepartmentstLW

Chile: Police find weapons, ammunition, aad subvenire literature daring raidia the San Miguel neighborhood of Santiago. The home vutnd no arresti

ed^r^ inepr

Colombia: About TO Colombian Rrmlationary Armed Forces (FARC) attach tillage af Laprx de Mleay ta Cornea Department. Durxj lhe. five-hoot assault, theof whom werec-incedpoliceciip. destroyed. DoIkc nation, robbed0ank, and note food and mcdkin

Freach antilerreriu force arrest, fix ETA suspects at sereral locations in southern France. Flu of ihe ineited are Spanish Basques

Pent: Unknown indiriduati assassinate lieutenant governor during an attack on Anitya In Apurimae Department. The victim waimember of the ruling American Popular Revolutionary Alliance (APRAJ)

Colombia: Members af FARC attack police post in Pores. Casanare Department, killing two potieemea aad. harg)


Greece: Bomb found infeont of Drug Enforcement Administration officerresidence in Athens. Police, acting op. Information supojiedn Athensdiscovered ibe bombidewalk trash eaa.i

Chile: Masked grouptitks ef dynamite from ex pi a, ire, depot atas miae near Aadoeottati Prc-ince. Police suspect members of Ihe Manuel Rodriguez Patriotic Front were responsible for the theft ajffjj*

an wasii


Colombia: ApproximatelyARC guerrillas, trtrreling ia buses; attack Ya-lombo In Antiaguia Department. One policeman was^kilicd,ivilian and two notice officers were wounded during Ihe assault

Peru: Tklrty unidentified terroriits, armtd with guot and kniret. temporarily occupy Charcari in Ayocucho Department. Afierock trial for Iwo persons and finding them guilty of cooperating with the governmeni. they stabbed ihcmtodr.-'


ember, of ,ke ELN altack and thai dawn gold minimi operations nf

Mineros d* Antiaauia along Nteki Rirer Aatioguio Depart me as. Onanuary, attacker* dynamited ihc electrical substation at Puerto Cla*cr. aad lbc next day they Wc- up Ave lowers near Puerto Claw. culling off power and dosing opcrei-wi along ihe river. Ceen.parry oficuli estimated ihc geid woekt would be clovedonth.

2SArmtd Monloneros Poiria Libre (MPL) memberi attack two

nations in Quito. Al (he fust nation, the assailants toclcrd"three employeca Idreiroom and kft behind dynamiteaitette callint Ir (he resignation ofMinister of Government Roblca. The group at the second station let behind two empty tubes, after locking the station's employeesest room'

Chile: Boabytrapped esplosiaes kill oolite major and leriemtty wound two pMitrmea at residence im La Cinerha muaicipality of Santiago. Six bombs ia tbe

ceiling of lhe house were detonated when the police respondedall concerninf eaplcnives in the residencj^The Movement of the Revolutionary Left (MIR) bat cuimed responsibility, j'

Guadeloupe Flu lowjnttnsiiy bombs, directed at French Interests, explode at several locations in Guadeloupe, coaling minimal damage and ao casualties. Although no group has claimed responsibility, authorities suspect members of the Caribbean Revolutionary

Spain: Bomb, explode outside eiril guard barracks at Oropeta del Mar ia Catalonia ond neat shopiliate in morthera Spain. There were do injuries Spanish separatists arc suspected io the attacks rfgea*

Turkey: Authorities capture eigki separatists, probably memberi of the Kmrditk Workers Pmrty(PKRX daring operations in Mardin Province. Shelter* and hiding places of lhe organiration were also discovered.tj^qf

Security forces capturendieldmals inspected of enisling and harboring terrorists in Siin Province. The authorities acted on information obtained from Jerrorliu. who gave themselves up to tecum, forces. Caches of arms and equipment have also been found Inocations In


Turkey: Security forces cmpiureilitants in Diyarbakir Prorimce and irize large quantityrms and ammunition. Three PKK members who surrenderedecurity forces provided information that ledheand discovery of weapons. The authorities have accused Ihc captured miliums of killingpeople and woundingthers in several tcrrorisi or^ratioruagflfllt

"Ef Salradoa Suiptcltd mention af Ike Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) kidnap andupreme Court magistrate near kit retlden

India: Sikh extremists kill tix ci'ltiaat and wound three Otheri during separate attacks in the Punjab. None of the assailants was apprehended*;

Turkey: Military court inAdana sentences three numbers of Det Sol to death but commutes sentencetife Imprisonment in return for agreement to proride Information on lhe organization. Two otber Dev Sol mltiUnu were tried with tbem and were given short prison terms. 1

turfy February j>

Extradition af Sukmtnder Singh Sandkufrom the United States to India Is approred. He was charged with various crimes, including the assassination ofArmy General Vaidya. Extradition hearings for another suspected terrorist, Ranjit Singh Oitl. were scheduledebruary j

omb, hiddenomato crate, detonatesegetable market in thr old city district of Pcthawajskilling tlx persons aad wounding al least S3 ai hers.


wedding in Karachi detonate, laaslaslaa aa road in Knrram Agency, ktllmghan, and seriously wounding nine

Colombia: Powerfal rehitle bomb explodes at main office af Occidental Perre-leam located la ihc cootpeay's building in Batata. The cs plosion injuredersons ind caused extensive damage let the front of lhe building as well as lo nearby businesses and apartments. Thc attack is be'nsj attributed io Ihc ELN

Turkey: CourtrXlT members and acquitsa man trial thai begaawenty of Ihcne found guilty were given death scale aces and 13

life ienraisoomenL The court has been hearing casesuspected

members of the Kurdish group..

6 February


India: Bullet-riddled Body of local constabulary found infield near Amritsar, Punjab. Police believe Sikh militants were responsible djafln*

India: Six militants armed with Chinese-made weapons kill four suspected police informantsillagc in Punjab. Members of lhe Khalistan Liberation Force claimed responsibility for the killing

India: Suspected Sikh militants shoot and hill nine membcriinduincludlag the bridegroomQ-yeer-old boy, in Chandigarh,assailants'escaped on

Philippines: Newrmy (NPA) members murder official of the National Labor Relations Commission near its keadqaarters In Manila. No motive bos been established, and no arrests have been ma

Lebanon: lrorian Ambassadors residence Is target af grenade attack ink*sl Beirut. There were no catualties, and no one has Claimed responsibility for lhe bombing.

Frame: Polite eapturt Philippe Bidort, head of lhe Frtach Basgut teparaiiit groop Iporrttarak. and four of hi, ateomplleti,illagt near Bayonnt. Bidart hid been sought for killing two policemen iond foe numerous other terrorist ten. including murders of two more police officers)e also is believed reapoasible foj masterminding ihe successful escape from prison ofaerrorists in6 |gggg>

Com mum mitiakrnly kidnap fro Sweditk Journalists neorAirport. The lunmenaai cajryingdea.driver out of Ibe vehicle and lben commandeering B. Tbe abductorsjournalists nearly two hours later, after determining they were not Wat

Pakistan: Unknown asianln hilt, direetor ofAfthtn Information Ctnttr in front of hit home in /'r tha -The victimrequent speaker at international seminarsniiU^AJU*aHh no group has cUirned rapoesibislty for sac

Approximatelympeded fiPA member, ihoot and kiltollttmtnigartitt rendar in Ctbo daring ihootout. Authorities have arrested eight suspecu In thc incident.

Sooth Africa-Zimbabwe- Fire impeded member, of thi African Umloaoi Coo-fin attack faratkoate near iht border in northern Traasuoal. coating major damagt her no injuries. South Afrjcan aalhoritiei claim the assailants came from Zimbabwe and usedockets' and mines in the aluc" '

Bonglodtih Handgrtnodt It found at gas nation tear US Chancery inomb disposal unit cleared the areaand detonated the device, shattering several windows in an adjacent buiIding.%mgw

iilan Two imatt bombi explode on eampai of Ptshautr Unirtrilty, rearing minor damage bat ao casualties Authorities do not believe the bombing, was connected to the terror iit bombing campaign conducted by WADjAK

Philippines: Crrnade ttplode, in front of bank building ikat house, Uraeli Embury ia Maailo, thatiering window, but taming no canailles. Following lhe csplosion. police icirched die area ind 3efuied another fragmentation grenade. Thc attack wai ihc (hitd in ihrce months on diplomatic targets. No group hu claimed responsibility for Ihe inoder ggfit*

Sri Laakjc Two gnnmcn kill Stl Lnnkmn Mahmjsnm Party lender omttide kit ' m Colombo Tbe assailants, who escapednoeorcyck. at members of the Janitha Vimurthii*

Poland: Wortaw courtyemr foil srn tenet to mam accuted Of trying la hijack an airplmmt la Wtu Crrmmn, mm IS. The roanassengerus that he cosnmandeered to lake bim to the Warsaw airport

Switzerland: Switt police merest impeded Lrroriil wonted im West Cermmny. Mark Sleinbrueek wai arrested when he gotight from Nicaragua.anted for involvement in icveial robberies and arson attacks, flats

Chile: Rigkcmimg gromp undi Inter containing dealk tkreat to Cmrdimal Rami Siha Hcmriguez, former Arthbitkop of Santiago amdcritic of the Pimmchetroup calling itself the ChiWao Anti-Ceennruaist Action sent the letter to the Cardinal and in recent months has sent similar threatstesta, miliiary opponenu of lhe government, and union and student leaders

Lebanon; Bomb it found in morie theater Im theAI-Bsrblr area of Wenyrian bomb caperl dismantled the deviee withoul milhap. There has been no claim of responsibility

Chile: Unknown persons attackormer peeu secretary for the ruling Jonta. while he is driring hh car nearan forced journalist Federieoar off lhc road and caused it lo overturn. No one bis claimed responsibility for the incident.'


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