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uttip. The BJO apparently ickascd Roger Auquc fit laiclthough no claims were issued for him until ihc RJOtatement saying ,bai he and another French hostage-vvhoac kidnaping RJO hadbe reamed ini.aaatata.

We suspect that Hiiballah teeurily otBelal Abdal-Hadl Hammadi kidnaped Scbray to ncrease pressure on the Welt German Government to release bit brother, TWAijacker Muhammad Hammadi. "ho*ttaa*Mfctchcduledreliminary couri hearing on charges related to thc hijacking the dayofSchray'ikidnapini. Abdal-Hadi Hammadi may have belies-ed healuable bargaining chip when he releated another Wen German hostage, Alfred Schmidt, lan October. If Hammadi it behind ihc hidnapinc. he probably will resist prctturc to releaie Sehray and another Weil German. Rudolf Cordca. until heuarantee from thc West German Governmeni that hit biother will be

Latin V.

Escalate* .

Duringnknown attailanisabor lawyer and killed two human rights activists who had testified in an Inquiry by an International court Into rights abuses by the Honduran military. Earlier in theolice official also slated to testify before ihe riihtt tribunal wat Shot to death,onduran aubversivderedii


fir menu of ihc Hoodurari,icu-ljrl> rational policecntfi<<. campaign toe more thar.th* campaign, ihc iwfac

force Mf,n


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kfi arid ih* average the miltuiyi tarubihtie. appearto hare

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have approved lhc executions

th-eeu-c^.ltita IO 4ub,cr>ircincnbi^cvM

and ind.vidvab onh<

ri.ic ffOtijn eager to

or tat year cowld be reipc^bk. but iheir becauic of efToru by acwtiy forces. Atthouxh human rithu trial, itunlikcl) 10

OR tb* Rl*C

Januaryudden *urftc ta tcrrorUl activity in Chile, wuhwave cf anonynrouilirauflhcait ihe country Tbe larteu and moil active aroup. the tcfiM Manuc. fo^riaiie* Pauiotk Front, ciaimcc ret^ibiiky for fcurmni tc*<rnmema po*erh/iev Front leaden, however, deny covcramenc citartt* that ihey rwitrrriftocd in attack on mm Army clinic in

ChUean pubJk,Cattrotie

of the Rc^uttoratfyto tbc bombingaMM

ct roritvl activity ii likely to imcMify in tbe rormng momtaoth leftw jnc and lifhtwins cxircmiits tryto influence thc outcome of thc fin|lc*tarididaic plebiscite later thii year to determine whether Pm.dcnt Pmochci tcmaim in power. Leftm tcrrorUt* hope to dcmomtriie thaiknce can out, Pinochet:acting Inonymooily or attcmptinc to implicate theat booatinfl the Present's popularity wiih HCurity-eonaclout Chi'cani by corrvineint Ihem that he it the only alternative to chaot.

hebela Attack Oil lutaltetlonl

National Libcrntloa Army (ELN) lacrniiat mounted their most dama^ine; Ufroeiit attacki oa Colombia', major culanuary. cauairtfi an ctttrruicdaxUwo ta* Tha J: -ei:-cocrd>na.cd action, foeced thc iu;ci>^ol corrpanr toins Caii>cdita,jc of more0aitoa cutnc reel of natural


he group also destroyed an oil rig optiaicd hi Urittihincident in (mirrn Colombia.SI)

nxll-on in damage. Gucirlllai have struck ihermeiillion, buii ihc first siiack since May

eminent ha* stationed ii petal to Mainuie air palroli. ihcm: bombing* raive* considerable doubt piMCCl lhem,

terrorists mat reciprocate by earning eul additionalion ol labor coniiaeu later ihis yei

South/teat Aala

Hl.it Oulalde USceldenc.


ailmall bomb explodedue* outside lbc US Charge'* houicThe bomb waa placed on an infreeuently uaedapprciimaielyfrom lhe icae gale andeters frcen ihc maul cniiancc lo lbc bowse.er carnages resuUed. and no group ha* claimed rcipoosit-iiiy.3

t ineieeai couu he interpreted as tbc irst Cel. beol USin Kabul. Thc placement of lhe n; deviceperpetrator intended to Intimidate tbe United Si ate* without causingIn ihree similar ine.Oenu lasi year, the Afghan Mtniiuy of Slateappeared lo target US interests in Pakistan. WAD hu nee beenio iponsor annUS bombings on Afghan


tear in Purual lhal would ai ihe aeeumy crackdown

> mei-t

Government doable th*

The Indian Governmcni i*aw sin include lata*ardline Sikh political party, aileatremutt hai lailed io end the viaii

at thc central rdeics thai it iaab- India r. las: year, aboul deadfar lhll

Thc mounting dcaih loll underscores the high eon of Newsecurity policy and ihc pressure ii is under to meet Sikh grievances.ew Delhi had once counted on moderate Sikh politicians to helpolution io the problem, moil moderates have lost their influence since lhe government imposed direct rule In Punjab last spring. Prime Minister Gandhi probably hopes to make proiress in Punjab before May. when parliament debates whither lo estend Circa rule in ihe slate for another sis month


International Terrorism: Asia in

terrorist aiiacfci in Alia reachedH7 and puc acrious threatshe level of internationalncidents In Aiu wai low, andew isolated incidents, such asS Rangoon bombing by North Korea and5 downing of an Air India Jetliner by radical Sikhs, made any lasting; impression on world opinion.

The number of incidents in Asia swelled'from6ast year. The increase in Pakistan-fromncidents6astthe single largest factor in driving up worldwide incidentsecord level. Several other disturbingdo not bode welleturn to lower levels of international terrorism In Ihe region, including:

The apparent resurgence of the Japanese Red Army (JRA).oneof the most feared icrroriii groups, after neatlyears* dormancy.

The bombing of an airline by North Korea, which hilled more people tban any attack worldwide in lheo years.

The targeting of American cititcnt for assassination by Philippine Communist guerrillas and ihethat more such attacks will occur this year.

Simmering violence In India's Punjab and in Sriconflicts thai have ted In ihe past to attacks abroad and to the targeting of foreigner!


Nearly all the international terrorist attacks inlast year were bombings directed against Afghan refugees and Pakistani civiliansampaign waged by the Afghan Intelligence service WAD. which It controlled by thc Soviet KGB.tlacks WAD cond.cted7igher figureio any Hate sponsor (mcieding Inn bya; in any one year.aaaaW

About one international icrrontt attack out ofworldwide occurred inVCar. and

casualty figurct from these attacks were diiprepor-uonaiely high. Afghan reglm sponsored attacks caused about half of all deaths and injuries recorded worldwide: casual lies and attacks declined in most other regions, in both percentage and absolutedeadounded-ihese attacks caused greater bloodshed than those of any group or sponsoring countryingle year since we began keeping records

Begun5 as partAD campaign againtt Afghan resitianee groups and refugees along thc border areas in Pakistan, the attacks have continued to spread.6 theseexclutivelyto target Pakistani eiliient aa well.abul expanded ihe campaign io persuadeto Until support for the insurgents.7 WAD-tponsored bombings spread toCnies outside the borderRawalpindi, Islamabad, and Karachi. Increased bombings in mere denselyareas meant higher casualties Tbe nigh point of7 bombing campaignuly, when two car bombs went olTrowded Karachi mar leu killing more ihanersons and wounding morethers. More bombings occurred In large cities during the rest of Ihe year, butuch smaller

mall fraction of ihe WAD attacks appeared to be directed against other ihan Afghan andtaol citlaent- Feweralf dozen bomblngi ale believed to have been directed against US interests tn Queita. Pethawar. Ruwnlpineli, and Karachi between6 ando US citizens were harmed, and there was no damage to US



facilities. Todjic. ihe WAD campaign ha* notlemaiically targeted non-Afghanui thcill increase if the campaign ii sustained aiigh level In IVSaenanhaaL

A few attacks by Iranian agents or by local supporter* of inc. Khomeini regintc added to ibe level of interna-ilenal terrorism in Pakittan last year. Eiilcd ortpc-neni* ofTehrort and anti-Khomeini Pakistaniand poliiical figures were targeted for OS'Stsination. In early July. Iranian agents attacked regime opponents in four home* In Karachi wiih automatic weapons and rocket launchers and also attacked dissident* in Quctta. Some of ihc attaches -ere arrcued. and the cipO'urc of Tehran's role may Bave crimped its ptaos for ihe rest of ihe year: very few attacks took place following lhen lhe -ake of thc death* of Iranian rioters in Mecca onuly. Tehran vowed vengeance against Saudi and US interests. Although suspected Iranians survcilled US diplomatic facilities in Pakistan in August, no attacks occurred.lash occur between US and Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf. Iran might well turn to neighboring Pakistanenue for terrorist attacks against US urged

Tbe trial of five members of the Abu Nidal(ANO) for lhe attempted hijacking ora Pan Am airliner6 began inn Karachi. Thc on-again. ofl-again proceedings have noi yetand concern remains ihai Ihe ANO may conduct retaliatory attacks agalnit US or Pakistani interests.

Th. Philippines *

The Pflilipoinca grew more dangerous .'or US citizen*lthough seven Americans were killed in international attack* worldwideur were deliberately targeted, including three active and rciired US servicemen murOered by Philippine ini^reeoi* acar Clark Airbaae in October.


Thc Janancic Red Army (JRA) may alsohrcathe SeoulJ. ihc JRAdor mam sincelo have returned tonternational terrorismicmalic way, first in Europeand. by ihc end of ihe year, in Asia. Although the group has noi claimed responilbiliiy tor any

ct in the last nine yean *ktBkaWQft> il

leadership sanetiencd rocket and ear-bomb atucks in Jakarta and some law-level bombing) in Beirut6roup calling itself (he "Ami-ImperialistnternationalT'ihis group became the single most active threat io US diplomaticwtten itonar aiucfcs on the US Embassy in Madrid in February and April, aitempicd three oiher attacks there in May. and inaunched simultaneous mona: and cai-bomb attacks against lhe US and UK Embassies in Ron. c.

By the endoup was apparently(or operations in East Asia. On II November. Japanese police arrested Osamu Maruoka. one of the top leaders of the JRA. at Tokyo airport. According to his travel documents, he had been in and out of Japan several times7 and had also vitiied Hone Kong and the Philippines. The large amount of money he was carrying suggest* he may have been setting up or servicing JRA cells in Asia. UnTnuunBsuVCBJSaWaun?Maruoka met wiih other JPAand with members of the NPA in the Philippines: <snBnBnaaVnr unsolved bombingapanese hotel in Manila in October may have been ihe workRA cell. Maruoka alioicketecember flight to Seoul, which imelts that Ihe JRA planned to stage aitaeks before theecember election there and changed plans after hi* arrest, or thai he waj sellingelt to becomeefore or during Ihe Olympics. Even before his arrest, however. South Korean authoritiesciurgenl JRA would be tbe moil sciious threat to thc Games, a.

The Stkhs

Sikh terrorism7 was generally confined lo domestic attacks within India. The year saw no Sikh spectacular* such a* thc assassination ofhc bombing of an Air India jetlinerhe plot to bomb anear titer. Sikh

icrroriifn wnhin India intcnsllicd a* gunmenio prey upon governmcniinduos. and moderate Sikhs-

Outside India. Sikh radicals souahi control of temples land ihe funds they produce) In the United Kingdom. Canada, and ihe Unitedoil Sikhoad ccrnc.from small cell* builtuch terra ruts iccm to operate on lbc fringes or more -respectable- radical groups: the (imim of iheir action* indicate* (hey arc prompted to plotting by trigger event* withinas lake-overs of ibe Golden Temple orandhi'sihc visii* of prominent Indianome plois have coalesced around visits to the United Sum* and Canada by Rajiv Gandhi and some central and state cabinethe level of Slababroad will continue to be influenced primarily by event* within India and by ihe general level of Sikh dissatisfaction wiih New Demi's policies In Punjab.

Sri Lanka

Terrorism in Sri Lanka continued lhe pattern of the last leveralattacks growing Out of (he Tamil imbui the nature of most niiauk* changed after Ihe Indian-brokered peace agreement in July. New Delhi now has at0 iroops in Sri Lanka trying to disarm ihe guerrilla group* and eonirol ihe nonhem and eaiiern regiom. Ai year's end neither goal had been aitained. and the Tamils shifted their attack* from Sn Lankan Government and military largcts and Sinhalese civilians io ihe Indian peacekeeping force.



policeilar) mil. and instigating cikiixi demomtr jdw. The JVP Fiosabir was BHo

resjia-ssiblc (Of an assassination attempt -i:ayewardeneab-nri meeting In: it and ihc assaatiniiiions in December of the Preii-dcni'a ncphcvi and ihe senior police official charged wiih eradicatinggroup. Allhough ihc group haindue led enactsri pi- round ofid tel oT tipiimd ouiiiOC ihe US Embauj duimg1


Along wiih thc threatmciieani in ihc Philioeino. WAD attacks In Pakistan and possible IraeUn-aoea-aored attacks in Pakistan rcpreaeni the greatest leto US Interests In Asiaver, the neal year, attacks wilt primarily be used to prenuic Pakistan lo soften In position on an Afghanistan ciitcnteiu. Pakistan also remains one of the likckeaifor Iranian-sponsoredn US imeeesit.

should ihe level of eonflin between Washington and

Tehran increase In ihe Persian Ovlf-l

Thc rciurn of ihe JKA. nhh in recent histori of anti-US attacka and ils cspabilitfarget tbc Seoul Ol)mines, make it the mm irsnaoruai irier-national group lo watch in Asia ihn tear.

The threat posed by North Koreahe OI)mpiet and to lhc stability of the peninsula could make Seoul inightning red for mtemaiionat terror iu* In the region8 la soeae respects, the massive security ctloet the gunci mill engender meant lhat terrorism will haveignificant impact even before thc compel.lian begins.

Finally, the unreivKed Sikh and lamit insurgencies cot-Id once more lead iolo targeung of foreigners. New Delhi "illifficult year even if the insurgent! confine tbem- elvrs to traditional domestic

elsewhere In Asia make It probable ihai international terrorism in lhe region will continue io have increased impact


The multitude of US targets in the Philippines and lhe motivation and opportunities of the NPA make il likely that more American personnel and possibly American companies will be attacked there.


Latin American Terrorism0




nternational terrorm incidentsim Americaown6 All of these attack* -nr cairicd out b> indlgrnouiroups. At In thee years, Pciu. Colombia, and Chile had ihe grcatrsl number ol International terroriitithllacksin these three coumries alone. US diplomaiie feciliilca and buiiness interests were high on the urgcl lime Latin American terrorim. Nearly thrac-leurths ofttacks on international rgeu^jcre directed againsi US persons or iml.iu-

Atucks againsi inieroauo-ie! target! ia Pern diegeed froms J*eipaic the (act USatagainst domestic targets rose6wenty-three cJ the interaatlonal iikwere directed againsi US buiincisei ind diplomatic personnel. Impro.ed sec-rily preeauliona uken by roreigners living and working in the eceniiy probably contributed to thc decline 0ft

Sendero Luminosoadical lethii lenomt and

poied mainly of AndeanTnoiani. coniinueil to graw in suenilh, aapand into new areai of Peru'* Interior, and increase its urban terrorist activityn addition to bombing* and arson allacks. ia HIT (or Ihc ftrn time the group is known Io have carried out premeditated assassination attempt! agalmt foreign ad diplomatic officials. The targetingppears to havean of SLurate-gy to attracto its campaign and co-iiot.daie it* urban apparatus in Lima. Tke areep attempted to aMaismalc the manager of the Bank of Tokyo la Liana early in Ihe year, wounding ibe banter and hu driver. SL abo bombed ihe Bank of London ofhec. critically injurina four persons In August. SL ihot the chauffeur o( the Ambassador of South KoreafBnfl.

Sine* ihc group's decision0 lo embaik on un jrmcd snuggle against ihc Peruvian Govrrnnsrniaffj lauanunwMsl. has cost the country mltltoni of dollar* annually by disrupting transport, frightening assay tourists, diicouraging foreign and domestic Invest-mvnl. and draining govcrnmenl coflcri ssiih iniu-gency costs. In addition lo ill urbanrr ror.ltd and murdered hundreds or peasants and village official*ccusing ihem of col labor ating wuh lhe Peruvun Government

the SL. tbe

MRIA isarge Insurgency. Iiear, baaed guerrilla organization that for the matt pari has directed it* operationsoreign, especially US, largeu in Lima. Ii cominued7 to carry owl most of lis attacks on holidays or at nlghl,(he chanca of injuries or death* would be alight Neverthe possibility of incidental death io foreign, en. and especially lo Americans, I* ever pieienl In an i eparture from it* urban aciisliics.TA temporarily occupied seven) town* in lhe eoca-producing interior of Peruucceaiful effort lo grab media ailemion and cmbirrau the Peruvian Government- agjfftaft


lnicrisailonai terrorist incidents in Colombia declined from6 toeedy all of thettacks last year were directed al mult manorial oilwith US aT.lji.cn All hut one af ikes* attack, -ere earned out by ike Nnbeaal Liber alma Armyne of Cotonsbsi'iayor insurgency groups. The decline in atuch* oa interna-nonal targets probably wa* attributablenfocus by Colombia'* guerrillas on developing clenet lie* among ibe major groupi and giving more attention to political agilnt-



19SS began, lhc ELN hat prosed thai lhc decline in attacks on oil companiet was onlyBy mid-January ihc group had carried2 well-Coordinated aicack* on oil facilities and had cauted atyeilimaiedillion lost inrunssl

ain guerrilla Organizations, under ihe leadership of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombiahe largcti of ibe rebelubliclyew allianceince its creation ic October, ihe Simon Bolivar Guerrilla Coordinator hasnified polilical from organization for thc guerrillas as well at anthe groups to cooperate In loint terror.ti attacks.

ELN. lhelberaiionhe Quin-iln Unit Command, and ibe Revolutionary Workersinmate the ritk of lerrorlil aeiiona against US personnel and interests in Colombia.


There were ISO domestic lerrorlst mucks in Chileott of these anacks were bombingsarried out by (be Manual Rodriguez Pairioiie Front (FPMR) Although Ihit figureeduction of terrorisi attacksecond straight year, (bis year's decline seemsaveemporary lull inbrought aboutombination of iniemihed police and security service measures,theecwful attack en President Aucusio Pinochet innd by ibeesire lo lie low. This lull appears to have ended inficcurred during ihe second halfunck* on police stations and pairol vehicles nearly doubledhe FPMR alsohilean Army colonel innd held him for three months before releasing him unharmed In Sao Paulo. Brazil. Thc success of (his action in attracting media attention may prompt lhc FPMR io carry out other kidnaping at

There -ereine Isicr national targeis In Chilemong (hose were eight firebomb-ings of Mormon churchesolotov cocktaill the US Consulate in Santiago. Mormon churches In several countries of Laiin America have come under attack, withombings7 alone. Some radical groups accuse lhe churches ofertsiom of (he US presence in ihc region, aaajagag,

Dominican Rapollle

The Dominican Republic had toe fourth-la ri est num. bef Of international terrorist incidenis inuringthree-day period in late April, terroritis bombed eight Mormon churches on ihe island-some simultaneously. An unidentified callerocal newspaper claimed the attacks were carried out by the Masimiliano Comer Revolutionary Brigade In com me mora lion of lhe anniversary of5 US mil|iary intervention in ihe Dominican


Five US servicemen and one US civilian comracior were injuredomb explosionhinese restaurant in Comayssgua inhe res-taurani was known to be frcqucnied by US toldiers stationed ai nearby Palmercln Ai.base. It is unclear whether the man identified as having placed the bomb wis acting on his own or on behalf of an organization. He recently had been firedocal school for making threats against Americans andemberchool union. Despite this attack, thc overall threat io US personnel there siitl is considered


We believe thai domestic terrorism will rise8 In Chile. Colombia, and Peru, further increasing lhe possibility of anacks on US and other international urgeti there. Government anti-insurgency andrograms in Peru and Colombia thus Tar have been Ineffective. The number of domesticattacks in Chile during8 already hasarked increase over previous nsoniht. These


atuekt aw likely to imensif, in ihe com ine ntoiuht a, lefivrlng and righlwing cat re mi sis iry Id influence ihe outcome of ihc single candidate plebiscite bier (hit year, both have targeted US interests in Chile in the

Since earlyLN guerrilla* inhave crippled oil production al lheain

bo aVe

alTceied ocmetlic. US. and other foreign oil eompa-mei operating in tbc region and have causedillion in damage.owerful car bomb eaplodcd outside the office of Occidental Petroleum, injuring more.thana doicnttacks on Colombia's oil indumy most Birth/ will continue to put US companies there at risk. In addition, drug traffickers appear determined to counter Colombian and US antidrug effort* with retaliatory attacks. In late January, drug trafficker, kidnaped and Wiled Colombia 'a Attorney General and threatened to kill US diplomats. aJMage

Unlike other countries in Latin America. Peru did notecrease Ki domestic terrorism during

nd since the beginning8 SL attack* on persons cooperating wiih lhe government in lheappear to have Increased. If SL continues to target foreigners fors si nation, as il did for the flrsi limettacks on International targets might be not only mote frequent but alto more lethal.


DrOtf Violence

Recent violence inas raised the struggle bci-ecn lhe (overnmeni and atu( traffickersew plane end may involve increased risks for USNarcotics inieresii. -hieh now hold ihc upper hand because of ibeir powers of ini imitation, fear an inien.ified campaign againsi them by Bogota and Washinaion. The traffickers may iry lo forestallampaian wiih additional show* of force, perhaps including attacks againsi US personnel in Colombia or abroad, ggggaaf

Thc power of ihe iraffiekeri and Ihe frailty ofjudicial aysiem were again demon ma led by the releaae from ieil of drug kingpinho hadhiing ctiradnion

A car bomb that akasenathiaf.. . obarslightly and killed two of his associates two weeks after release bas rattled ihe traffickers.!

'resident Bareo planned to iaveke newpowers to counter ihe growing strengih of narcotics interesu appear to Uve added to the traf-

Trafficker* Raise the Slakes

opposed the traffickers. I

The murder of Colombian Attorney General Hoyos Jimlnce jn late January underscored the traffiek-rs* longstanding taetie of responding violenily toihreaii against their operations. The .ielim had been an outspoken advocate of the eatrndiiionroup calling itself ihcclaimed credit far the assassination, as It has done following numer-

ous pan allacks on government and media notables who oppe

Chronology of Recent Eeeats

7 Drugkingpinr.eein Colombo oa charge af irrtuggling fighting bulli into the couniry.

way far release.

SO7 Ochoa,

'huge bribes payed

anuary I

Cor bombresi-

f drug kingpin Pabloin Medtllln.

anuary I

'govern-mini plans to invoke siate-of-siege powers to fight traffickers.


Colombian Attorney General Hayes Jlmtnti assassinated in Modem.


President Bareoeries

afemergency powers undrr c

state af*

ii t

3 8

Chronology of

re detcr.btd notruorthyati tmohing terrorists, or ihe tat of trrrortst tonics, which hoie occurred or come it, light Uote our Ian lisut. In taint casts, ihr perpetrators and ihtir moth olloris may nci be known. Esents ond doelot-memtjhat gam already been dtstrlbrd riscxhtrc In Ihis publication art. St%

Pakiiian: Small bimb esplodn ai Shtlur International compound In IXasIr Bagh refugee tump ntur Ptiha-ar. cauiing minor damage bur no casualties. Altlwufih group ha. claimed iriponiibillty. ihc Afghan leerci police (WAD] Ia suspected.

Bangladesh: linidontifwd assailanss tmt several bombs at cor of Minister afihahe. injuring the ministerusienger. The current were of ii- ,

ii pan of ihr arTon loewihrew ihc Eishad gs-ernmem

Three armed irrrarius haul intrudiary bombs at attices of HI Mercuiiolpamiio. One police naninjured and damage mi slight No group hat Claimed reaponiibilily foe Ihe modem attu

Unknown ptrsoni otraeh police nation in Santiago with submochineguns and raehen. Three policemenivilians were injured. No one hat claimed reipomibiliiy forack, ap

Sals-ador: Farabund. Marti National Liberation Front IFMLNl terroristsfarmersUsulaton Department, lhe assailants, afier

trapping ihe worheiiloiage building wiih machmcgun fira. used gasoline io ignite th* aw-lding<,

Chile: Booths damageruth near Talca and powrtliuet in the Prior co sector af Samtiagu.as claimed responsibility for iKeie ail actdaa)

Peru- hifStudrro Lonuuoso tSOa*saJ,.nate president ofIn the dry of Pinto, The iclimember of Ih* rulingRevolutionary Alliance (APRA)

BMLM terrorists hill the administrator of an estate In Marazan Department. The garrnllai aim dciuoycd aoene buildings and vehicles during Ihc

Colombia: Assailant nfthr Reialutienary Armed Forces af Colombia If Aetrie leader in thr Ownare Department.->


7 4 O


nUiaaVeiiaeA Tiger force ofmilitants kill family of four in

laronahom ihey suspected ofon with police.

arVi warning noinhe famil} befofc ihe eiccuiiom.

Mia: In separate intidrnts. police diieoree bodiesrother, a

Sikh youth,echanic. Sikh CMeemiiu aic lutpceied.

Unidentified gunmen kidnue toun aOKial and three apportionle theynrre canvaiiing roter in Fiddtp. NPA niemOefa are


FARC guerrillas miimck police uailon la Coaueia Deportment, utmndlng two soldiers and mo eirilians. Three rKinMii ol ihc FARC were killed Carina the attack gwlVM

fihngladesh: Bomb explodes in Khulna. hilling turn periani. Thii incident i>crici intended to drive Preiideni Erihad out of office aWh

Pakhtmat Fake explosive device is foundllorium af United Sierra Information Service/USISj building inombiouad removed tbe device and taarched (be auditorium for other capiojivca. Th* deuce wai found before the .creenmailm aboul

Soutnt7nl.eri.ry students atlaek VSIS insiallaiitmi ia Kn-nmjm.MeCotor cocktails ai lhe Cultural Center, caaunj nine* cumagc butIn another incident, policeledeni while he and-ereio throw Molotov coettaila at the rcttdencc of (heaffair* officer The incident! were tbcagainst US lartct* *inec Ihe elect ion onecember.

ombings occur In Dhaka, ond security foreei find 2Sexplosive

devieei and arrest two individual! in raidi In the tlty. Ten current waveia pari of lha itfoit to overthrow ihc Etihad

Railway nrrlrnkitegtom bomb an rail line near Peshawar railroad station. Thc inlcrtded target wai prooablr ihc Khybcr mail train from Rawalpindi. Ma;or damage and casualtie* would hate retailed if the bomb had deviated WADelieved responsible. ffM

, dittorcrt etplotire detiteAmerica*Allkranee Building. An explosioniidc ihe building on

November. No group hasir,.ibi^>

Sri Lmnkm. UnidentifiediWCM taanVnaaUl of United National Forty, ii.f eve bodyguard, it, Colombo. Although no greuri hat claimed ciidii .'or .he nuaek. the Jsnaiba Vlmuhthl Per am aaa i. echoed responsible 4% 3

Faintaa. Spatial crmn camceraed nit* lerraeiim ir-eacr, WAD aaeal toal lilrl.fOOaeaarag. heiattacks.araaraa siaad. invoked casualties. 1personskilled andere injured%

India: Slk* rrrrrmtut tar tare aadhe tommittee mpontibletemplet, and te.arely iajare two other, it, the Golden TempleThe temple is being usedefuge fr* Sith terrorists and asmi ion,

Colombia: Member, of the FARC thoat and kill four policemen'duringIn northern Metaivilians were also kilkd during alia

ge arnmb etpimdt, Im park In the Mirm/lan, diuritt ef Lima,panmn mad cmatimg mimrne damme*memet, hmiieUmgu No grocphe bombing is beta* aiiriauied le in. SL

farm St terrmeittt attmt,immttieiliaa patrolmen aad kidnap ISmhert in four

utllmaai laofed in Ayecetmo Frmelner.

Saipetted SL member, attach police auipoit I, Upper Huallagt Vmlley. injuring. guard, anduard booth Ihc perpeiralori lookweaponi and one grenade launehci during ihc auact uaa,

FetU! Member, af SL attack tillage of Carumba,U-rtar-eldliteralhe terrorists harirtcd render of lhe villageassistance to police io ihai area,

Feru: SL terror ittt ambuth pickup truck carrying fear Ftiurita police efflcert emdm drtrer. Thc assailants killed one officer and lhe driver ami injured another oncer during thc 1. afjf




rmed aitailaait fire Indiscriminately at tlrilium in Dtii Village, hittingW leriouilyInjuring ant. Tbc allocked twiped. and no B'awpru. cli.ined reireniibi'iii gSfe

Mazambieui: Suipected mimbm of the Mozambique National Rnisroncr Wme mem mu mine to derail mi* im Maputo Preiince ana"ealms ond incendiary delicti.pcraoni were- killed, and TO were injured tM

SL blocks out Lima aad eight athet drpartmtnit am fl'ewre. leaiiag the latitat without power foe literal dayt. ajfc

kilting the atlack.

dariag tare eteaiag religious procession fa Kant,.

it claimed reipc-tibiU, fa

Itanium Revolutionary Guardemberi are reportedly being trained at

pilars, flight aiiendonn. and letueity guordt io tniure security on Irom Air

inter naiioaat ft Ighit. Iranian diaudcntiattempted akyjackinai iaih. |f

Irpel, Paletiiniam ousimtsmon rrparudl, limbed to Abo Nidal orgaaizatioa, Tbe Met acted onn Itemed Ircen "nuide

Bomb explodes la teeriyari of police nation in Manila, Injuring the sonolice officer. No ore hat claimed tciponiibillly lot lhe Man itj*b

Two armed eitaitaott hillarty tltt peotldent aad ain front af residence In ihe Punjab. The aiiackcri Bedctce cycle, aaalhoi clamed reapenatahty

taro Notional Liberation Promt (MNLP) member, ambushworhtri in Mindanao, hilling two penoni aud wounding two.may be the bcalnnin*ew MNLF lerroriil camp* -

Pour auallnnti hill inspector from iht Department af National tntitigatloai at he boarded bui in Tegucigalpa, The MPLai claimed rejpcniibi;:i> 0gmmt

hree mtsillel are fired from Lebanon lo the Qtryat S

in northern Israel. No damage was repcied alJu

V.Thurc were nuCiuuatita and ih> tS3 claim oi

'^ tl Gmrkh*om/ Liter*o*vi anti

rwfeJfW MOTM ftMaj matcm Iin fojetittg.

nc nicrnben *eie icixed in other nol-ce*aw


mibc Karca.

rV/rV*pintr/mto/ iVmimaU

filil l The rvornei of the Mlfm.tr of thear*ct an Afghan rcabtalicc leader arc totaled nrjr this area, which itby Afghanulhoritki auipcci WAD wai

frimjttring Jerea ptrsertz* WAD if^

i hillttil mhotttgouaftrngjirrArc*

intfrnwi/j DtttmtUr. The victim watwith lha Cabioct offlctaK butreleased to act aa aa inutmcdiary between the fetch and the Muacverii goveinencnt Tbed him bccauic they bcikved tbe



Exptosium * J

Three person* were injured. No one ha* claimed reipomibplity.J


Italy;AbuAbbai, maitermlnd ofihr Achille Lauraurgn Italybrogate hit life lenience, ffj*

Police oereil three peeions an charges of labotagr One of ihc suspect* ccnfciKi] io rcccrvifii capluilve* froin anof WAD and to tec in*upee*O] for each lairomi act commuted. He dairai to hate pilotedat public hscalioni. includin| bus itaac* and hanki Tbe teno'Kt also revealed io police tke names of bis ar nines rr . dfjfeh

Demonttraten let fire to main otjiee

in Karachi, earning exiemlre damage ro priming eaulpmeni. No aiujp has claimed responsibility, but the Irapian-supporicd Movement of National Shia Jurisprudence ormt National Party are suspected. ftth



la local marketIUuram ptatuc bomb aelrm.tri btll.ug

ni aa* injuring aieveral ibcjs were aho dsnvaicd WAD is

Believed to be responuble

Pohlitan; Powerful bomb explodei at'bui depot in Mingaeuh. hilling nine pertom ondhild. The bombing is Ihe first in the vicinity of Min-oerah since WAD initiated lit terrorist campaign in Pakistan in lhe. WAD ii aiapccieo ajjaj


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