Created: 11/23/1987

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Situation Report

attacked two Greek ships in the Persian Gulf over the weekend, boarding one and taking It toushehr. acceding to special Intelligence and press reports. The captured cargo ship, taken near

Iranian flag:

__Jran probabh/ increased lta ship attacks In response tottecka on Iranian tankers and tugs during the pest week. The capturehip near Farsl island was unusual and may reflect Iranian concern over any ship coming caose to the naval there, parttcuiarty If practicing possibly deceptive actions]

Other Gulf Activities More Iranian mines were found and destroyed near Farsl by the US



iTirR^rLSrST *ch*nO*pmmm of Iranian snip attacks Iran ^ f '"Ory on US-assodstaO shipping Three

on two US-assoclated tanker, oft Kuwait last month only five US-owned tankers had been attacked by Iran or had srrue* Iranian mine, this year. Iranian media have emphasized

rK^jhevheve been attacked, as evidence of US weakness In the Quit

i Is *ery to continue to target US-associated shipping

Sf" Inte-Sgence probably fs capable offt aval tcrcsa rxobaWy would have Utile oimcuiry in identifying them tor attack rxirpoeea, Tehran appears to believe such attacks do not risk US retaliationfplnaTto apreed claims that US naval utttt are Inefiectivr, and should be removed from'o^gg/ggf^

flMkfjW* DIA believes that Iran has possibly sieppod up if. ship attack operations in response to severe) Iraqi attacks on Iranian lankers and tugboats Ir, the pas! week. While Iran has not given up using mines, the assertion that Iran has continued to lay mines posslbry Into this, month Is not supported by tne available evidence Fcr the purposes of cc*np*tson. ship attacks, mine strikes, and Srtkworm strikes should not be lumped together. Therefore. CHAnchange lo previous patterns ot Iranianran may be Increaslngty targeting US-owned shipping

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