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professor Katanga nukunacM ya Mutumba has moved into the top post at the Finance Ministry after two years in the number-two slot.

he supports econoaic reiorn ana essfor* conpeience. However, his credentialsfroa the other "showcase technocrats" whomSese Seko regularly rotates through theind Katanga is not likely to influencepolicy decisions. In the infightingthe Zairian elite, Katanga apparently belongsfaction that includes central bank governor Pay Payand suchas former

Prime Minister Kengo wa Dondo, pr es ietentdviser Seti Yale, and wealthy businessman Benba Saolona. ligned against ailing Prime Minister Sambwa ?ida

Katanga was born on1 at Misase in Shaba Region in southeastern Zaire- Though he was reisedin the same area, his family belongs to tne small (losonge ethnic group of east-central Kasai* Orienta1 Region. He initially attended the national University of Zaire in Kinshasa and then studiedusiness school in Paris, graduating Returning hone to the national University, heachelor's degree inaster's in international studies,octorate in applied economics. He subseouently began teaching at his alraa nater and isrofessor there^ He was an administrator with the Cotton Stabilization, an adviser to the Ministry of fictional5nd an auditor with the marketing arir. of the state-owned mining corporation. unior cabinet officere served as vice minister of planning and then of finance before assuming his current responsibilities."

The pinlster lives modestly

on OTTTCTar Business, crave ting to Argentina last year and Japan earlier this year. Jn thee was nominated to visit the United Stateseaaer Grantee but apparently did not participate at that time, he recently postponed another USIA-funded tour of this country. Katanga Speaks French. He is married and has eight children.

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