Created: 6/3/1988

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PAY-PAY wa Syakassighe (Phonetic: pie-pie)

Governor. Bank of Zaire (since

A competent technocrat and one ol his country's two principal negotiator; with ths IMF. Pay-Pay wa Siyakasige consistentlypublicly Cor cooperation with Zaire'sreditors and lor sound economic policies j


Bom onulyPay-Pay Is from Bukavu in the Kivu Region in far easternthus lacks ethnic and regional ties to Mobutu and the majority ol his inner circle, who are from the Equateur Region. Pay-Payegree in economics from what is now the National University- of Zaire in Xinshaja and has also studied English at the University ol Ibadan (Nigeria) and the Univtrsny ol Chicago- Alter teaching and working as anat his Zairian alma mater during the, herosperous privatecompany for several years.ember of the CabinetC-SJ. he wc cessively held the portfolio* of Economy. Industry and Foreign Trade: Governmentand Economy and lndusuy. He headed the marketing arm of. GECAM1NES. themining conglomerate, during


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