Created: 6/18/1988

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Improving Offensive Position

torces continue lo build in iht Hewr al Hawliah marsh area and to Ihe south!

sown ot ine wainoon islands

_JThey had been deployed in useC area to

CoamsrsrTTranian attack mere inis week. Iraqi artillery units soulhmarsh have been increased significantly, and Iraqiinarea no*anks and armored personnelartillery pieces, engineer and chemical Defense troops. anOrocket brigade.

Iran has ortfyunctioning tanks and APCs opposite the step area andrtillery pieces near Norlh Mefaoon Mrand. Most of Its


In Ihe north. Iraq Oalat Oirah are

Commenlr The concentration ofhe marsh area issince ihe ball Mi ol Kurs*3 between German andIraq can launch an offensive ai any lime; Iranian torces arepoor position lo defend against an attack out ol the stepil Iraq, as in recent bailie* uses extensive artillerybombardment. The Iraqi attack in the north isdiversion, atlftouah Baghnaq presumably will explori

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