Created: 6/23/1988

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IRAN-IRAQ: Th. C<ran

Iraqi torces were mottcensabie In tha successful attack the National liberationcombat arm ol the dissident Iranianade on Mefwan SundayQ

Iraqi aircraftnd artillery units Strorsgly

supported thn dissidents, and ne advance ol Iraqi tanksforced tha Iranian withdrawal. Baghdad has deniedol Iraqi invoivemani and use ol cnemicai warfare.y

units on the front have been monitoring

Jhe groups activities

Comment: The wiory. though minor, is another setback tor Tehran ar,oproblems tor the already stretched Iranian ground torces. Rather thanfacing an Iranian counterattack. Ihe National Liberation Army probably w* withdrew Irom the city it captured. Baghdad is likely to continue helping the dissidents, who survive primarily on Iraqi support and on publicity trom their exaggerated claims ot military success. Their association with Iraq probably will continue to alienate most Iranians and impede expansion ol their limited network o( Sympathizers in Iranian cities [


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