Created: 6/27/1988

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Recaptures Majnoon Islands

recaptured Ihe Ma/noon Wandawo-pronged ottenslve Saturday; yetterday thote Iraqi forces that penetrated Into Iran had apparently begun withdrawing toward tha International Border.

Iraqi infantry, supported by combat engineers, on Saturday morning

n>ade an amphlraoua assault from tne south onto North Majnoon

Al Ine same time, major

elements of two Iraqi armored divisions drove into Iranian territory

east ol Hawr al Hawlzah. This penoiratron seated ofl Iranian forces on raorth Majnoon Island and prevented Iranian reinio'osmenl Irom the

Bom avenues ol attach were heavily supported by aortal and ariirery bombardment By rrudday, Baghdad ctelmed its lorcc* we-econtrol oi the Ma/noon Islands, and Tehran announced (ta Iccos had withdrawn to new positions in the lace o* extensive Iraqi chemical attacks ThorBno evidence yet ol any chemical weapons use. although Iraqi chemical defense units were deployed |ust behindonlttnes in Ihe step i

Iraqi infantry forces occupied additionalawr aland lha armored units inside Iran were withdrawnterritory, according to Iraqi press

armor units heading toward iheil beder.

comment: This major Iraqi victory. Iran's fourth defeat In three months, rugfillghla Tehran's Wst Initiative In thewar and increases (Is problems in dealing with serious military shortcomings. Baghdad's apparent decision not loizable portion of Iranian territory will make it moreaMcult for Tehranotivate its populationounter strike]

Baghdadood position to hold the territory it has recaptured. It can easily shift Its forces and attempt lo retake iranlan-haM territory elsewhere along the border!

3'June 'Hilt!

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