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North Korea'. Expanding Nuclear Efforts


roliferation Treaty (NPT) Inb obligates It to Bring aK of Its nuclear facilities under foli-seope International Atomic Energy Agency safeguards, out It has yet to enter Into the required safeguards ggreemam or acknowledge new nuclear-related facilities. These failures heve re.sed South Korean concerns about the Norths nuclear Intentions, with Seoul publicly sutlng that Pyongyang could heve nudeer weaponsew years. North Korea suffers from chronic energy shortagoi, end the Soviets heve agreed to helpuctesr power plant suggesting at least pertongysng'i nuclear program Is aimed siew energy


lOurce. We neve no evidence that North Korea Is pursu: weapon option, but wt cannot rufa out that poiiibMttv.-

Pyongyanga Nuclear Effort*.

TM Yongoyon Nudes- Research Center, tha focal point ofSoviet assistance tn tha

. tha cantar conalitarj of

parmoni ere.megewett [MWJ research reactor, supplier]Soviet, underu.-ds.arge Suppon era.. SineBegin an expansion programt has constructedbuildingsMWfueled with

'yongyeng hasa|or hydroelectric

power project et Kumgengsen In southwestern North Korea, end Isconstructing thermal power plants throughout the country. The Soviets have agreed to helpuclear power plant, and the North may wen hope this will be the beginningeries of nuclear projects thet will help Its energy-inert economy.

theMW reactor raises


output would do Utile to eese Pyongyang* energy shone


We believe Pyongyang probably has alto developed portions ol the front end ot the nucleer luel cycle--urenium mining, milling, and fuel fabrlcatton--to provide fuel tor Hi nucleer actlvltiei 1


nd nenprollftratlon performance

implementation many month, away.

theel the purpou formw reecior--alonbnorth's unwillingness to tcknowledflt tttfallur* to follow up on lo secession to th.treaty (npt) ins. in accordance withth. north should hava enured into adeclaration and on-site inspection of itsth. international atomic eneroy agency (iaea)ore itsaia-th. norththa proposed iaea safeguards agreementnfringednational sovereignty because it was morehen tn*safeguards agreement.

th. soviet connection

we believe moscowargo role in encouraging pyongyang to sign ihe npt in5 th. soviels have been involved in north korea's nuclear program since atn addition to providing technical assistance. moscow hasw research reactor and assisted inina construction of th. vongbyon nuclear research center. fjkoeem

north korea deposited its of accession with the sovlete and the soviet press announced pyongyang's decision to join the npt. the north korean press, on the other hand, wes silent. moscow, apparently in response toccession to the npt, agreed to build at least one power plant that could be composed of as many eew reactors. neither tide has announced the't location, but tht sovltt preti

the plant will be bunt before 1bb3 1

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