Created: 10/14/1988

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Political Maneuvering Intnnaifien

A parly Central Committee meeting scheduled tor Monday maynowdown ooftveen Serbian pertf chief M'/osev/condjhis opponents tn thtnd regional hiorarchlcsaa^^f^

Sessions ot the national party Presidium yesterday and next Sunday are focusing on personnel changes Involving as muchhirdoLiiR. including leaders targeted by Milosevic^)

^Defense Minister Kadllevlc abruptly carrcetedaTnp

_|The lineup ot pro- and antl-MHosevtc forces Is still In fhix.

maneuvering probably will Increase in the nexl lew days over leadership changes at the national level and in Serbia's Kosovo rovince as well as over constitutional amendments to give Serbia greater power over Kosovo and the province of Vojvodlr

The limited military alert is probably precautionary and may be aimed at containing ethnic Albanian violence In Kosovo If popular Albanian leaders arc purged. It Indicates Key national leaders believe that ltd erupt or that lorce may otherwise be necessary.



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