Created: 10/12/1988

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YUGOSLAVIA: Military Precautions Against Unrest

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Western press reports. Army ieavo may have been canceled nationwide. The Serbian party yesterday boldly refuted charges that parly chief Mllosovlc tried lo unseal the Montenegrin leadership, and Milosevic Impllod lhai no would nol back down under pressure. The Serbian party also Issued new calls for the ouster of numerous officials from Serbia's mostly Albanian autonomous Kosovo Province. An announcement of any ouster may comeotnt meeting between Kosovo and national-Invol party tenders ends today. Kosovo's leaders,eportedly plan to resisl Serbian pressure to resign,-

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nol suggest art ImrtiineHI State ol emergency. Army unllB. however, may be sent to Montenegro or elsewhere it wider pro-Milosevic demonstrations break out and local security forces are unable to maintain order. Federal and regional officials would have to tafce much stronger action too unseat Milosevic, such as removing his allies at the critical Central Committee plenum next Monday. If many Albanian leaders are removed todayespecially popular tormer party chief AierTUuisL^wiflespread communal violence in Kosovo might erupt!

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