Created: 10/11/1988

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Events In Montenegro and the Stale Presidency's threat ot emeroency measures to quell unrest suggest that Serbian party boass hit ataiuporary snag In his drive tor


Monlofiegrtn leadership on Saturdoy resisted calls to resign from0 prc-Milosevic demonstrators. It ordered security tor cos kilo dashes with protesters and charged Milosevic with stirring up tho unrest. Local security forces, aided by small detachments ot federal ponce, yesierda^gpeared to be gaining the upper hand against

The national party Presidium, which supported the Milosevic-inspired move againsl the leadership oi Serbia's Vojvodino Province last week,tatement backing the Montenegrin leadership against tho "coup" attempt. The tour other non-Sorb republics Issued separate statements giving Montonogro strong support. The State Presidency on Sunday signaled alarm over the unrest and threatened unspecified emergency measures If It contlnuec

latest actionserious setback lor but the struggle between pro- and anti-Milosevic forces is tar from over and could even sharpen In the next few days. The State Presidency's statemente clearest indication lo date that the national leadership believes It can count on military backinghowdown with pro-MKoeevtc demonstralors. Most republics seem determined to draw the line on Snrblenp'Ovocations instigated outside Serbia and Its provlnces^dp

Milosevic Is unlikely to lay low, however, and his supporters may launch new Inflammatory actions by exploiting popular discontent with deepening austerity and leadership ineffectiveness. He is unlikely to get much support in non-Serb areas, where he is distrusted. Milosevic's next major aim probably Is to engineer the ouster of many of his national-level opponentsarty Central Committee plenum kn Belgrade next Monday. He may move against the ethnic Albanl leadership In Serbia's Kosovo Province before the

in Monlenogro. repressive measures and some concessionseconomic demands are Hkefy lo defuse tensions indavs^fnot more led era) police and even Army units may


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