Created: 10/7/1988

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YUGOSLAVIA: Milosevic UnaaatB Voivodtna

In an unprecedented move, the entire party leadership of Serbia's Vojvodinaopponenls to Serbian parly boss Slobodanyesterday. The resignations came after the Serbian republic Deny demanded -hp" 'cr.svai andemons'-iMf' Vojwxlmu party headquarters The Volvodlna party leaders madelasi-minute "ppeal to the notional party presidium and the Male pro^rrt-ncy tor unspecified assistance but apparently oot no answer. In Kosovo, Serbia's other autonomous province, the orgsnQIrg committee lor Serb demonstrations Announced that Itut that the protests already planned would be he*

iThe reslgnaHons are Milosevic's niost dramatic victory to date In his campaign to give Serbia greater control ovor Its provinces, and federal loaders may have accepted the move to appease Milosevic end to end Serb demonstrations. Milosevic now will probably stack the Vojvodina leadership with his supporters. His next slop probably will be to oust Kosovo's mainly ethnic Albanianact that could spark ethnic violenceolice crackdown. He also will probably increase efforts to overturn the federal leadership before orentral Committee plenum onove (hat would give him moreaya|or regional backlai


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