Created: 8/2/1988

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Divisive Plenum on Kosovo

A Central Committee plenum ot Yugoslavia's Communist Party onded billerty Saturday without adopting new measures to stem mounting ethmc tensions In Serbia's autonomous province oi Kosovo Seibla has aggravated these tensions by demanding constitutional amendments that would drastically reduce the autonomy ol Kosovo and ol Sorbla'B other autonomous province. Vojvodha. The plenum -during which Serbia received little support from other regionala commission to assess Serbia's responsibility lorojvodine by etnnic Serbs lastugoslav official, according to press reports, has asserted that the number of special lederal police lr> Kosovo, now. may be increased,

[he irght between Sorbia and lis provincos wllf grow even more contentious over the next two months as the national assembly draws up amendments to the national constitution. By strengthening the two provtneae, the plenum almost certainly increased the frustration o* Serbian officials. They may encourage new Demonstrations by eihruc Serbs that could turn violent or provoke new deployments of federal peace to Kosovo. The commission's report is likely to be ready by Ihe Central Committee plenum next month end wrll probably rebuke Serbian party chief Milosevic for encouraging ethnic demonstrations: it is not Hkely lo call for his ouster I

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