Created: 7/9/1988

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Special Analysis

Military Concern Over

strikes in Yugoslavia have deepened military concern that ethnic and worker unrest Is threatening not only national stability but also military cohes/veness. The military will probably urge the government torackdown on the freewheeling Slovene pressore forceful repression ot ethnic and labornilateral military Intervention at the tl or regional level, however. Is not likely any time soon.

The mliiiary wants political leaders lo deal more decisivelysentiments in Slovenia, ethnic tensions in the south,economy. Military leaders reportedly believe theseboth public order and military interests. The Slovenelor example, attacked defense spending and the foreignthat support the military budget. Ethnic tensionsensational barracks slavino-and labor unrestdefense

The mltiiary. however, lacks clear remedies and may be divided as to the most effective tactics. In the near term, it almost cerlalnlv will nol intervene aQainslcrvliian authorities'

the arresls ol several Slovene journalists last monthof compromising military secrels. the military willlittle further action il Slovene loaders can end the attacks bypress. Military leaders win also insist the government andcontrol over ethnic groups In Kosovo Provinceto avoid being called ki to restore

_ de ary almosl by issuing a

Chances tor military intervention at the national or regional level would increase If the violence becomes more widespread and coordinated or if fundamental military interests are threatened

Political leaders also are concerned aboul the disorders but arc trying to deal with them without repressive measures if local authorities lose control, the nalionai government will probably turn to special police units he'ore calling in Ihe militaryast resortf '

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