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(Effectiveebruary iW)

Pursuant lo Ih* provisions off the Natiorul Security Act of. Eiecutivc. and icn pic menirective! thereto. puUcicv controivnd procedure! lor the duaernination and use of isMctluicncc irdorrnauon and related material)herewith established

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Thu directive ettablishe) policies, contiois. and procedure! lor thr dmeounetioei and use of intelligence to ensure that, "hlle facilitating its interchange for intelligence rjurpoaes. it will be adequateroiected Thu directive amplifies applicable portioru of the2 Informationrsitht OSce (ISOO) Directive No I, whach imparmnts Executive OrderAoeSbonal controls are established on lhe rJiaseoUnatMsn of I'trtugener to foreign eovcTTuncnu and to for cam naboeuii and irocoafiaorludi/aa thnar empeoved by the LS Government Policy and procedures governing the release of intelhgcnc* to contracton and consultants ate tet lorth tn part II of thu duective.


s Inirl.ujrnce Information and related materials (hereinafter referred to uincludes the following cbssificd iniormataon

foreign mtelligence and counterujtelliaxoc* as defined io Executive;

inlorrsuDon descnbuig US foreujn intclLgrnce and counteriDleuagcnce activities, tourcvn, methods, equiprneot. or nxtbodokajy used for the IcqiuBtkon. procextirai orf suchoreign rnilitarv hardarare obtained for eiploiutsori; and pbotographv or recce-dsrags resulting from US UMellascnce ccueetaon efforts; and

information oo [ateUisrnce Community protective pangrami (eg. PCTwanei. physical, technical, aod information security].

bhe determination bv an autboriied holder of elasnnedlhat access to ipeeiSc intelligence in hit/hereqiured by another person lopecific and amhorued function to carryecurity txii Such persons must possess sn appropriate security esetraasor aad acnes* appeo* all

3 Ceaeref ArrW.eejWifv

The eooiroi. and procedure! oTablished bv ifcjhall be appliedn the doaemirurion and use of inlcBagcnce originated by aD Inteuigencr Community components



b. Tbe aubataaceh_ be promulgated by mcb IrtfeUagenorcomponent, sod approoriare procedure* permitting promptstablished tod promulgated. To ihiicomill designateprimary leferent.

t*av_ IXaaeWaatiori Axunf CS Intelligence Community ComponmU

EaavtaOwv Orderrovides r__Qooating in oae US bcbeyondrecipientwiaboul tbeol tbr is facilitate to*


Intefljgence Community cnwvpnnrnti ud to provide for the provision of to

consumers, dW fouDwusg controlled relief to tbe "third agencyereby eWaHUrret

Intcflateocc CommunityortsenU lo thr utr of its miribgence in mteUigeoee product* of other components and to lhe dine miration of thoac product! within the InfrfliguK* Community, eincpt ai (pco&cally restricted by tha directive

omponent!(Arence I

Classified bataflgepce, even though it bran no restrictive controlrelrasad ie its original form to US component! outade the Inteusgencecornea* of tbe -

b Any enmpouesst nWminarun uUeUWce beyond the Intelligenceaneapooaibtlrry for cTtsuring that recipient orawueabora agree lo obaervepreaenbed by tba direrttt aodaaferuarda.

* Outmaunoi toor Contractor*

a. Intelligence, eveo though il hear* no restrictive controlill not beforetgp oariooaa or immigrant aben* (including those employedor

integrated into the US Covenuneot) without the permituori of lhe originator.

b Release of intelligenceoreign contractor or company under contract to the US Government -ill be made according to the provision! ofelow through the government under which the foreign contractor or compan, operates. Direct release Irom the USuiitrnloreign company or con triercohibtted-

PUmaiMtiow to Foreign Covrrnm+nU

a Inteuageoce, even though il bean no restrictive control marking} wiot be released In Its original form to foreign governments without the permission of the originator

b. Information contained io Intelligence of another Intelligence Communitywhich bean do restrictive controlay be uard by recipient InteOagence Community component) in reports provided to foreign govemmenu provided that:

ade to the aource documents oa which (he relented product is baaeoV _

thextracted or paraphrased to ensure that tbe aource or manner of acqictalooo of the intelligence is not revealed and cannot be deduced in any manner.

foreignade through established foreign disclosure channeb and procedures ti set forth in DCID

c RESTRICTED DATA and FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA are prohibited from foreign dissemination under the provisions off fublic. Atomic Energy Acts amended


l "

A-tAorised Co-rrcJand


marking is used lo identify rdassified iiwellijenc* -hoae seiuarmty requires conitTairO on iu further dissemination and use. Thai cnaikjoar. may be used only on inleuigence thai identifies or would reasonably permit rdenbocation el an intelligence source or method that is susceptible to couolerrneaaures thai could nullify or reduce rb eflectivessess.

intelligence so marked shall not be disseminated in any manner outside authorised chaauseh' without the rxnisbsioo of the orwasariot aajency aad ao aateaament by the SOIC in the oWiuuuitin, aeencv as to the potential risks to the utkanal security aod to tbe mielliauroce sources or methods involved In rssaldng such assessment, crarssideranoo should be aiveo to reducing the risk to the intelligence sources or methods thai provided (be inteOiaence by sanitizint or paraphrasinc the information so as to permit its wider dovcminaooo To avoid confusion as to the ealent of dissemination and use resCictioeu jovenuog the infonnation involved, this marking may not be used in coownotion with special access or sensiUve com part men ted information (SCll conoob. Thb marking may be abbreviated as "WNTNTEL" or


sednable continuing knowledge and supervision by the originator of the use made of inielligeoce. Tbb maikjoa may be used only oo classified mlelbajence thai clearly identifies or would reasonably permit ready identification of an mielligenee source or methodarticularly susceptible to counleroeasures tbat would nullify or measurably reduce io cfleetiveness. Tbb nurlln* may dot be used when an item of uaformabon will reasonably be protected by use of any other nsarkitigs specified herein, or by the application of the "need-to know" principle and the safeguarding procedures of the security rUcsficarion system.

bearing thb mar kin* may not beeyondf the recipient orgasiizanoos and may raot be irtcorporated ic whole or. in part Into other briefings or used in taking mvcstiaaaVe action, without the advance perrrsasaioo of. and under oorsdrboas specified by the originator. Ashe most restrictive marking (serein, uncei will establish procedures to ensure thatnly applied to particularly acrariove iotelllaeoce and that timely procedures are eatabushed to review requests for further dissemination of intelligence this marking. Thb marking may be abbreviated as "ORCON" or "OC."


sed to identify class!Bed intelligence tbat shall not be released to con tract on or consultants (hereina/rerithout the prjmiaooci of the originating agency. Thb marking may be used only on ialellbrertee that b

b.iimor of CenrralcauuiuoW -so. U. SmuoruJ Fartun

L-eiWiwr ne.roo art.*, nnrfeaaM.Ihc lr-

MUarvee Cwevunir,.deCiwdrulxr.aiiinai .ndeorrwnrn or. ihrnrrmiwt on a taai by rvoa-ni SOIC

it*t ihr oricinalD'. ihr Inn "rndamirm rlrncnu- mar ueliavr lorriSed ruaordiruir



ource on lheor Implied cendirton that il not be made available lo eon tractr lhal. if ducloacdonlraetor. wouldor potentially giveompetitive advantage, which could reajonably be eapecied io causeconBid of interesthis/her obligation lo proteel the usforraaboo These do not apply lo consultants bired under Office of Personnel Management procedures, or comparable procedures derived from statutoryof depart merit or sceney Scad, and -ho we eraosadered lo assrve aa extraooru of theircCxa This marking may be ebexcMlador _NC"


Thbsed, with orecurity cWSatvon. lo identify informaDoo providedorrimercwl firm or private source under an express or uxusfacd landerstarsdiaw. (batrmauoc will be prWcciedrade secret orbcijrwd to have actual or prrieotul value Information bearing this riiaAioa shall not be diaseealnated in any form to an individual orauuaixation, or foman go-ei umeot that has any mteresu. actual or pmcotsaJ, in competition with the source of tbeithout the pcrnusaon of the originator. This marbosi may^ used in conjunction with rhe 'NOCONTRACT" marking lo disaeminaboc, to any contractor This marking may be abbreviated as 'TROPIN" or "PR ."


- Tbi* "tvarlang is used to identify classified ujtrllureooe lhal may nor be released in any form to foreign gcvemtnents. (oreuro rurjooala. orOans without permbaton of the orimnator Thu marking may be used on intelligence that, if releasedoreign government or rutioeuuXsl could jeopardize intelligence aoujees or raetiWs. or when it would Dot be in the best ui:crests of tbe United States to release the informationolicy Band point upon speciSc deumrsirariooOIC SOIO are rr.por.ubir for developing, oubiurunc and rrvalmaittiagonautrai with the policy guacUnce herein for use in deteroimiag the foreign releasabiliry of intelligence ihey collect or produce.hall be used in assuming NOFORN control markings, and by primary referentsbove applies) in responding to inquiries Irom other organizations on application ol ihis control This marking may be abbreviated "NOFORN" or "NF."

f. -AUTHORIZED FOR RELEASE TO {name of count.yf.esj/inlemationajREL)

This marking is used to identify claaauacd intelligence that an originatore rrle-iablc or has released, through raubhshed foreign daacsVssure procedures and channels, lo the foreign counljy<imVintematvooal orgamraraoo indicated. No other foreign disaeounarvoo of the rsiateriaj is luthorited (in any form) without the pencisaoa of the originator This masking may be ahrsrevuted "REL (abbreviated ruusse oforaauasxataool" In the case of uMeuuienor coot/oiled under. sutiaoriaed disejibutionublished separately may be used instead of lhe "REL" cuotrcJ martaav

rVoceatarae.'ae o/ Control Marking,

a Any raripiug raesuing to use imeuagenccanner cootrary to theauhttsbad by this directive shall obtain thcpermission of the orimnating Saich permission apptaei only to th* ipeeibc purpoae aareed to bv the



Aug (End 1)

ion Or-MciAi

oruDnator aad dec* no autornataeailr apply loreCpiems Orkcrtaloo .Ul fuii. Ihai ptompl consideration ule reeipienls' reouesi: -ith rsamcular art crura i0 reviewing aodseceaaary. aaiuiized or parapluaaedtoeal suitable for release aubrect to lesser ot no conttoJ markings.

The control nuiinr. authoriied above shall be shown on the titleroot cover, and other applicableofincorporated in the teal ol electrical,n rparshxs, and associated (In full or abbreviated form)

with data atoted or in autcenaied dala' rxocessuuj ryHems The control

raaarkaoaa alao ahaJI be usdacaled by parenthetical use of the mar kmc abbrtMatlona al the beginning ot end of the appropriate portions If the control mar kino apply to teveral or aUhe document may be markedale menl to ihu eflect rather than marking each portion latdividually


The control roarboap iohaU be individuallyr (be time ef ptepauaooouILaja-itc* pveducrj and uard in casxatur-tionsecurityru and other markings rpavi&ed bynd itt unplemenur-rSOO Directive The rxuukinau ahall be carried fee-ard to an> rare- format in -Such the ume irdorouuonincvrporaird including oral and -bual rxetcr.iat.ons

10 Obtolttf flesfnenoru end


-ilh raped to the current application of conooi markings authorized by earlier directive* on lhe diascminalion and control of intelligence and used on documents issued poor to the date of this directive ihould be referred to the oruoruQn* agency or dcpartmenl


VioUriona of ihe foreajouaa rermctiom aad controlthai resuh ia unauthorised diaeloaure by one agency of ihe InleUalcnce of another shall be reported to lhe Direcior ofInicllaaence through the Unauthorised Disclosure Analysis Center

Part 11

It. Pokey and rYoceaWea Governing the Rale aw o/ folelhgener lo Contractor, end Conauflanta

a Intelligence CornsnurUry eomponenU may releaseselectedo conrrac ton and consuhanb (hereinafter "contractors"without refenal to the onginaling components provided that

0 rh.iaiw c. uiirLLaw

nVrvir. .roans. SCI. ind

. rwriN eanoW,l

U- atagaaaaaaasstattaaata tal hww, CWCO*SSOf IN aavLa* .

I ai iha I -

-Naa-laattkcnwrat rh* rnTStatnaj -nw .t

nirivibWif, la Om amtrnX na.W

rO> Hhw, hiCOCOl

RrrlanU,W MrsW-ci naar. si u

.t.OhCha/hrt few- u.BW. of rha ; -


(I) (Mease- only to private iodividuab or orgaiuzatkHis Knitted by the SOIC (or his/her deuaoee) of the sponsoringeing under contract to the United Slates Covernment for the purpose of performing claathed services Ln support ofnational security miuion.etioiot ratednd an appropriate security clearance or accenetenuon of muLligence bt thcequired the conlractoi meat have aar age faoiiry.


he SOIC of th* apocaorirei agency, or hu/hereipoeuabae for enawring that rrarases toadon are made pursuant to thu policy statement aad through esubluhed channel*.

The sporraoring agencyecord of material released

Oyrrtraeton maintain auch record) ai will permit them lo account for all iraeilaaeoce rocei-cd. dhgttased of or deatroyed. and produced and held by them for the duration of the coo tract and permit identification of all persons who have hadtoin theu custody.

or tractors do not rrproduce any mtellarence without thc permission of the spooeceuag agency and classify, control, and account for reproduced copies in the sun* manor* as for orsgsnak

oo tract Oo destroy intefligeoce only according to guidelines and by standards set by the sporuorusg agency

Contractors rrtaae provincial to ensure that intellutenc* io their custody is notto foreign nationals, whether or not they are crnplotces or contractors tbcmsclvea, eicept with the permission of the originatlni agency through the sporssvxuag agency, ind then released through established channels.

Contractors receiving Intelligence do not release it- lo any of their components or employees not directly erucaged in providing services under the contract, orny otber con traclor (inrJudirafithout the cooscot of the sponsoring agency (which shall verily that any second contractors satisfy all security- requirement) herein)

ny SCI released to contractors is controlled pursuant to tbc pro-isaocis ofecurity PolicySerinliW Com pan men lede9ective

Contractors agree that all intelligence released to them, all reproductions thereof, and all other materia) Ibey may generate baied on or Incorporating data therefrom (including authorized teproduct ionsX remain (hc property of the US Government and will be returned upoo reejueal of the iporuoring agency or espuarion of the contract, whichever comes first

Scnrctceingance for. and contractors agree thai, uponot contracts, all released intelligence, ail leproductioru thereof, and all other ciataiab based oo or incorporating data therefrom, arr returned to the spocaousg* allpecaScd part of such uevu are retained by the contractor under all applicable security and acounlabitiii controlshen the rnrstractor peobc need for such retention thatalidated by the


agencies delete: theClA seat, the phrase 'Directorate ofpiece acquired, tbe held number, the source description, and heldfrom all CIA Directorate of Operalions reports passed lo contractpoor approval io do otherwise is obtained Irom CIA

-JQR-OfgKlAt use Ot*


Intelligence Edinu(especial Nalional IftfelLaeoceand InteragencyL. will not be releasedtutorials ahall be marked NOT RELEASABLE TOHowever, infeemaiion in ihem may be made availablewiihout identibcation ai national inielligence. by the SOIC ofautrtorixing iU release.

which bv reaion ol* sensitivity of' conieni bean control markings

informationnot releas-able to co ntp actors/consultr "dissemination andOF INFORMATION CONTROLLED BYs speci-Bed inf this directive, will not be released Io corrosctors unless special permisssoo bat been obtained from the otuonator.

Coram unity security policy rcouircs that the aasvcrrimentover scoots ve intelligence aod release toctors only thatlo perform tasks beyond the capability of ihe government The DCIthat there are sigiuficant risks lo national security in contractingservices or functions such as operation of telccocununlcalidosdata systems or olher facilities when ihis permits broad contractorall-source or othet sensitive intelligence information. Accordingly.departments and agencies are cautioned fulls to consider theof contracting out these services pursuant lo Office ofr similar guidance, io cases where ibe fDvemmenl'iaens.fiirrteussieoce would bc wlnUntsiUv diminished or where coo tractorsuch data would be unnecessarily etpanded

13. i'nC'1-rLi'..n

Questions concerning thc implements lion of this policy and ihese procedures shall be referred to the Community Counter inielligence and Securily CountermeasuresCommunity Slafi

ivistviiimit orr ici;

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