Created: 10/1/1988

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Colonel Ha nail and Terrorist Apparatus

Senior Fatah security official Colonel Hawaripecial operations group thai has orchestrated terrorist opcrntions in Western Europe, lhc Middle East, and Alia, andontinuing threat worldwide,io the personnel and facilities of adversaries of Iheber-JiioB Organization I

confidant of PLO Chairman Yasir Arafat. Hawari has built hit lezrorisl ipparatus using bis wide access to Fatah and other resources:

Hawari'* terrorist attacks nave generally (one unclaimed or hive been_ claimed by previously unknown groups not assc<iatcd with toe Pt

strength depeocU on his Fatah affiiiatioa and his personal ties tosue believe are firm. These Oeoentials make unilateral actioni against Hawari politically difficult for those nation* that. PLOj

Alihough il is unlikely lhat dipJomalic pressure or sccurily service successes amid put Hssvari out ofhese countcrmeasures can keep him off balance and thereby limit his effectiverieiss.


Colonel Hawaii and His errorlsi

Palestinian security official Colonel Hawaii f'Abd ai-Harnid Lab.b)atah ipedal operations group ihatontinuing thieat to lhe persecute! aad faeiliiics of adversaries ot* thc PalestineOl ganiuPLO) worldwide and lo US intcrctu: llawari nowlobal terrorist ar ratal wiihaorduiii<*'M technical ca(

Dertlopmeai of llawari. Network

Hawaii joined Fatah innd hu moved up witbrn its rsmlcsenior lecuriiy parfUon, owing in .part lo hts close rcUtionship with the PLO Chairman.

Hawaii's special operationsIntegralof Yaair Arafat's Fatahbeen active la tcrrorisi aitacki alnce thegainst Syrian targets. The apparatus bas orchestra led terroriitons in Western Europe, ihc Middle East,4 "ban- on international terrorism not with* tending. Wc believe the Hawaii apparatus undertook anti-US terroriit operation! over the1 loeriod, including the bombing of TWA fjjgjjt MO. inhat killed four UScin


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