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Pumnal lo the pruviuoru off the Ntbonal Security Actxecutive. Eaecutive. and Lmrxeaxuroting direct!ra thereto. poll lea cootrcax, and procedures for the dissemination and use of mlelllxeDce toforraution and relatederewith esubluhcd.


I. Purooit

This directive establishes poliae* controls, and txocedurea for the dlawinitiatioo and use of inlellnciKe to ensure thaLnlita-jos its tntercnange for lnieUiaenceu will be adequairrlv protected This directive axnrjunes applicable pertlotM of the2 Iniornnnon Security OvtrtishtOO) Directive No I. which unplerneots Executivedditional controls are established on the dissemination of iniedornce to foetsn eoverrunemi aod to forcers nationals and immigrant aliens, inctoduic those employed by the US Governrneoc Policy and procedures soveraias; the release of inieUiaence to ccaMnsetors and cvruuiiai.b. are set forth to partf this direcn ve. "*

I DennitMma

a Inteiluence iriiormxtwn and related materials (hereinafter referred to asincludes tbe following; classified infornaation

foreign Inteiluence and rounieiimriuitence as defined in Executive.

information deacrtbxiic US foieitn irrtellisjenoe and cvaunterutellirpnice activities, wurces. methods, equipment, or methcdcJosrv used for tit* acquisition, procw-rina, or eiDloitalion of such mwllitence, foreurn miliUrv hardware obtained for eaptoiUtion; and photography or recordings resulting from US inteuixencc colleition efforts, and

Information on uulligessce Cornmunity protavriive securityenonnel, physical, technical, and Preformation rexruritrl

b "Need-to-ltnow" is tbe determination by an authorized bolder of classified Informa-non that access to ipecifaco/her rxasearoon is required by another person topecific and authorized fiiisction to carryecwirv task. Such person* must posaco an arrproprvate security clearance and acoerra


a Tbe roottokr and procedures established by tins directive shall be applied undcsrmh/ in the diarenslnatioo and use of intelligence originated bv all lrMellttence Community components.


ui fosly

Tbe niUunoc of thu duteOvr shallomralgated by each Inteiiigtrxe Cornrno-ally cctmpooent. snd armropriate procedure* permitting prompt interturencv consul-UOon will be olibllihrd and promulgated To thb end. each Intelligence Cornmu-nity cocapooeol willrimary referent.

Bv and Dial Comiwiili

Ciecutiverovides that classified iniormalion originating in one US agency shall not be disseminated beyond any recipient agency without tbe consent ofigmatuig ageno However, to facilitate use and chsssrrmmaDoc ofithin and amcng lotelligetsoe Conimunity components and to pro-ode for the pro-isson of intelligence to consumers, the following controlled relief to the "thirdrule" is hereby established:

Each Indulgence Cocnmunity compooent consents to tbe use of its UWelligence in intelligence products of other components and tof thosethin the mteth-rericc Coramuarty. eicept as spenpcsvlJy reatneted bv this direcove.

Bv and DsaMimnalion lo US Comrxmenui Outiid* (Ac Intelligence Community/

ir-ieliaerxr even though It bears no restrictive control markings, wiiireleased in its original form to US components outside the Intelligencewithout the consent of the originator.

componenl disseminating intelligence beyond the InteJJutencerespcwEbinU lor ensuring that lecspsent organuatrons agree to observeprescribed by tha directive and to maintain adequate safeguards.

fto Foreign SotkmaU or Centrmcton

even though it bears no restrictive control markings, will not beforeigs ruOonab or immigrant aliens (including those employed by. used by.into the US Government) without the penwssion of the originator

of mteilafenceoreign contractor or company under con tract to thessriD be made according to the pfovraoos ofelowroverriment under which the foreign contractor or company operates.from the US Governmentoreign company or contractor is prohibited.

j tutu:o Foeeigw Cormrarrur

a mteUigence, even though it bears no restrictive control markings, will not be released in its original form to foreign governments without the permission of the originator.

b Infonrution contained in intelligence of another Intelligence Community compo-raraat. whsefa bears do restrictive control rnarkingi. mar be used by recipient lritelligence Community components in reports pros-ided to foreign tov-ernmenu ptovidrd that:

doade to the rource tkcumenU on which the released product is based.

thet -acted or paraphrased to ensure that the sourcescquinooo of theot revealed and cannot be deduced in anv maimer.

foreign release rs made through esublrahed foreign docicaure diannej and procedure* as set forth in.

c RESTRICTED DATA and FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA are prohibited from foreign diaseaninaboo under tbe ptovinocu off PubLc. Alr-mie Energy Acts amended /


Authonaed Control Markings and Their Uta


Tbb rniiking is used to identify damned mteUigeoc* whose sensitivity requires ccnstrairia on its further dissemtriation and nse. This marking may be used only on mtelligence that identifies or would reasonably permit identification of an intelligence source or method that is susceptible to countermeasures that could nullify or reduce its effectiveness

Classified intelllience so marked shall not be disseminated in any mannerithout the perrnission of the originating agency and an assessment by the SOIC in the disseminating agency as to the potential risks to the national security and to the intelligence sources or methods involved. Id making such assessment, consideration should be given to reducing the risk to the intelligence sources or methods that provided the intelligence by sanitizing or pus phrasing the information so as to permit its widerns turn To avoid confusion at to the eitent of dissemination and use restrictions governing the irdormation Involved, this marking may not be used in conjunction with iDecial access or sensitive compartmented information (SCI) controls This marking may be abbreviated as "WNINTEL" or "WN."


This marking Is used to enable continuing knciwledge and supervision by the originator of the use made of mtelkstenee. Thb marking may be used only on classified intelligence that cleaxMdentines or would reasonably permit ready identification of an intelligence source or method that is particularly susceptible to countermeasures that would nullify or measurably reduce to efiectiveness. Thb mar king may not be used when in item of trJortnation will reasonably be protected by use of any other markings specified herein, or by the spoil cation of Ihe "need-to-know" principle and the safeguarding procedures of the security classification system.

Information tearing thb marking may not be disseminated beyond theelements1 of the recipient organizations and may not be incorporated in whole or in part into other briefings or used in taking investigative action, without the advance permission of. and under conditions specified by. the origuMtor. Ashe most restrictiveherein, agencies will establish procedures to ensure thatnly applied to rwrticularly sensitive mtelligenee and that bmeJv procedures axe established to review requests for further dissemination of intelligence Dealing thb marking. Thb marking may be abbreviated as "ORCON" or "OC."


sed to identify classified mteUigence lhat shall not be released to contractors or consultant) (hereinafterithout the rjeraussioo of the originating agency. This marking may be used only on intelligence that b

1 Vnimn edwrwaa icaoi&ad by lha DirecW ol CeMnuorauMatkm with tba Nmoaal Forneo Inidbacocc Baud (NFTB) ersraod loaortslaatkna and rectpieol aaveeaa. aulliorUad ebuodt ar* tfce(eUiaeoc*Si and leueWor Comimaarr oonmoron ma crauuiuouoScidi ol urom rrorwfntfd on theeteaalacd en abuu by recu-rot SOIO.

' At tb. dinriUn of lb* onooata.winrkncnti" maypteiU

bvsource on the express or implied condibon that It not be nude tradable to cooOmctorc or that. If disclosedontractor, would actually or potentially fiveompetitive advantage, which could reasonably be expected to CiDselocfbct of inti-rest with his'brr oolgtaoon to protect the utForraatkon. These restrictions do not apply to comuiurm hired under Office of Peiaounei Mamgcmcntr comparable procedures derived from mtutory aulbonbea of departinent or agency beads, and who are onsioWed toai extensions of their employing ofhees. Thii marking may be abbreviated aa *'NOCONTRA CT or "NC"


sed, wilh orecurity classifiesto identify information providedornmerciaJ firm or private source under an espies* or implied understanding that the inlormaboo will be protectedade secret or proprietary data bebeved to have actual ot potential value. IriforrnaUon bearing thts marking dial! not be disseminated in any form lo an individual, organization, or foreign government that has any interests, actual or potential, in competition with tbe source of the information without the rximission of the originator. This marking may be used id coojunctioo withOCONTRA CT marking to preclude disserninatsoo to any contractor This rnarksng may be abbreviated as TROPIN" or PR"


marking is used lo identify classified inteLligencc lhat may not be released in aay form to foreign governments, foreignor non-US citueru without permission of the originator. Tra* marking may be used on intelligence that, il releasedoreign government or nanonaasl could leocaiuW tntelligence sources or roechods. or when it would in the best interests of the United States lo release the informationolicy itaod point upon specific degermmabonOIC SOlCs are responsible for cWveJorang. publishing, and mainlining guidelines cocststenl with the policy guidance herein foreter niuang the foreign release hi lity of intelligence they collect or produce These guidelines thai) be used In aaagrUng NOFORN control mai kings, and by primary nrferenu (paragraph Sh. above applies) in responding to inquiries fromorganizations on appkkaUou of tins control This marking may be abbreviated "NOFORN" or "NT."

f "AUTHORIZED FOR RELEASE TO (came of counoMiesJ/mternatwoalREL)

sed lo identify classified intelligence that an originator has pragsetermined lo be ribaaahl* or baa released, through established foreign diacJouare procedwc* and chauusek to the foreignmterruiuocj; organisation usdaraled. No ether foreign duaeminauoo of theuthorized (in any form) without Ihe perrnissioB of ihe originator. Thb marking guy be abbreviated "REL (abbreviated name of councrv(uss)/internationa|a the case of intelligence controlled under. aulhonied dastrsr-atsoo usdralors. published separately, may be used instead of the REL

COOClT*i mat FatlTagt

rocedum Coearnapg Lie of Control MaHolaiga

a Any recipient deairing lo use intelligenceanner contrary to the restrictions established by tha directive sbaB obtain the advance perrnisnoo of the originating agency. Such permissson apphes only to the speobc purpose agreed to by the


urunnator and does not automatically spply to all recipients Orunnaion will ensure that Prompt consideration ii given to recipients" requests with particular attentlori to rrrtewinjr. and editing, ll rieceasary. unitized or psvaohrased veraoni toeat suitable for release rubtect lo leaser or no central markings.

b. Tbe control cm kings authorized above shall be tbown on tbe Dtle page, from cover, and other applicable pages of documents. Uscorporated in the tan of electrical eommumcarjomv. shown on graphics, and associated (in full or abbreviated form) with data stored or prccessed in automated data procesnng systems The control niarkingi also shall be indicated by parenthetical use of the marking abbreviations at the beginning or end of the appropriate portions if the control marking! apply to several or all portions, the document may be markedutement to this effect rather than marking each portion individually.

c Tbe control markings Inhall be individually assigned at the time of weparaOoo of intelLgence products and used in conruisctson with securityirons and other markings specified by Eiecutivend Its implementing ISOO Directive. The markings shall be carried forward to any new format in which the samencorporated, including oral and visual presentations

bioUte RcMtrictioni and Markings'

The following markings are obsolete and will not be used subsequent to the dale ol thoWARNINC NOTICE-SENSITIVE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED. WARNING NOTTCE-1NTELLICENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED.NOTTCESENStTIVE INTELLIGENCE SOURCES AND METHODS INVOLVED. CONTROLLED DISSEM. NSC PARTICIPATING AGENCIES ONLY. INTELONLY. LIMITED, CONTINUED CONTROL. NO DISSEM ABROAD.USE ONLY. NO FOREICN DISSm OSIB ONLY, and NFIB ONLY. Orieations with respect to the current application of corUrolmar kings authorized by earlier directives on the dissemination and control of intelligence and used on documents issued prior to the date of this directive should be referred to theagency or cleparunent

If. Reporting Vn**tkoriud Duclowve,

Violations of the foregoing restrictions and control markings that result in unauthorized disclosure by one agency of the inlerUgence of another shall be reported to the Director ofIntelligence through the Unauthorized Disclosure Analysis Center.

Part ll

olic* and Procedure, Coceramg the RtUas* of lateliigence to CtMb-aclon endiUnl*

Intelligence Community components mayelected intelligence' to ronrrac-lora and consuhanU (hereinafterwithout referral to the ongiruur* components provided that;

1 FUlwlist tBUMnacd vtssasl and'n BtWakssl gssgSSSSSSW oll

'The srrsss "fdecsrdseKiOn Foreapn ssm rrpm SO and sssabmssl beanswot nons tvjgftsvj asaftassn ForcsCa fans,na.J "

Us. DKwtswsr of Stasis. sWsssaa at tasasssatsta asssWsal Una OOCOS NOCOKTBACT. a> MOMSananoti *llsss darart*.

tgaaaajaags, assssrargs. Igagas, olaad- agagaaal an MMat Ust usinfaanc- Coanssaoi, In iksiratssss. Ml bt

"*orlasasstot. Ml br sssM. for tkaoe miurtrfwitract. .aa -ill

rsclisda aistbonty lo duswsstiaala iDSelUansoa Isirtlsn.vad. oaoriaeaw-ooeratad (COCO) labonto-rm MrfismMtsWftad tarvsm la atsppan of lb* IttcUartaso* ouasscai of an laaeUareaca Conussswt. ronooneM. and -tort ax aessassaud as uttoiMOiCor WW gMasss* ar*ooitsMUrad a.i to

elease is made only lo private individual* or organm lions cerUoed by tbe SOIC (or bis/ber detainee) of die iponaorinf onrazunuon as being under contract to tbe United States Cowrnment for the purpose of pedonnir* classified lervioa is supportational security rnuaaon; and asesnoosorated "need-lo-loaow" and an appropriate security clearanceaccess approval If retention of mtraligrnoe bv tneequired, tbe contractor mint have in approved storage facility

CM Tbe SOIC of the rcoosoring agency, or hu'betesrxsosble lor ensuring that releases to contractor) are made pursuant to tins policy statement

jj|iSa*g^ flQf^l^

be tponsorlng agencyecord of matenal released.

orrectors rnaustain such records as svill permit them to account for all intelligence received, dispcssed of or destroyed, and produced and held bv them for tbe duration of the contract and permit identification of all persons who have had access to intelligence In their custody.

ontraclort do not reproduce any intdligence without the permission of the iponjoring agency and classify, oontrol. andt reproduced copies in the same manner as for originals

ontractors destroy mteuutence only according to guidelines and by standards set by the sponsoring agency.

Contractors male provisions to ensure that intelligence in their custody is notto foresgn utJonads. whether or not they are employees or contractors themselves, eicept with the permasnon of the originating agency through the sponsoring agency, and then trleaapci through established channels

Contractors receiving mtrmgenre do not release it: to any of their components or employees not directly engaged is providing services under Use contract, or to any other contractor (inductingithout the consent cf the sponsonng agency (which shall verify that any second contractors satisfy all security requirements hereinX

Any SCI released to contractors ts controlled pursuant to the prcrvisioos ofrcurllv Policy jot Senrtrfc* Compcrtmenud fn/onnallpn. eflective

Contractors agree that all intelligence released to them, all reproductions thereof, and all other material they may generate baaed on or incorporating data therefrom (incbding authoriredemain the property of the US 1en) and will be returned upon request of the sponsoring agency or erptrebon of the contract, whichever come* first

Sponsoring ageocies arrange for. and contractors agree that, upon esrsitation of contracts, all released intelligence, all rerxoductscms thereof, and all other materials bsssed on or incorporating data therefrom, are tenirned ro the sponsoring agency, or allpooned part of such Items are retained by the contractor under all appbcable security and accountability controb when tbe contractorpecific need for such retention that tt vahdated by the

(It) Siwoatrringagsmesead

the place acooired. the field number, the source description, and fieldion from all OA Directorate of Opera twos reports passed lo contractors, unless prior approval to dobtained from CIA.


b. National Inielhgeoce Ertjmate*pecial National Intrlluencc rJtunstes fSNIEsl. and Interagency Intelligent* Mcmoraixia will not beo con trad on. Such matenak thai) be marked NOT RF1.FAS ABLE TO CONTRACTORS/ CONSULTANTS However, inicemanco la tbern may be made available toithout Ideaiificaboo aa aatHcuU mtelliieoce. by the SOIC ol theauthortxing IUBtribgenof wbeh by teason of irncavity of content bean control mainngiINFORMATIONNOT RELEAS-ABLE TOor "DISSEMINATION ANDOF INFORMATION CONTROLLED BYt iped-Bed inf Uui directive, will not be released to contractors unless special perruanori haa been obtained from the originator d. Intelligence Community lecurity poucy requires thai the fovemment maintain control over sensitive intelluienoe and release to contractors only that information required to perform tasks beyond the capability of the covemment The DCI has determined that there are significant risks lo national security In contracting out support services or function! such ai operation of telecommunication! centers, automated data systems or other faculties when this permits broad contractor access to all-source or other sensitive intelligence information Accordingly. Intelligence Coram unity departments and agencies are cautioned fully to consider the corue-quences of contracting out these services pursuant to Office of Management and Budgetr similar guidance, in cues where theontrol of sensitive intelligence would be substantially diminished or where contractor access to such data would be unnecessarily eapended.


Question concerning the im pi erne Mat son of this policy and these procedures shall be referred lo the Cocnm unity Counterintelligence and Security Counterrneasures StaffCommunity Stall.

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