Created: 8/9/1988

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Th* impending rtlHN of LTC Higgins apse-trsBinent andOf continuingoni uoderteKen end pursued bySecretary General, PsTM d* Cue. la*-. It nticipatedHiggins Hit! be released on or before thof th*ire scheduled for iggins is veryr# of Mfl projectedaotiv.ty perceivedood will gesture by Higgins is in good physical conditio*n hi* contemeent with iipatierc* at the thought ofdOi. Tho Syrport*ntontrolled roll inel ease

of Migqinsf they twlwt> 'a^utt* of the is currently located at l Gharb located of Bsaba, his last iflo-r location* His ultimate ancdestination is Khaloah <phonetic> located immediately the Beirut International Airport. Dayr Ch.bll located eastwas Indicated as an interaittent

ENCLOSURE 1, Decisions have been ead* to assemble and evacuate Postages from Lebanon to TeSrani nowever. Higgins Mill not be goingV-an* His release eoaf ate (uK> issue negotiated urtde*- the auspices of UN. Me ttl 11 b# transported initiallyn-US/UN oceev* vessel to Egypt. He will subsequently be edS/La- vessel to Tunisia. Ultimately, he will

then sail - military vessel fro* Tunisia to the US.

sraeli hostages lOent artreporting are not affected or subject to tne Thef physical location remain tha same IHoteL Dieu). The burden of their re:eaae is dependent vflon the Isrealia themselves-Collular phonesel^anone-a) are used at the location of the Israeli the possibility of installing surreptitious listening devices *ay be considered. Fn* possibility that Budgetary constraints could delay the release of the Israeli Postages resurfaced anew (but was not pursued further;.

Tne hostages held in the militaryurrounded Oy will be the first to leave Peirut forrank Reed will first group to

reach Tehran while Cdward Tracy will arrive in Tehran withgrc_*s. The hostages appear toevacuated byPolhill is in such bad physical condition that hemoved tu Tehrani he is being attended bv medical personnel facility operated or associated with the ftod Cross and the area of 2 in Beirut. Gee enclosureof the continuing physical abuse they have had toJoseph Cicippio and Alano Steen are in acaptor* areuandary as toh them. TerrySutherland* and Terry Anderson will be the last to cas previously reported*. Again, all indications Anderson will bevery last to be g,

oddly onougn f t wish to be released Iron captivity until such time as ell the other hostages have been released froa

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