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1.MISSION: Determine if USMC LTC Higgins is still *live. Determinephysical and mental status.

fS/Nr'TsK) VIEWER TASKING: Tasking above./

reflected in Para 1,

3. COMMENTS: No inclemencies noted. Information related^to the German national, Cordes, is included in the attached summary. s remains adamant in the perspective that USMC LTC Higginr. will be released. Release dates were initially projected as (about) pril and prior to June Current date of release projected as occurring "prior to une" See attached Summary.





Tha name of "Charles Higgins" s tha first itarn at the beginning of the smian. "Charles Higgins" appeared to play an Important role in helping (JVC LTC Hi ggins^afi ve. Efforts to determine the relationship of "Charles Higgins" to LTC Higgins were unsuccessful. LTC Higgin* is very much alive and being moved about in thet section of Beirut avy-bluehe captors are havinghard time getting Higgins situated; they are constantly on tho move. He was intermittently housed in the "White wall units of the city" (northeast eligious writings (as ln the commandments) written on pillars, are observable. LTC Higginv, will be released from captivity sooner than une onveraence o> The fnil owing factors will allow for the release .of Higgins; "prevailing difficult climatic conditions of excessive heat (in Lebanon) will serve to distract the captors;^Continued fighting between the Shllte Hezbollah and Amal factions will confuse an already weak line of communication so that the captors will have to maked on their own initiative; The persistence

captors by sister, Arabic states, particularly Qmart. The Arab Mtatos are particularly angry at Iran'*, "stupidity" in this affair. Ttie captors feel the Higgins affair is of importance; doing battle with the Amal forces appears to be the

(presence/hounding) of Israeli "Relay Teams" prove to be highly intimidating to the captors; ressure is the

ltttiiO of high priority, and the captor*trong desire to participate in thin crucial

The tinman national, Cordea, wilt be released captivity subsequent to une3 reviously reported). Nherea* Higgins is not knowledgeable of the others Cordes im aware of many facts that will provide valuable insight (and assitat in the releaft* of Terry Ualte, Tern Anderson, ins previously repartee;):

Arafat is an articulate representative of the so-called coiiiirvitive faction of thete people (PLO andased on Ms knowledge, experience and past political activities, he will gain widespread popularity andignificant, political force (representative) in the not too distant future. The information provided in April 8 regains generally valid.

Charles pick up na.** ch*rle* higgens relaying news and

tli* best man - in memory ather or grandfather be is htlt man

ho is also here today helping us elayingcknowledge hi*.

the higgens is alive, ver the hills, out of i and into the outskirts of capital area and riding avy blue car, northeastan't get situated or close to team.

higgens camt be settlede other** because of confrontations -

relay teams are helping higgens

thesrali are helping locate or relocate higgens navy blue car

capital area dropping weapons off in trash pilesdirty are**garbage piles.

terrists are not

the higgens will be released during hard climatic weather condi ti ons

heck your weather for that area for oiex t eeks

heat eather climatic hurts the terrorists climatic condt tions

watch how terrorists reachhot and heat

we'll put terrorist at disadvantage at thisiggens will boheck all facts

check April tim* ecleve climatic conditions at that time

what was expected hat was

mothers nature's gift to make them nutso

Higgons released by captors - they want him off their hands so they can regroupe is preventing tem fromat they want to do.

fighting doe* help in his release

higgens wearing them down in attention and time they feel cheated out of other thingm



the erabic states are in fa*or of -

the wall umtu of tho city Is hidinghe arable states are angry wi th their sister Iran

*nd tey are rying cope with Iran's stupidity and tey zurvm as pressureor strong holds to get him out

Oman 0 Yemeneak, so we.ik

e stays conservative -

he will receive more power in his outfit

he is pure and oldrticulat* and well bred

jcome* into pmor* powerful position

most radical groups will not be able to reache stavs put for now.

He comes in as peacemater akes Amends fromt Higgens is trying to stay mantally and Motionally fit amendments quals

ity wall where hidingomething written on them - n whie cityre written god's words.

where higgens beinghey drive from the south because ofhey getting him in the noth coming up the northeast

holy house of lla A

hidden wall units or outslirts ofortheast outskirts of berui t

land know for is midnight oils please check climatic conditions

Higgens release should be much sooner then June IZth

we are working on his release he setting conditions must be right heat M ite*

corder eautiful man and he gets released after h

cordez will be able to provide much insight of the actualitiesreali ties


LTC will - from captivity on or about 2 Apr:* Thetor iprevjentionpd in tho Kashfnotooby th* name of Rukara (fro*ill be largely rc-ttEioniior the pursuit of negotiations that will lead to the relets* of LTC Higgins. "Papers" are/werefu&i. to obtain 'ijriwuntl' that will facilitate this relhe highjacking of theuwaiti Airlina jet transport will not unfavorably- affect the release of LTC Higgins. That eoif-ode, th* highjacking of will and within about six days. The aircraft t v* AI piers, Algeria, for any other location.

-ill reaa.r at rmnt location where th*ecu* mill bw row) vs3. ThflTii will be nc- further iof aid not life* the idea of having thedon Iran:sn soil. It did not fit into ha

neither wantac nor oesi.-ed that Icind of publicity at thie tiae.a*ini is in scrt Or "hiding", h#ovM (rze oublic attention. Activities that will lead to a "shift of power" ual seated fc* or ngoi ng. The resultant f power- will allowore westernized and liberal r'

coveri'.feent in 'ran. Irmar ntth Iraq will continue dOSDit*

an eviCent ablao in power. There is no

mutual basis for the ditrontinuance ofconflict uiti!en.ber S or January

k'aiole VIA BKCST channels Only

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