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(Phonetic: enGOOZ)

Stati Commissioner for Foreign Affairs (since Marek mt)

A distinguished statesman.ond is serviag his fourth term as Foreign

Minister; he has also been Prime Minister. His longstanding presidential ambitions have ledocky relaiMnship with President Mobutu Sesr

r the years. Nguz was once sentenced to death for treason; In subsequent exile he became an outspoken anli-Mobutuleader. Tbe two men

publicly reconciledut their relationship,

in our Mill more one of convenience than of

trust- Mobutu is able to monitor Ngm closely and

to draw upon his esceptional skills, while

back in Zaireuccessful twe-year tour

s Ambassador to the Unitedthe opportunity to reestablish himself

on the domestic political scene. In the past hit support crossed ethnic aad regional boundaries, but the current depth of his popularity remains unknown



pro-West. Nguz is probably Zaire's best student of American political^affairs. He bSS WW ^ view to the Cabinet than do most ofther advisers.


Nguz "as bom8 in Miiiufiiba io Katanga (now Shabal Region in

southeasterneasters degree in

international relations from the Catholic University ci Luuvain in Belgium. He has taught at the Nationil University of Zaire Nguz has eitcnsitt experience at tbe UN: be servedember of his country's Permanent Mission in New York and as Permanent Representative to the UN European Office in Geneva duringnd, and he has attended many UN meetings since then. He previously held tbe Foreign Affairs portfolio.. Dvnnge aho held high-level posittoes in Mobutu's political party. He first ran afoul of MobutuT. when he was convicted of treason for aftegedl) concealroi information about the invasion of Shaba earlier thai year. His death sentence was later com nu ted to life mrwisonin-n: because of miernauonal pressure, and be was eventually pardoned after he had spentear ia prison. Nguz served as Prime Minister from0 untilhen differences with Mobutu forced him to Bee.

Even after Nguz made peace with Mobutu, the President kept him at aAmbassador to the United Slates. His success in improvingublic imag" duringnTsTshSgton tour probably convinced Mobutu too .he


Cabinet. Nguz has never recanted his anti-Mobutuut asseru instead lhali the President's progress in redressing human rights and economic abuses is worthy of bts


Personal Data

An eloquent and engaging political animal. Nguz has an instinctive affinity for other

"has known mosi world leaders since the early

hen berotegeS lait uncle. Primeoise Tshombe Nguz livesodesi home in Kinshasa andarm ncarLubumUshi. where he sometimes entertains visiting dignitaries

iih He ain

iMaiuiu mhui. sptJK fcinian and rttnen. Hisis tne oaugnterujor

Bakongo clan chief in the easiern. economically important Bas-Zaire Regan, and she may bring Nguz some political support there. He has eightare iron arriage!


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