Created: 6/19/1989

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MUSHOBEKWA Kalimba wa Katana

(Phonetic: rnooshohbekWAH)

Ambassador Io tha United States (since>

Mushobekwa Kalimba wa Kaiatiaeteran diplomat and former Cabinet officer. He knows Washington well, having served as counselor at thee xt-cd a* Ambassador to Chinaith concurrent accreditation to Vietnam. North Korea, and Thailand.

Mushobckwa was born on3 in the east central region of Kivu. Ineaw degree from the University of Parisegree in diplomacy from the International Institute of Public Administration in that same city. He began his civil service career9 with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After several diplomatic assignments, he twice served as Minister of Transport and9n the interim he was Minister of Public Works and Territorial Maintenance. He subsequently served as Minister of Publicnd then as Minister of. He was Ambassador to Belgium with concurrent accreditation to the other Benelux countries and the European Community,.

Mushobckwa enjoys playing tennis and Ping-Pong. In addition to fluent French, be speaks English well. He and his wife* Namwezi. have six children.


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