Created: 8/2/1989

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London hadcheduled June meeting of the negotiating group handling ihe return of the colony to Chinese sovereignly because of Beijing's crackdown on prodemocracy demonstrators, snd the plan is now for the group to meet twice before the end of Ihc year. Neu month it probably will discuss UK proposals io bar the Chinese military from Hong Kong and Beijing's agreement to guarantee human rights in Hong Kong's Basic Law? Last week Brilish Foreign: Secretary Major asserted it was Beijing's responsibilityestore confidence in Hong Kong by accepting these measures, according to press rcpom

In the past month Beijing has ined to ease the fears of Hong Kong residents by restating its commitment to maintain Hong Kong's present system and by inviting members of the Basic Law Drafting Committee lo talk with top leaders inlittleecent public opinion poll indicates most Hong Kong residenis believe China will not tolerate Hong Kong's freewheeling press or relatively open political processeports that China is pressing the UK io restrict ihe activities of prodemocracy groups in Hong Kong, the slump in the local slock and properly markcis^nd infighting between political interests art feeding thei

'The renewal of consultations on the col

however, is embarrassed and angered by Hong Kong's continuing support for the prodemocracy movement and is unlikely

to make any concessions it believes wifl weaken Chi the tciTiior

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