Created: 6/30/1989

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Political Crackdown Still Ihe Priority

Hang Zemin's first speech as party General Secretary indicates theil concentrate for gowontlghtening control, ghing only lipsemce to economic reform, j|

peech to nonparty officials on Wednesday, he said that the political crackdown wfll be drawn out and thorough. He promised swut natsn punishment of regime opponents without the "slightest leniency."Jiang reaffirmed the regime's commitment to economic reiorm and the opening to foreign investment but stressed these arc t he conductedsocialist" context and not to build capitalism



Jiang's comrocnis echoed statements this week by aniircform party elders and party security officials, who also severely criticized the ousted Zhao Zjyaog for neglecting party building and "IdcolGglcal-noliiicaTo mm unique issued by parry security officials, while supporting economic reform, emphasized tbe need for enforcing party discipline, even to the extent of expelling party members and purging party organizations. Conversely, Beijing'sKong newspaper touted the appointment of l'oli;l- memberihil an to handleHessttitude toward tbo imcllu'.aiiiiam m

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