Created: 11/21/1989

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Special Analysis

Unilateral Reductions Announced Year Ago

The first phase of the withdrawal of Soviet forces from Eastern Europe

Defensive Restructuring

Concurrently. Moscow is restructuring its residual forces in ihe forward area and at least some divisions in the USSR to what (escribes as ajrtore defensive posiure.r

are being restructured from three tank regiments and one motorized rifle regiment to two lank and two motorized rifle regiments,2 percent of their originalmost divisions. Motorized rifle divisions are having their one tank regiment convertedourth motorized rifle regiment and arc losing tanks from other divisional elements^

These changes reduce Uic number of tanks per divisionn most Soviet divisions in Eastern Europe and bynndercent of their original holdings, respectively. Some personnel and most armored troop carriers and artillery from the units being withdrawn are being used to meet the expanded needs of restructured divisions remaining in Eastern Europe, and additional and armored troop carriers have arrived from the USSR.

Soviet tactical Air Forces also are being restructured. The longstanding predominance of ground attack over fighter regiments in East Germany is giving wayore balanced force. The tighter component also is being modernized rapidly withFulcrum) from units in the western USSR. Wving the Air Forces there dominated by ground attack regiments. Most of the aircraft reductions are being accomplished by takingircraft from each regiment. The most modern of the displaced aircraft arc going to modernize regiments wttholder equipment, and the old aircraft are leaving active scrviccPJ|

Elimination of Equipment

Moscow has said it would destroy or convert much of the equipment it withdraws from abroad or removes from units inside themassiveis evidence on the destruction of onlylder tanks. Press reports saywedish metallurgical firm may import as much0 tons of Soviet scrap steel from dismantled tanks, the equivalent ofanks, according to US Army estimate

0 phase of Moscow's unilateral reductions probably will begin next spring with the resumption of withdrawals from Eastern Europe and Mongolia. The Soviets .may.implement more unilateral withdrawals'

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