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SUWKT: ionn.icici FUaojria and pivoucuit Priestf

o ai:sass;rvHion of lonncio LlUeuria and five rxlkviuii priest' could nave tn.-en Derpetrateaulft or the right.

Leftist Extremists

o Trie attack on the priests occurred near the uruveiMty o! Central America (UCA) campus at OJOfi

o ndigents attacked the Holierear Ciuda: Herliot, set up roadblocks on the Santa Tvcla highway early Burning li Ciudadwu kil the sitepriests were killed.


Santa Tecla on. Santa Tecla ie three kilometers west of the UCA.

o insurgents in etagina areas south ol the capital, waring National Police imifonns, were to attack the Arrasd Forces General Staff (DC) and National Directorate of Intelligence (DNI)toverntwr. They also were to attack the homes of selected individuals. The EH? and DM is one kilometer north of the UCA.

o Although insurgents fioci the staging area did not aovv into the capital, inaurgent Urban Carrrtnoas also planned to attack the EMC and DNI during the night of It increased armeduity prevented the* insurgents from inflicting casualties.

o Kihlic starenentsnd9 differed fron earlier tleclarations, in that they were increasingly Uvurault- to the Salvadoran Governrent and oWnm-nta! lo the Salvadoran insunjincy.

o On lb Septllacuria said President Cristiani has proved to be his own nan and notuppet of ti* Nationalist Republicanarty.

o l lacunae insurgents should dropst1 elections be Boveo up; that theot makeofey issue; and expressed skepticism the insurgents can nogotia-.e, integrate into the politicalc.ortnlize troutm, and prepare for elections in only one year.

o Gnctober EllacuriaUMAFAM's (insurgent front group)

armed takeover of the,

Approved for Release

o Oriiscussion on tho iiwur^mtuluisson. ItonotaryrMSih, txaruvnied that, by tr* follrwincj dayhingakenf.

ci reted dnsuit priests iimcMihuca* andhe privflts ol brainwashinginy iiriqvsisitili- lor Un-ir jointno tin- nmurot-nts.

o aifl at UCA U-ase- to El Salvador only to take over tin-y. la- aawcificallyCA Rector lgnacio El lacuna, anunq otheru.

o Cn tlx- evening ol lbl lacuna andtitmta mentioned try D'Aanuisfion were aiiunc the uix Jesuitilled nt-ar the UCA eanoius.

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