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Christian Democrat Patricio AyMn wonecisive victory in the presidential election Thursday but still faces several hurdles before he is sworn in onarch. In particular, he needs to reconcile conflicting interests within hisparty coalition and among suck other key groups as the mititOQ; rightists close to the Pinochet regime, and the

Many Chileans will sec Aylwin's largeer two opponents as givingtrong mandate to reshape policy andI undo the remaining authoritarian featureseralonstitution ofBui hisappa;.nlly winning control over the lower house ofthe voles co secure such institutional reforms as liberalizing the rules on political parly activityill notajority in the Senate. Aylwin must therefore court support both from his coalition and from moderjte rightists, the second-largest block of senators. He will have to move skillfully to keep leftist parties in the eoalition and centrist partiessatishedas he softens proposed changes to bring the right on board. |

Coalition parti" are already squabbling over the distribution of


his skillsTmcilTiloriu deal witlimniums! Party. Although not part of the coalition, it supported hishis plea to forgo disruptive actions before thewill expect him to legalize it. Aylwin will now have to decide when and how to mow-on legalization, knowing that he must restrain Communist violence and keep the military's concerns about leftist intentions in mmd.|

Aylwin will find it hard toelationship with the armed forces, particularly given the issues of human rights abuses andtaying on as Army Commander after March. Aylwin repeatedly has called for Pinochet to step down voluntarily, acknowledging that under the Constitution he cannot insist the general leave. Even if Aylwin remains nonconfrontational. he ma> have trouble promoting dialogue with the urmed forces on civil-military relations; several eoalition members will press hard for human rights trials, which many ollievrs oppose. Aylwin probably realizes that, it he docs not make progress on the human rights question before the inauguration^ the issue will dominate the early months of

Avlwin views restoration of close ties to Washington as the

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