Created: 2/22/1990

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YUGOSLAVIA: New Crackdown in

Yugoslav leaders arc increasing effortsurb Ihenic Albanian demonsiraiions in Kosovo Province. In an emergency session Tuesday, the Federal Presidency approved redeploying Army units lo back up security forces: iturfew in the province yesterday. Clashes with security forces have intensified in recent days; the death loll since December is someremier Markovic has been unable to force Serbian leader Milosevic, now calling for the mass expulsion of thousands of "illegal" ethnic Albanian immigrants and Serbian resetllejnejjtBrjfaK|ojovc dialogue with the Albanian opposition,^

security measures probably will dampen unrest

(or the time being, but underlying Albanian grievances probably will require periodic military intervention. Milosevic almost certainly will avoid any dialogue that would legitimize Albanian demands for greater autonomy and weaken Serbian control of the province. His calls for mass expulsions and Serbian resettlement probably arc just rhetoricif| TnlY! Mif1 opposition if he tried to implement themj


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