Created: 4/16/1990

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Situation in Fl Salvador

Thm Insurgency and Negotiations

Peace talks between the government and the FMLN insurgents arc erhedulad to resume ln eatly May. and both siden appoat more flexible than in the peat

he government haa dropped lta precondition ofnd the military Is publicly supporting the government'a pescs Initiatives

he FMLN insurgents, Increasingly isolated

internationally, may be more inclined lo

- Some FMLN leadei a srs considering participating

in1 munlcfpaTiiiTcrTeglelatlve elections, either directly oroalition of leftist parties.

onetheless, sons elements of ths FMLN continue to favor a

purely military victory, .

and rogue units which oppose the negotiation! plan to continue operations.

The FMLN Is still trying to recover from Its military setbacke in the offensive last November

he rebels demonatreted combat viability, but took heavy caaualtlen and failed to achieve their major objectivea.

lthough eome rebelsew offensive if the upcoming talks fail, others claim they need more time to recruit, train, and reequip their forces

Hunan Bightn

Politically motivated killings have declined significantly over the paat decade as successive governments and military leaders have made Improvements in humen rights a priority. Nevertheless^ human rights caries often languish in the courts or

wpp'oved tor Release

fail lo result In convict nun..nisi-|n ami ulhei problems.

The investigation n* ism Ji'snii

in San Salvadrti ]anl Nnvi'inlini et] hy

both domestic andlein* I and The ranc,

however, is bogged down in th*-i. tumbled tudicial system.

The judicial iiyuLem remains nvei hut deiied , i ent, and often administered by inept officials swayed by bribes or intimidation. Efforts at judicial supported by President Crlstjanl--promise to be difficult and politically controversial. ^

Although theuman rights lecord continues to be subjected to intense international scrutiny, it is much less an issue inside El Salvador -

A March CID-Callup poll Indicates most Salvadorsns regard the FMLN as the worst offender of human rights

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