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Leading Soviet newspapers and Journals hare recently begun publishing an increasing number of articles and nevs reports on sightings of unidentified flying objects (OTOs) in various areas of the Soviet Union, permanent center" for the study of UFOs has been established in Hoscov to conduct research and aupport the investigation of reported sightings.

Setting the tone for this media coverage vas an article in9 SOTSIALISTICBESKAYA INDUSTRIIA, vhlch referred to many recent reports of UFO sightings in the USSR. Interviewed by the paper, P. Prokopenko, directoraboratory for the study of "anomaloustatedpermanent center" for the study of UFOs is being established in the Soviet Union. In addition to conducting research and presenting lectures on UFOs, the center vill aupport the investigation of reported sightings.

In referring to an Issue of the paper published in8 thateport on "an amazing event that took placeear the village of Dalnegorsk la Frlmorsklyhe article noted that the event is still under investigation. Many observerslying sphere crash into one of the hill's tvin peaks, and physicists and other scientists fron the Siberian Division of the USSR Academy of Sciences are still studying the "finesmall sphericalnd "pieces of glass" that are considered to be small remnant^ left behind by the sphere. According to the article, the alleged spacecraft vas nearly obliterated in the crash, but there appease to be enough material at the site for themixture of UFO "enthusiasts" andeventually "penetrate this mystery."

In studying the site, scientist A. Kakeyev reported finding gold, silver, nickel, alpha-titanium, molybdenum, and compounds of beryllium. One of the "skeptical" physicists from Tomsk has hypothesized that the so-called sphere could have been some kindormed by the "interaction of geophysical forcehlch captured the elements found by Kakeyev from the atmosphere on its trajectory tovard disintegration ot. the hilltop. Other researchers have generally rejected this explanation since the amounts of various types of metals found at the site vould imply, according to this "plasmoid" theory, that "the concentration of metals in the atmosphere should exceed the present levelactor

Some of the scientists have concluded that the object that crashed intoas anapace vehicle constructed by highly Intelligent beings. Doctor of Chemical Sciences V. Vyaotakiy stated thatdoubt, this is evidenceigh technology, and It la not anythingatural or terrestrial origin." Be cited the fact that the remnants of fine mesh included bits of thin threadsiameter of onlyicrons and that these threads, in turn, vere composed of even thinner strands twisted into braids. Extremely thin gold vires vere discovered intertwined In the finestof an intricate technology beyond the present capabilities of terrestrial science, according- to Vysotskiy.

SOTSIALISTICHESKAYA INDU5TRIYA of9 reportedFO sighting had been claimed by engineer luriy Pononarenkoroup of workersollective farm in the Dnepropetrovsk region. The object vas describedisk vith tvo beams of light emanating from its sides. The witnesses maintained that they had observed the object on the ground for aboutinutes, and that It emitted no sound vhen it flev away.

The9 Issue of the Soviet journalHIZNage article vhlch, after summarizing the history of UFO sightings in general, contrasted some of the vlevs of the -skeptics" with some of the opinions of the "enthusiasts" on the numerous reported UFO sightings in the USSR, Including incidents in Serpukhov, Petrozavodsk, and Rudnya. According to theFOs have left evidence of their visits on many occasions, including the Serpukhov incident In which, theyFOircular depression in the grassiametereters. The skeptics maintain that most of this so-called "evidence" can be explained as having no connection vith extraterrestrial Intelligence. Many of the sightings could be attributed to rocket testing, for example. Academician Vladimir Vaailyevlch Migulin, director of the Terrestrial Magnetism, Ionosphere, and Radio Wave Propagation Institute In Troitsk, vhlchection for the investigation of anomalous phenomena in the atmosphere, maintains that overercent of UFO sightings can be nullified by such mundane explanations.

STROITBLNATA GAZETA of9 reported that in Augustof observers including physical scientist Blvir Kurchenkoanother circular depressed areaorest near Surgutworker claimedUP0 had visited the

SOTSIALISTICBESKAYA IHDUSTRIYA of9 noted that media all over the Soviet Union vere receiving reports of UFO sightings on the ground and in th* air, adding that the paper's editorial office vas reviewing hundreds of reports related to UFO incidents. In response to this deluge of reports, the paper Interviewed Anatolly Llstratov, chairman of the section of the All-Union Astronomical and Geodesic Society assigned to the study of anomalous phenomena, vho said that although his group iswandering around in theome Important developments In the Investigations had recently occurred. He stated that "at the sites of thehe operating frequencyrystal-controlled oscillator changes. Simplylectronic timepieces run at rates that are either too fast or too slov."

Listratov noted that Soviet military officers and pilots had recently started providing soae documentation on UFO sightings. As an example, he stated that he bad documentary information regarding an encounter between Soviet aircraftFO over the city of Borisov. The crews of tvo

ircraft reportedrge flying dlak in their vicinity vith fivef light -anating fro. ltl ara directed toward the ground and tvo vara projected upward vhen the object vas first sighted The ground controller instructed one of the planes to alter its course and approach the object, at vhich point the disk flew to the same lav.lBJsaw one of Its beams at the approaching Sorlet plana, illuminating the cockpit. Listrator cited the pilot'a log as stating: -At thishe copilotat the controls. He observed the maneuver that the object had

bU to tmimimself froa the

unbearable light. The aircraft commander vas resting In theright ray of light,potiameter ofentlaeters, passed across his body, loth pilots felt heat.-

According to Liatratov, the aircraftnd his copilot invalids- ahortly after the incident. The copilot vas forcedbla job doeudden deterioration in his health, includingof sudden prolonged periods of -loss of consciousness.- Thediedev months. Tbe cause of death vas Hatedof radiation free an

ontributing factor onvhere the commander died, according

slALISTlCBESrjkTA IWDUSTRITA that eboutar cant of UFO sightings could be explained, and investigations have often revealed thea to be burned-out rocket stages or the resutants of unsuccessful rocket launches. It isercent that cannot be explained that is causing all the coaaotion among Soviet aclentlsts and ailitary personnel. Instead of the widespread skepticism that he bad expected vhen he first began to Interview ailitaxy personnel, he noted that officers and soldiers had told mo about their own encounters vith 0FOs, mcjbad even shown hla reports that had been completely filled out on official foras.

KOMSOHOLSKATA PRAVDActober reported that the Soviet Union had just opened an official center for the atudy of DFOs in Hoscow. Physicists, geologists, astronomers, and psychologists are teaching courses on tbe various characteristics of the UPOa that have been reported and tha types of equipment necessary to Investigate UFO sightings.

ctober Jhe Sovlat news agency TASS reportedFO had landedara in the city of Voronezh. TASS reported that tha object had been observed by aany witnesses before it left.

2 October reports thatgroup of .dentists nacield in Pera Oblast to Investigate claimsFO had landed In tbat area and bad leftircular impression measuringeters In diameter.

KUSNAYA ZVEZDA ofctober suggested that mass hysteria amy ba an important factor contributing to the recent outburst of widespread claims of encounters vith UFOs in the USSR. According to the paper, .any elements of thearfia vere fanning this phenomenon, vhich it compared to the hysteria resulting froa Orson Bellas' radio broadcast8 about an invasion of tbe United States by extraterrestrials.

ctober issue of POISK carried an article contrasting the viewpoints of scientists froa tbe two main Soviet institutes presently

engaged in investigating UFOnevly established center for UFO studies in the Palace of Culture of Fover Engineers in Hoscov and the Terrestrial Kagnetisa, Ionosphere, and Radio Save Propagation Institute, vhlch has branches in Troitsk, Leningrad, and ^Irkutsk. Physicist. Turly Platov of the Terrestrial Kagnetisa Institute* does not believe the claims of scientists vho maintain they have found remnants in DalnegorskFO constructed by extraterrestrials, and he is convinced that the materials found at that site are really only the remnants of the unsuccessful launchoviet rocket In that region. He believes that many of the other reports of UFOs can be explained by the inability of tbe observers to recognize the phenomenon knovn as "ball lightning'"

The POISE article contrasted Platov's viev with that of another physical scientist, Vladimir Axhazha, vho vas recently elected chairman of the nev All-Union Commission for the Study of Unidentified Flying Objects of tbe Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies. Axhazha coepared reportsFO crash in the USSRlaim by UFO enthusiasts In the United StatesFO had crashed In the desert near Rosvell, Hev Mexico, He believes there is sufficient evidence to support the claims of UFO crashes In bothDalnegorsk and in Rosvell. In the latter case, he cited the testimony of eyevitnesses vho maintained that they had seen the bodies of four extraterrestrials lying near the smashed spacecraft. According to Platov, hovever, the eyevitnesses in the Rosvell case vere mistaken. Be believes that the object that crashedSAF experimental rocket vith four Rhesus monkeys aboard and that the accident vas the result of an unsuccessful launch attempt at the davn of the space era.

SOTSIALISnCHESKATA INDUSTRITA ofctober noted that hundreds of residents had reportedFO in Omsk and that many of these eyevitnesses had reported the sighting directly to the paper's office in Omsk. The articleeport by an "authoritative" military officer, Maj V. Loglnov, vho stated:ust tell you straight off that radar did not detect this object, anda reporting visual observations. The object vas passing over at en altitude of several kiloaeters. The visible shining sphere appeared to be about onealf tines as large as the moon's shape In the night sky. Fourparallel and some at angles to thecasting very bright beams. The object vas in tbe field of vision forver the civil airport beforeittle. Then the projectors vere turned offhirllng plume trail Instantaneously appeared around this shining sphere. The object began to recede rapidlyirection froa the northvest to the east at the sane time that flights vera being carried outeighboring airport. Pilots vere able to observe it visually, but they could not detect lt on their radar ladar signals could not be reflected from it. This object vas laaediately reported up the chain-of-command, and our colleagues In tbe AltayKray, In the area tovard vhlch the object flev, reported back to usinutes that they had it under visual observation. That scant that It hadistance ofilometerspeed ofilometers per hour."

According to Loglnov, all observations indicated that the objectFO being controlled by same kind of Intelligence and that It vas not merely some kind of anomalous atmospheric phenomenon.

SOVETSKATA JOJLTURA ofctober reported on the resultsonference in Petrozavodsk ofoviet scientists representing thebranches of science endhe aaln topic of discussion vas the multitude of dales of recent UFO sightings in the USSR. According to SOVETSKATA FULTUBA, aor* questions about UFOs vere raised at this conference than vere ansvered.

LTTERATURNATA GAZETAoveeber reported that Voronezh, where aoae observers had claiaed to have witnessed the landing end take-offFO. has become the placepilgrlaage" by correspondents seeking sensational news for their newspapers, regardless of the controverslel nature of the so-called "weighty evidence" being presented as proof that eztraterrestrlels had visited Voronezh.

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