Created: 10/9/1942

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wniii L. Laager

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Mr. Herbert Norman of the Canadian Legation In Tokyo and hla Chief (Kr. S. D. Hefirw. first aeeretary) war* onrlpatoia"ad aa opportunity during the tripRio to Sew York to talk ow with thorn thaand handling af Information on tha Far Eaat fron th* Canadian point of view.

Mr. liormnoung nan _io was born in Japan and who has an unusually good knowledge of tha Japanese longuas*. hooctor'a degree frou Harvard and haaOistlnjulahod work in the field ofistory*

Fron the converections on tha "S3 Uripahola" it bocafoo clear that closer relations between tho Canadians and ouraelvos In Far Eastern research are doslraale. This re cult Blight be brought about byompetent person eatamVno the organisAtloa and work in each countrye suchas to liaison or otbsr natters as sou called for.

Mr. Herbert Korean ia the right person for such anHs Is not in any position fron which it would be difficult to give hla teaperary leave slnos he has jurt returned froa Japan. Msoung man of initiative and ideas. He haa caapetoncecholar and has toperlenc* in the Far ttaat and in tho united States.

It is) therefor* proposeduggestion along thooo Unas be conveyed informallyanadian official who iseeltlon to pot it before the right pereon or persons in the Canadian Oo-rernaeot. If Kr, Jensen ware asked tetudy of research en the rax bet In Canada and tha United States, It night result In hla bating shoe an far the task ef This would be wolcooo to the Far auetern Seetlana euro it would be veloome to others in kmahlngten working en the Far Seat when once they got to know nr.



Kr. tf, L.

Itbe that Colonel Donrran will find it peaelbla to atk*aggwtion to th* apso-opriata Canadian official or that yee millto yripiM iom other Mylettina, forward after een-

ferenee with Mi". ppreciate that the siigcortlon nay rale* difficultioa toould not give raffielant weight, kit itto a* eo eirrlenely iaportant to here eloee relarUene with Canada in the field of Far Eastern reewohenture te pet it before yon.


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