Created: 1/1/1944

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Denr vrtollo,

I take advantage ofurtesy to send you this note. On -onday evening the courier came up to the netaited for hia to cone back so as to have your instructionsonoej he cane backaying that he had heard your signal, answered, but that while ha was approaching the net he saw ths German patrol at SO m. distance and thnt this stopped near by forhile. He says that he made signals to aake you understand thet he was waiting for the good -onent, but did not hear you any more and came back afteraltedould like co know whether what he told me is really true,ave been<iable to find out thnt he does nothia word, as he had promised me ha would have entered on the same morning so si to get into contact with you while he is reported to have been here onm glad to hear that you have the possibility ofrustworthy person, sb with Maro,o not come, we are not sure he delivers tho stuff. Please tell me when he came and how the package was made up, so weossibility of control. *re are waiting tax impatiently for kla you to come because there are several things to be settled urgontly, kxxk in1 asks me to let you know that In case you did not oome he would be foroed to send me to solve the various questions.


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