Created: 10/8/1943

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illion Lire end put tho rest in hisgreatly handicapping Kihailovioh's

near Annemasae. Caganovich promised Beki to help him to get0 Yougoslavs now interned in Switzerland into France the moment the invasion starts in France. Beki is trying

to get his help for gettingougoslavs across

France to Corsica. Beki got the impression that Caganovich

is anxious to get in touch witii the British Intelligence.


0 this afternoon the radio "Yougoslavie Libre" in Moscow willenunciation of the Yougoslav Minsjer in Bern.

Bekl received an anonymous letter the typing of whichas coming from the Pension whore Yougoslavsat Vevey. The writer of tho letter, ato kill Beki if he did not abandonadopt the oause of the Partisans. This thread didseem to botherroat


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