Created: 1/1/1944

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The following Buoxaxy of Creoy operations,the period4 toaa boon compiled in order to giveuick reference to the ar-ount and variety of Creep taatariel Which has been handled by this office. It is pleasing to noteLs?Ss*yoperation fans been successful.

DATE:4 Oj^ggTj

1 tonbs. has besn handled,

bs. are awaiting shipment from Gothenburg.

Ihe oaianos has been successfully transferred to tho PieId.


ime penoilo.

yre bursters and detonators, (a) og signal igniters.

<d) rimers. (Thess are awaiting despatch from Gothenburg.)


<f) Mixed stores, such as ampoules, magnets, cordtox,tc. (These are awaiting despatch from Gothenburg.)

utomaticsounds.tan gunsox of hand grenades.

icycle tyres complete with inner tubes (awaiting despatoh from Gothenburg).

4 motor-oar tyres (awaiting despatch from Gothenburg) .

(o) Bottles of oxygen and tins of pro to sorb (awaiting despatch from Gothenburg).

(d) Camouflage ahoss.

(a) Sabotage handbooks.

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