Created: 6/10/1944

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e" To i Officers andna Arriving iny or rkIXa



Subject) Report on Field Condition!

. -j. ll SI "officers and civilians arriving in Washington front tha(whvther permanent lyit atere, orillomprehensive report oh field conditions with the Executive Officer, SI, for submission to the Chief, SI, and to tha Director, OSS.

report will be .classified aa "Seoret".

S> Tha report should cover, inter

(*) What the Officer or civilian actually has

doing in the field;

ha progress of theay,

aohie*ves>sntji, -in his particular activity in that Theater*

^ Conditions inf Idht be injprov*d,

. ' -,

(d) Specific difficulties iold of which

perscnally bocarae

ia expected that few reports' willages, aa^ only the cost Important cat tors should be treated in detail. -The purpose ofthe report is to allow your Chief, and the Direotor, to learn at least the mattora suggested in. '

d) Unless dates are of particular importance, the report should not he in ohrcuological form, but dates and an itinerary should be given in outline for* in tha first Par.

must ba taJcen to specify anything roported byby direction fron scaDSone in the field* Any such

mat tor will be heldinimus).

paragraph will beeading and an indexprepared for any report covering acreages.

. 5. The report aiust be nadc promptly, but booauee of leave and personaleadline will be aet only after the officer or oirlllan returningo fiold has talked with tha Sxecutive Officer, SI.

The doahlne for the report duo

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