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second major objective In your Instructions was to observe and report upon all Axis activities, in Angola. In this connection we have been busy during the last few nantha Inuspect list of all Axis individuals In the colony. Those names have come from numerous sources including names furnished by our Allies, names sent In by our own ropreaentatlvoa, and Intercepts of telegrams and lettera. The Job of checking and rechecking thlo Hat goes on constantly. Names of certain Individuals originallyas suspect have been fully clearedesult of further Investigation. It ls relatively easyame to be placeduspect list unjustly, and then through liaison transmittal to be placed on other suspect lists. Such was the original experience of two Americana in the colony, McGowan and Helpert, who have since been cleared.

We arelat of names selected from our master list on which the Information is Incomplete and, no doubt,umber of cases Inaccurate. We ask that you check these names aa thoroughly as possible. First determlno whether thoy have any direct Axis connections or whethor they could clearly be classed as suspect or engaging In activities harmful to the cause of the United Nations. Secondly, we desire much more completethan is now compiled against them, such as their exact address, age, background, contacts, ot cetera.

Wo would also appreciate any additions which you could mako to these names In the Lobito area. We suggest that you turn over the names of Gulmaraes and Strowall to

for checking from Kossamedes. When we receive your comments on this list we will add them to our master one and when lt is reasonably complete we will send you tho whole llat for future reference.

A. W. Schmidt


Joaai Portuguese (mother German by birth);in N'Hla Agricola Ltda; In N'Hia Plantationilenda; Agent ofis father who is also suspect, works atAngola.

LI German: Coffee and maize cultivator; Cnpoco, Nova Sintra,spocted Nazi agent,

Basslo. Erglcoi Italian; Angola; One of heads of local Fascist

Party and Axis agent; House is usodeeting place for BRUNO REISSnd others.


Pro-Nazi Portuguese; proprietor of restaurant at Nova Lisboa where such Nazis as Goldschmldtnd Ponsecaeet; Nazi reunion held at restaurant1

Fonseca. Joachim: Pro-Nazi Portuguese: attended Nazi reunion at Coelho's restaurant In Nova Lisboa

Frlstkorn. Fritz: German; Chicuma, Canda; Nazi propagandist

Gartner. Evai German. Gartner, Nova Lisboa; Implicated in importation of gas cartridges, espionage; Daughter of L. Gartner, trader of Nova Lisboa.

. Mario: Italian; Planter; Babacra; One of lenders of local Fascist Party in touch with Bruno Reiss and others.

Gesterlind: German; Part proprietor Fazenda N'Danga andmbongo; Adherent Nazi cause and considered dangerous; Was sergeant inar is partner to ROUSELLE

GulmarpeSf Yenanclo: Portuguese; Trader, planter, and indust-riolist, local representative of Vacuum Oilwner of fishing vessels under name of Socledade Morltimaa'da Bnndeira (S.uspected to be implicated in separatistclose relation with Ossewa Brandweg in South Africa; maintains social and comn-.erclal relations with Germans in "ngola; Shady moral and business reputation, and is regarded with great suspicion by the Portuguese Police.

Suspect List ofngola


Kath. Carl: German; years;fee planter; Region de Dembos (Quiloxi) Anbrizette; Arns traffic.


Kuhn, Gerard: German; Trader and planter; Chicuma, Ganda; Na z1

Mass. Hans: German; Chicuma, Ganda; Nazi Propagandist.

Oettersngen. Otto: German; Fazenda Capunda, Vouga,uspected Nazi agent.

Peterson. Alfred Helnrich Wllhelm: ears; Ex-employee of Casa nollandesa; Angola; Active member local Nazi party; Has contacts in Mozambique, which he visits.

Schlachter. Max: Swiss; Chicuma. Gandai Poses on occasions rs member of British Intelligence Serlvce.

ears; Lobito; Would have been

expelled for espionage but for intervention of Consul Martin.

Storberheck. yon: German; Fazenda tfongo, Chicuma; Highly suspect as Nazi propaganda agent.

naval officer at sa da Bandeira;

active in German espionage in Angola.

Udschnann. Fitz: Commerical agent of Llbreria Lello; gets as much gasoline as he wants from Carvalho and Freitas, agents for Vacuum Oilnd known to be soiling gasoline, etc. to German subjects.

Possible Suspects In

An Interview in2 with subject who lived Inroduoed the following on Axis agents'and sympathizers in Angola.

The British Consulate calls the office of the Wurmen Line the "Seoond German Consulate".

Among the German Nazi leaders in Benguelar. fteler whoentist, but who had far more money than it wasentist oould have earned,r. Fran* Reglin, who entertained all the nwlyarrlving Nazis. Once, fayan named "Dunkel" visited tho sub$eot's family, instead of calling on Reglin, and told them how he had already been in Poland and Norway, how he had oome ostensibly to Angola toarm, but really to spread propaganda in the southwest. They sent him to the British consulate, the Bubjeot said*

There are two brothers named Rodriguez In the customhouse in Benguela, one of who told the subject very openly horTibuted nasi literature.

In Lobito, tho sailors on the ship going to Portugal made friends with German men and afterwords seemed toot of money nhioh. Subject believes, they rot for carrying messages to Germans.

Subject also named the following as Hazi Sympathizers!

Gerhard Kramer, Benguela, to whom Franzee Above) sold his house. Judge Dr.ortuguese of benguela, who lived almost exclusively with Germans.

Dr. Carlosedical dootor of Benguela) who hobnobbed with the Nazis

in the province.

air. Goldschroidt, owner of the Atlantic Hotel in Loanda, whioh was patronized

by Mazis.

Mr. Seguerra, in the customs at Lobito.

U. Figuerido of the Figuerldo Irmao, In Beguola, boughtrom

the German farmers.

Captainriend of Figuerido's.casmander of the boat "Lourenco Marques" U. Aguiar, of the Bank of Angola in Lobito, whoerman.

Although Subject doea not remmmber now in eaoh oase apeclfic incidents about the above, interviewer ia of the impression that Subjeot Is levelheaded enough so that the accusations are likely to have basis*

Memorandum to Field:

The following notationuspect was picked up several months ago;

erman born, iserman subject. Manager of an American firm in Lobito. Portuguese do not associate with him."

The reference to an American firm in Lobito has been puzzling to us and no doubt is inaccurate. Please check this thoroughly, If there is any substance, report the details fully.

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