Created: 6/17/1944

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JUL 3 3

To Whitney Sheparuson, Director SI Branch.

. O'Conor

Subject ;


Refering to oy letter ofh concerning abovem enclosing reports received concerning topics listed below, withoutm senaing these to you to assist in evaluation of subject; that you may have additional background respecting cablesm preparing relating to future use of this source; and to invite your earliest concents in furtherance ol anytopic.

ope to send you by next pouch translation of tho very sketchy reports in French, typed byan ol'working under the restrictions of inferior hotel accomoaations ana security. Tne reports in French are in roply to questions asked ol subject by Catp.na are being forwaraeu by him in the original to the tjavv_ Department. Topics pi,j art in responne to my questions through Rose.re based on reports from subject through Paprika to me only, and not disseminated to Trammell or to the British.

useian-Japanese MON-agressionNeutrality) pact

merican air-bases in Siberia.


ussian Policy in EuropeRussian Policy in asia.

ussian Foreignoreign Policy.

bservations duringRussia

ome factors in Japaa^^Ppolicy

tudy of newCabinet

ifference in attitude of Japan towards America anu towards Greatood situation inlothing situation in JapanSanitary situation in Japan.

hese reports are couched in tedious diplomatic phraseology,harateristic of theaTs not submitted theso papers to the reporting board here, with the exceptions the oevelopment. of source iaormative stage, aboutm commenting in .separato letter.

approved for release date;1

l pi/"

t is diffioult to evaluate the reports, una in many respects tney are very general In scope, but full recognition, should be given to the source He Is not inn taken issue with their foreign policy concerning Germany. Subject has excellent| Hu acquainted us with the name of the new Foreign days bsfore thewau received from any otliersource. Xou will note also that subject predicted inclusionommunist into the nen Italian Cabinet, which ia no- announced in the person of Tugllati,communist in the BohODl Cabinet.

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