Created: 6/17/1944

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t>ince ray cable of theMay and my letter of tne jiGth, the above has been interviewed on various subjects'relatingapan end Kussia. Ir. fcduiticn toruitful source ofTnTora^taon

opinion is sought by important peopleillingness to work with us towardstablishment of an intelligence service into Tokio. You will also learn of him through the Navy Department to whom Captain. here, has cabled report.

i:rst came to my attention while we were interviewing Fetroif Chamakoff, the new Bulgarian minister enroute to Tokio. By coincidence they arrived in jtnkara at the same tine, after several interviews We had with Chamakoff in Istanbul, "hen | Barrivedrranged for Rose to see him ana determirMRether ho woula cooperate, (and. Rose were friends for many yt ery favorable contact has been established anu is ccntinuTng^^

as advised by Paprika that he Has interviewing Mmmm whom he regardserson of oonsioerable importance. Paprikagreeo to continue our contactsnd to evaluate his reports snd his opinions, Several of my conversations with Paprijta took place while Trammelere visiting him; anu curing which visits proceedure, policy and payment were discussed.

Later, Tranmell of his own accord and hithout informing me askedto lntroauco hio ^jh| Trammellgreeo with Paprika that we would not see pjpj^raffselvesatter of security, until Paprika had further conversations with |

rammell yesterday proposed that we combine our efforts, and arrange our interviews and plans jointly so there would be no overlapping nor conflict. He offered to exchange copies of reports covering his interviews with | greed to give him copies of my reports.Liaison here as wehras in Washington on such an important project seems most logical in the general interest. Trammell is well established withn fact better that we are, and is likely to remain here permanently. Jie is not always discreet. He agree, that intelligenceconcerning Japan should be known to the fewest people.


I give you the iibove background so that you vlll be ausubject is discussod with the Navy. Trammellillthe code-nine and duplicates of our reports

will be sent by tne other to avolu falseavesource and his sub-sourcesand aaarrangeina

* for dosputca of money to hisuture needs. Traamcid is notny money,o not believe ne is authorised to spend any funds lor intelligence towuru Japan.

o establish friendlytu Trammell, who la an old-school senior naval officer has required auoh selling elfort onart. He ia very oetnodlcal, very ceter^lnou to accompllsn tua purpose even to the caUsj of being overly strong-willed. He is not friendly to our staff here whoa he regerde as meulocre ana indiscruKt, faic in respect to errant; enents concerning Japan he uoos not wish to liaison with other than me. Trammell wishes to establisa himself here ana in Washingtonop-level attache, and will even scoop us,or report his side of an arrangenent to his own people as beingnlevement. He Juts not always given ae tne true story ot niu plans anu intentions.m disposeo to work with his because ol the general interest and thettacn to this place for promoting Japan intelligence, whoever eventually takes over this worn here oust be capable of friendly liaison with Trammell, Oe ol nearly corresponding rank, have xnowieugo of tne Far bast, anu anoulu have command of French. Trammell was Havy intelligence officer in Japan anu Cnina lor several years during an earlier tour of sea duty. Generally heave about the eaxe quaililcations, experience and rank, and are particularly intent on alsoreet accomplishing ASJAP projeots. The caance olood Jobependent on how ad sere ot we maintain our purpose and our operations, aa tne Japanese staff here are quite fornidable. In fact Matsuhara.. Is one of their top intelligence officers, and is referred to Dy TOKYO on all matters pertaining to this part of tne worla. is in charge of all intelligence in the Balkans, Turkey, Iran ,Jraq andzones.

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