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four categoriest

1.- In Italy, the "Hies alter entering gave no importance to Baaoglio or the iting. Rus iaii'ierent view that the Allies and without consulting theopenec. diplomatic relations separately. Italyinister to Russia ana Russia a iiinister to Italy. Russia have thus gfiined'fuce' with Italy, and too right to have communists in the Italian cabinet, "inis is the first Russian step in revealing their policy in *Tirope.

Tne English and Americansong period remained undecided in discussing France, ue Gaulle etc. Russia inuependentiy decided to recognize ue Gaulle,ussian mission appeared at Algiers.

Four members in the cabinet are communists and other nave communist tendencies. The essence of this second point is thtt, where the Americans and Engilsnacancy, orecision, Russian in principle will put in ner hand.

ussia hasegationommercial attache in Egypt, and have introduced strong propaganda in Egypt, in Syria and in Iran. Russia recognizes Tito's Goveriie;aent, and has sent delegates to Bulgaria and Greece, Thus the Eastern ttediterranean is cominginto tha Russian Sphere, and the Turks have been encircled. Russia will not say anything about Turkey being in tha middle of tne circle. In Syria, ue Gaulle uas shown much sympathy to Russia

with latter. De Gaulle is doing nothing to prevent Russian propaganda in Syria.

ussia is taking advantage of the existing of many people of orthoaccc faith in Bulgaria, the miadie East ando also have military ideas associated with military forces. Religion, slavlsn und communism are Russia n's weapons in the Balkans. In Syria religion and communism only. If Kussiu gets stronger and America doas not take any interest, it will increase our problem, and Turitey in the center of the circle will be lsolateu. Russian propaganda has been successful even in Egypt. For example, the disturbance in the Creek forces has been due to Rusjia propaganda. Tne Russian must have an orderly complete and detailed plan;



Paprika has advised"ffLp continue relations with tha Japanese and to preserve thetiit Japanese toward him. advised | ho Turks frill continue to ^on; ^1

help in respect to

certain courier between Ankara and

liopinion, the Holotoi'f speech to

Rumania was very eleasTTc^TEu no limits in phrasing to online where the Russian will atop, according to the statement that "they will go as far as necessary to meet tne German uanger."

M. points out thai hus.ia iu not combing Bulgarian or Rumanian cities, wnich are owing bombeo by We Allies creating real entity even in Hungary.


A division of English and American troops has been formed for the Governing of France after occupation, and Hatauhtrw states no importance has been given to ue Gaulle in this formation. It is H's Opinion that to Keep Russia iron having complete control In Europe after the war,must enter Greece and the Balkans before Russia does. England also must iwep Siciiy and Corfu aselieves that if the was goes on as at present, the Antia-Saxons and Germany will be soon weakened and nussia will 5row in strength and if hubslalean-out victory over Germany, Husoia will have full control in Europe. The Jap&neee nave not seversu relations with Russia because they are willing to let Russians do whatever they wish in Europe, andpa reamin free in thier Asia sphere. The secondill not be successful, it willerrific struggle, resulting in the weakening of the Allies and Germany, without any definite out-come. Russian will be stronger and the whole will benefit Japau

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