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dinner honoring the tenth anniversary of theof the Jewish Autonomous Region of tho USSR (Birobldjan) was given by the AKBIJAH Cbcnittee at the Hotel Waldorf-Astoria onay. All the npeoliors stressed the importance of Birobldjan in the post-war reconstruction and rehabilitation problems facing the Jews of the entire world. The Soviet Union was lauded for the part it had played ln giving refuge toewish war refugees within Its borders. Unofficial estimatesf these lnampaign for cooperation In the settlementrphan Jewish refugees, whose paronta were the victims of the Natl armies either on the battlefields of Eastern Europe or in flight into Soviet territory, was launchod at the dinner.

Senator Elbert D. Thomas of Utah calledermanent alliance betwoon the'United States and the Soviet Union as


guarontoe of lasting peaceof oqual rights of the

tho only guarantoo to the rights ofe emphasized that tho Soviet Govornnontise policy

MTL Mil till

on 'nationalities and said that in tho USSR anti-Semitism


waB as vigorously fought as treason Itself.

Judge Anna M. Xrosa of the Mew York Municipalher first oennection with AMBI JAN* despite hor She asserted that Russia, onceemitlam and the scene of the Kishinevnow the.only country whero anti-Semitism waa,..

William Gallmor, radio nowa commentator, spoke of the plight of Hungary's Jews, now herded Into thirty-four ghottoa. Admiral Horthy, he charged, had thought to put. the idoa ovor through such poople as Tibor Eckhardt and Otto of Austria but Hitler forced him to aot diroctly. Tho Soviet Union wasriendly, glorious, Alliedallmor doolarod; "thore are no White Papers ln tho Soviet Union."

Max Levin, chairman of AMBIJAN, rovlewod tho history By constituting this territory of aomomiles on tho Manchurlan border of Siberia as aRegion, he pointed out, the Sovlot Union hadJewa representation ftL'the Council of

which was part of: the highest legislative and ejtocutlvo authority in tho USSH. ufficient number of Jewa were permanently sotiled ln the Region, he added, Birobldjan wouldewish Autonomous Republic,

Tho AMBIJAN socretary-troaeurer, Edward I. Aronow, reportod0 In goods had beon ahlpped last year




and that tho goal for this year would Thla year's collection would be forar orphans ln Stalingrad andn Blrobldjan.

Other speakers Included the Honorable Vladimir Bazykin, First Secretary'of the Soviet Embassy; The Honorable k. D. Klsselev, Soviet Consul in New York; m. ii. Guzev, chairman of Amtorgj and Captain Sergei Kournakoff, Journalist and military writer. Vllhjalmux Stefansson, the noted explorer, who is vico-presidont of the AMBIJAN Committee, served as toaatmastor. ablegram of greetings from the Jewish Anti-Pasclst Committee in Moscow was read at the meeting.

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