Created: 1/10/1944

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3 Operative)


olonel, Officer in Charge of the OSS, 5th Amy, located at San Leuceo (near Caserta) asked thla agent if the CIC had means of gKkkXMgan lncosuaunlcaoo, later referring to one Captainn operative sent to3 on an OSS mission. According to Captain Pacatte, also OSS, BIZZOdouble agent but that theroery, very strong posaibflTty "he- was" actually acting asriple agent to the beneflt_of. tnc"5ermans. RIZZO had returned to OSSanuary, leaving Rome onHe aaa sent across the Garigliano River by the Germansubber boat by the Germans,hile In s. Andrea Ui vallefr, then crossed over intoorps Territory from which he.was brought to the ossj at San Leuceo. He left San Leuceo for Naples to visit the OSS officeia Criipi. while there, he asked Captain Peter Tonpklns for an automobile to return to Caserta. Tompkins told him that there was no automobile he could put at hla disposition, suggesting that RIZZO wait since ho, Tompkins, was returning to Caserta and would take RIZZO with him. RIZZO, however, talked someone outar and two chauffeurs, leaving Tompkins office0anuary, somelnutes before this agent's conversation with Colear was expressed that RIZZO, an extremely intelligent man, had got wind of OSS suspicions of his good faith and then was heading for the front. Thia agent nao asked tof an hour to see if Subject arrived. Subject did arrive and it was decided by Col. Ruderaliam to handle the matter differently, turning it over to Captain BOUAGOIH, OSS, on the following day. Major Spingarn was informed of the above, spoke with Major ROLLER about whether CIC was needed, andegative replay Majorid he would take no further action unless requested by the OSS.

RIZZO was deacrlbedan ofeara ofark complexion, thin muctacho, black hair, round face and round forehead, has scars on high point of each cheek, the ono of tho left chook being more ronounced and about the sizeea; speaks with many gestures; his English is characterized by strong accent; speaks French German and Italian well; foracrly ln an Italian parachute battalion but is waerlng Gl clothes with the Italian Parachuteair of wingB in goldaraohute superimposed, pined on the left breast pocket;ass from the OSS authorizing him to near the



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